**OFFICIAL** Overlay Sharing Thread

Baby Props Pt. 11

Babies in highchairs, now with little princes and princesses.


Chair Kid Blue Dark Chair Kid Blue Light Chair Kid Pink Dark Chair Kid Pink Light Chair Kid Yellow Dark Chair Kid Yellow Light


Chair Prince Dark Chair Prince Light Chair Princess Dark Chair Princess Light

Here’s a link to my Google Drive with all the props I’ve made so far. Let me know if it doesn’t work.


This was originally a Joseph Evans background edit. I just added the open door. If you want the original background from him lmk :slightly_smiling_face:


any shower water overlays? because it doesn’t look right when I use the weather effect

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I want a background with the top view of a bed also a blanket overlay but it should be separate so I can place characters, if anyone has it will you please share I will credit you :blush:

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what blanket color?

Baby Props Pt. 12

I’m making monster children. Here’s a few vampire babies, because people write a lot of vampire stories. I’ve also uploaded them to my Google Drive.

Baby Bloodsuckers

Lil Vampire Bundle Vampire Babe Relax Vampire Babe Sit Vampire Babe Whine Vampire Bundle Cry Vampire Bundle Neutral Vampire Bundle Sleep Vampire Crawler


Any colour will be fine. Maybe white if you want a colour.

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pixlr-bg-result here btw don’t give me credit It’s fine if you don’t


Thank you very much :heart:

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np :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys! Im looking for a tea cup or just a cup of some sort! Thank you! :bouquet:

I don’t make overlays but if you’re looking for something simple like any teacup, then you should be able to find it at any of these sites: png.tree, itempng, episodelife, or pixabay.

Overlays for the train overlay, credit @lanafrazer_episode


Hey! So im starting my first story and Ive found some amazing overlays on website called “pngitem”. The problem is they says that the images license are for personal use only. Does that mean I cant use them and publish? Or does it count a personal use?
Thanks for the help

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If episode declines the overlay then u cant use them

So if episode approved the overlay that ok?

pngitem is a free site so it won’t be copyrighted, so yes you can usem them!

Thank u so much!!!

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You are soo… talented i’m amazed