**OFFICIAL** Overlay Sharing Thread


Was doing them for my story, and thought I could share em here. There are bed, chair, and mirror (so that you can have mirror reflection for your character) overlays, both day and night for island bedroom:




this is for someone else, not for me. Ill see if it does get approved


Repost/Update - I just wanted to share my drive which has overlays, backgrounds, splashes, Add-ons and code packs - which have a background and overlays plus the code to place the overlays to make it a heap easier for people. There’s lots on my drive and I’m always adding more. Much of it I’ve made myself but there is some Episode edited content as well. Anyone is free to use this stuff provided they credit me and fill out a quick Access Form. Enjoy! :smile:


Just made this overlay and thought it might be useful to some people. Credit me @cecca.episode please :slight_smile:


very cool!


I have filled out the access form (insta name @shona_episode)
Thanks :kissing_heart::+1:


Thanks :slight_smile:


@seekaygee Here an overlay of the couch you were looking for!


Ahh you’re so sweet! Thank you!!


This is an overlay, to make INT. WINSHIP ENTRY - DAY background a night. Requires no shifting or scaling :slight_smile:



I need Christmas overlays. Does anyone have any? I already have Christmas tree, gifts, and snow. I just need more lights, snowman, and other Christmas decorations if anyone has any,





no problem


Is it okay if I use the cupcakes I’ll give credit :heart::slightly_smiling_face:


Yes of course :heart: (my insta is @days.writes)


Okay thank you


I need a office conference room overlay and background too.
And it should be like one is giving presentation and the others are sitting.


click the link to go to this thread, and ask if anyone have the background that you need.


Random overlay dump: