**OFFICIAL** Overlay Sharing Thread


That’s really not what this thread is for, in the future please PM art requests or go directly to the artists’ thread, thank you.


Did you get it made, just curious :slight_smile:


yeah i ended up making it myself i asked what apps i could use :skull: i don’t really like it but i guess it’ll have to work


If you wanted it redone, I could have a go if you like :slight_smile:
Pm me if you need it :slight_smile:


Hey, I love these backgrounds! Do i need to credit you for them?


The background can be found at the link provided below (it says to credit @backgroundfactory however Background Factory’s username has been changed to @thorneartstudio so you should credit @ ThorneArtStudio : )

Can check out her Episode Forums Profile here: ThorneArtStudio

Link to the beautiful background:

P.S You can find many wonderful backgrounds on Episodelife.com and if you do use them, remember to give credit!

@/ThorneArtStudio has many more wonderful backgrounds in her drive (because of theft, it’s now invite only) and don’t forget that for some backgrounds, you need to thank the sponsors, too!

Good day :smile:


thank you so much!! :heart::heart:


No it’s fine I find most if them online hahaha there all approved though have fun.


thnx :slight_smile:
sure you don’t want credit?




Not too good overlays, but here are some I made/edited

Need a quick overlay! Helpp
Need a quick overlay! Helpp

Hi need a explosion overlay and don’t know if u have one??


This is what I have for explosion/fire effects;



Hey guys, here are just some I made!

Go to my google drive below for more :slight_smile:

Mine - The dog head is from the handbag on Episode and I wanted a solo dog overlay without any other prop.

Mine - Pool water overlay for pool scenes. Overlay is semi-transparent just like real water!

Mine - Bar overlay (goes with the night club/strip club background I made which can be found on my google drive)

Mine - DJ booth overlay (goes with the night club/strip club bckground as above)

Not mine but goes with an original bedroom background I made.

Other overlays on my google drive include duvets for bedroom backgrounds!


Your drive requires permission, if you want to give people free access you have to change the settings.


Yeah I know it turned it off idk why but I turned it back on now :slight_smile:


How do I get a building to explode or could u send a template so ik how to do it


I don’t know how you would go about doing that, this thread is just for overlays, I would suggest making a thread asking for help or finding a thread that offers advise on directing.


So who should I talk too??


Does anyone have a blue car overlay?