**OFFICIAL** Overlay Sharing Thread


The Episode Overlay section is abysmal and now that we can make our own overlays I think there should be a thread where we can share them or where people can post that they need an overlay and maybe someone who has what they’re looking for can share. So if you need something ask and if you’ve got something share it!

(If you want to be credited for your contribution make sure to include your info in your post otherwise it will be taken as free and clear use.)

Just a reminder, this thread is not for creation requests, I don’t make overlays, please don’t ask.

Backgrounds and Overlay thread
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Need an overlay, come here!
Bed back ground with blanket
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Road background needed!
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I need a FaceTime overlay Kinda Urgent
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Moved to the Resources section, carry on! :v:t2:


Here’s some random overlays :laughing:



Here are some more





I use PNGTREE it’s got everything I need and you can download it for free twice a day.


Does anybody have a smashed table overlay?



looks more realistic when minimized



Bleeding Tears- Instagram: Nightengalexy23

I’ve started creating for episode about 2 weeks ago.




Here is a random motorbike :slight_smile:

I removed the Honda logo for you so it should get approved :slight_smile:

Please give credit to @cecca.episode

Does anyone have Couch overlay?

Here are some I made courtesy of Episode’s backgrounds. No crediting required.




The following are laser beams, like from a laser blaster.

And I don’t know if you guys know this but any of the clothing or props can be used as overlays. For example:


Would it be okay if I used these? I will give you credit!


Yeah, babe, they’re here for people to use.


champagne red%20wine

And I have some more (plus codes to animate some overlays as well) on my Google Drive. :slight_smile: Feel free to check them out and use them.



Hey I would like to use the gun overlay is it okay? And how should I credit you?


Feel free to use it don’t worry about the credit. :smile:


No credit needed


Some random supernatural/urban fantasy stuff…

No credit needed.


Dumpy motel background with windows gone! Put any background behind this. No credit needed :slight_smile: