Official Story Review Requests


Hello Episodians!

We’d like to clear the air about “story review” requests. Our team is unable to review stories for general feedback (things like writing tips, suggestions, rating stories, etc). If you wish to receive feedback on the progress you’ve made with your story, then we would like to invite you to post on our community forums here to get feedback from fellow players and authors alike.

However, if you would like your story verified for any potential violations against our terms of use and guidelines, we ask that you please provide the following information in a ticket:

  • Story Title
  • Author Name
  • Your story ID/URL. Your story ID/URL is visible in the address bar of the web browser you use to access the Writer’s Portal and your script page. It should look something like this: It is not the “Share Link” at the bottom of your Writer Portal which may look like this
  • Specific chapters or scenes, if any. We appreciate if you could include as much information as possible if your request is regarding specific content (either the excerpt of the script from your story as shown below or a screen recording/screenshot)


Chapter 1:

@zoom reset
@pause for 2
@speechbubble is 160 405 to 115%
    This is a sample of a scene to verify for any violations.

Please send in a ticket with all of the required information using the form found on this link:

One of our agents will be in contact with you upon confirming receipt of your story information.


Ohh, I didn’t know this. It looks like it could come in handy. :eyes:

One question: when requesting this kind of review from an agent, do you only ask about certain chapters/scenes you think could be violations or can you ask for the story itself to be looked at? The wording makes me a little uncertain.


It is really, really helpful if you have particular scenes that you are unsure of, but not required. The team can review the whole story, it just saves time if authors have specific scenes they have questions on when they give us those instead of just the story itself.


This seems pretty useful :grin: thank you for the info!


This is really useful to know