**OFFICIAL** Overlay Sharing Thread

Does anyone have an Ice cream tub overlay?

Could someone do a car interior overlay?

I could make overlays of your characters on a frame. Just send me a screenshot of the characters you want with a good pose and the background you want. You can also choose a frame.

That’s my insta to see how they look and for more info

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here are some magic ones with 2 fires :slight_smile: (drawn by me)



magic ones:




More car overlays, no credit needed, edits welcome




Sooo… I was wondering if you had any like luggage overlay or like a big bag to travel
And also baby stuff like bottles or diaper clothes pacifier baby bottles and cribs also beds backround with like blanket overlay you know I am still learning how to use overlay though I know its a lot but thanks if you do answer sorry for disturbing

By the way these overlays are amazing !!!

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Heyyy can anyone make these suitcases into PNG?

And this counter into an overlay??:neutral_face::thinking:

I think I may have seen one on internet just search it on internet like counter overlay

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this should be it

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Does anyone have different jeep overlays? Like the ones from “Fostering Jordyn”

Thank you so much!!And what about the other suitcases?

Sorry but I didn’t find it

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But I found others
IMG_6234 9F50A2CC-217E-4617-B1E0-E6998ACEC17E



Hey, y’all, I just need text message bubbles, the rest I can do from there /:

Yeah I am in need of overlay bubbles too​:smile::smile:

One of the best sites to download images png
toppng .com
kisspng .com


Does anyone have a kitchen countertop overlay? If I knew how to make overlays myself I would, but I just don’t :unamused:… so anyways… kitchen-island anyone? Maybe even a granite one?