**OFFICIAL** Overlay Sharing Thread

No credit needed!!!


Thanks …

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Is there any magic power overlays?

pngtree.com has plenty

Your have to sign up to downloadpictures, I don’t wanna do that. Is there any other one that you don’t have to sign up to download pictures?

I’ve been making stacks of books to put on bookshelves. The titles are of actual Episode stories. I’m going to make individual books, so you can make your own stacks.

Episode in Print

bookstack1 bookstack2 bookstack3 bookstack4 bookstack5 bookstack6 bookstack7

And just because I’m me, I also made sets of manga too. These are not real titles and the artwork came from stock sites, so they should be accepted. I put more detail in to these ones, I don’t know why.


mangastack1 mangastack2 mangastack3 mangastack4 mangastack5 mangastack6 mangastack7


Can i use this in my story…??
How should i credit you???

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Can you make a male a overlay… hugging, holding hands, etc… thanks!!!

Yes why not…
Your baby props are beautiful…
Editing is amazing…

Hey guys can someone make me a overlay of the counter of INT. CAFE OL - DAY ? Please ??

Sure thing. You can credit me by using my forum user @starmarygoth


Hey! So the overlays for this background already exist in the portal, they’re just named poorly. Try this:

INT. CAFE- DAY with INT. CAFE OL - DAY at layer 2 with INT. CAFE2 - DAY at layer 0

&overlay INT. CAFE OL - DAY shifts to 155 -1 in zone 1
&overlay INT. CAFE OL - DAY scales to 1.072 1.072

&cut to zone 2

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Okie :wink: