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It’s the first day of school, classes were canceled for mechanical reasons

(weather : Sunny)

Remember, your character does not have their Relic yet, I am either going to approach them, or they will wake up with the relic

If you are exploring the school, or unsure about something - tag me


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Little Angelica skips through the halls of blackwell, looking around, totally lost. She then sees a girl. “Excuse me, I’m lost. Do you know where the restroom is?”

ORP : Sandra @ScarletSwanHunter


Matisse Andrews
She arrived at school, her hair was in a perfect tight ponytail, and as soon as she got to her locker, she opened it and took out a textbook, and started reading it.

Zack Crawford
He got out of his car and started walking towards to school. He slowly looked around and found his locker, leaning against it.

orp: both approachable!


Violet Bloom
She stood outside the school and looked around.”Hm this should be interesting.” she grabs a piece of gum out her bag and walks through the doors.
ORP: Approchable
Jack Doe
He walks in through the front doors and look around. He walked around until he saw a dude leaning against his locker.”Sup.”
@Ella (Zack Crawford)


Zack Crawford
He smiles when Jack comes over to him. “Hey, you okay?” He said.

Matisse Andrews is approachable!

@JesusLover2.0 (Jack)


Jack Doe
“Yeah I’m just really tired.” Jack yawns and leans against the locker.


Zack Crawford
He raised his eyebrows, nodding. “Yeah same…”

Matisse Andrews is approachable!

@JesusLover2.0 - Jack


Kelophis and Jarravo

We both walk into the school, and stand where a lot of students seem to be, then we go our separate ways.

ORP- Both Approachable


Lucinda Grace
She arrive at school and ran towards her locker.Threw her books in it and shut it back."Hmm how is this possible to get accepted by a school that I didnt applied for "She said to herself.“Looks like it’s time for exploring!” She walks towards the next locker and saw a girl reading. "Hey "she said in the hope that she knows something about this school.
@Ella (Matisse Andrews)
ORP: Approachable


Jack Doe
“Oh I’m Jack by the way.”


Matisse Andrews
She looked up from her book at a girl, running around the halls. She watched her throw her books in her locker and raised her eyebrows, turning to her locker, with all the books neatly placed in rows, ordered in alphabetical order. When she turned back to the girls locker, she found that her view was blocked by the girl, she had come up to her. “Hello.”

Zack Crawford
“Hi, I’m Zack.”

@JesusLover2.0 - Jack
@MysteryMaker - Lucinda


I sighed and looked for the shadiest spot I could find. What kind of ludicrous school doesn’t have class on the first day? I said as I huddled underneath the tree.

“Foolish!” I said a tad angry. What am I supposed to do now? On the first day of school? I walked around finding people to talk to.

ORP: both approachable


Jack Doe
I laugh.”Hey that’s pretty funny.”


Zack Crawford
“Yeah,” he laughed. Then he paused. “Isn’t it a bit strange how theres no lessons today?”

@JesusLover2.0 - Jack


Jack Doe
“Yeah you not wrong there.” Jack looks around for a moment at the students arriving.”What do they expect us to do anyways?”


Zack Crawford
“I don’t even know.” He said, “the weirdest thing, I don’t even remember applying for this school, to be honest. Maybe I was drunk doing it.”

@JesusLover2.0 - Jack


Lucinda Grace
“Hey what’s up?” She said looking at the girl with the book.

@Ella (Matisse )

Fitsum Waldo
He arrives at school and slowly walks towards his locker. Leaning against his locker while his hands in his pocket ,he starts noticing his surroundings in his usual mysterious way.

ORP:both approachable



Aspen looked nervously around the hallway as he did his best to open his locker quietly and conspicuously, not wanting to draw any attention. Estelle wasn’t here to protect him, after all, and while he may say that he didn’t need her to babysit him all the time, that wasn’t quite true. At least, not now. He carefully stacked his books in the locker and closed it gently- wouldn’t want to go breaking it, now. He turned around and sighed, placing his hands on his hips. Well, this should be interesting. A school that doesn’t even have class on the first day…?
ORP: Approachable


Estelle slammed her locker shut, allowing her annoyance to show in her pursed lips and violent hands. If she were a cartoon character, steam would be shooting out of her ears. This is ridiculous! We come to school, and there’s not even class! On the first day! she thought. I could be sleeping right now. This was totally uncalled for. I should make a petition or something. Thoroughly worked up, she decided to head outside and run on the track. Maybe that would help- running always soothed her nerves before.
ORP: Approachable