Official Princess Camden Overlay Help!


Hi Everyone! Welcome To Princess Camden’s Overlay Thread!

In this, I will make overlays! Please be reminded that they won’t always come out perfect! I try my best! It will not offend me if you do not use them! These overlays can take less than 30 minutes or more than a day! This depends if you request on the weekends (short wait time) or if you request during school hours (a bit of a wait) Here’s my schedule!


6:00AM — I wake up!
6:45AM — I go to school!
7:00AM-2:50PM — School!
3:00PM-5:30PM — Soccer Practice!
Around 6:00-7:00PM — Dinner!

As you can see my schedule is packed during week days. Weekends usually have nothing going on! I also work on homework, and I do not stay up very late, but I will do my best to do all of your forms! Saturdays and Sundays are great request days!

As you can see, it’s packed!! But I will always try to find time to do your overlay! Here’s the form!


— Send picture (that I can download) of the overlay!
— If it’s a background, tell me what you need to become an overlay!
— Title of story (if you have it!)
— Always give credit!
— No drama, hate or liars!

Hopefully this is helpful! I don’t have any overlays in my storage right now, so I don’t have any overlays to post as examples but hopefully you’ll find me trustworthy!