Official Starry Skies Thread

Hello there Starlings and Skylers,
Welcome to Starry Skies where the Sky, Stars and Universe bond together.
Ok I kind of went to much into the theme there. This group is much more than happy to take your Starry requests or if you need our help for something.
This group can do art and help you with your stories , scripting and more.
So you can come ask us for anything - absoloutely everything :grinning:
But Anyways feel welcome as you take a tour of the Stars and Skies.

The art that our Stars produce:
Character Edits
Special Art Secnes and editing art scenes
Background edits
Profile Pictures
Outlines for edits

And if you need help with other things not related to Art :
Script Formatting
Writer Portal help
Directing help
Video Help
Thatโ€™s all I could think of but if you need something just ask us here.

_While you are on this thread there are some things you have to catch up on :
The people that ask for help or requests from us are called Starlings - For girl and for boys they are called Skylers.

Now the Important things
When requesting you have the chance to choose an artist of your choice.
We will have a contest for all Starry Artist out there In a week or so !

Application Form

If you are interested in joining here is the link.

Sit down and let us do your art work or figure things out for you !

Like every other groups we have rules


Now If you want Any type of art or if you have scripting problems please fill out the form.

My mission was accomplished and soem examples are coming soon.
But for now the people to choose from are
Me - Callista
and Someria

More is coming soon

Your in welcome

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Okay thanks :blush:

nice, thank u!

Yes I am so happy to have you guys in my group

But we need to upgrade this thread

how so?

Here is one of my anime art thing

and can you give me some of your examples


Like upgrade like make it better


Woah, I love your work! :heart_eyes:

did u draw that? itโ€™s gorgeous

Thanks and I used podcast for that


but the girl is just a sticker

@software I didnt draw the girl just edited

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Your in

Okay thanks!

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Your in