OFFICIAL THREAD : Forumers Day ~ Inside the Forums


you are just finishing up a reply, when you get a notification from a user named MadmiserDecay, asking if you wanted to join a game. MadmiserDecay offers you a link to join . . . when you click the link, the world around you goes bright as you are sucked into your device.

Around your fellow RP’rs, and several doors labeled Announcements , Community etc . . . and even doors to your favorite Role Play like Fairy Tale , Grenopia High , Are you the One? etc . . .

Can you escape?

This RP will only last a week, you RP as yourself. 15 - 23rd (started a bit late sorry). No sign ups necessary, but you might want to include a Faceclaim. This can be you in real life, or fake. (Not like we will know xD)

Please don’t actually hop over to another RP / sub topic if you enter that door, stay here. Yes, you can interact with your OWN RPrs.




As I realize where I am, I smell opportunity. Immediately I stand in front of the Community door, ready to hand out pamphlets to anyone who walks by.



I stand up, wasnt i here before? yeah that one time oh right. I stand up and see cricket hes a girl, lmao “Cricket . . .” _uh i dont know what else to call her, “Hey . . . you.”

ORP : i promise to reply to everything else in a moment


I turn towards the voice. “Good evening or…morning…” I don’t know what time it is here. “I am The Cricket Master, but you can call me Mistress,” I say with a wink and a bow.
“Now are you looking for answers? Of course you are. Everyone on this planet is looking for answers. I offer you them.” I smile and wait for her to ask me to, “PLEASE, TELL ME THE ANSWERS, MISTRESS CRICKET!”


~ Fallen ~

I stand there watching this happen. And Mehek calls me the crazy one. “Who are you talking to? Because if you are calling for uh, Mistress Cricket she isn’t going to reply… because you are Miss Cricket…”


And I didn’t mean to say that last part out loud.
I clear my throat. “I am telling you what you should be saying right now. See, I know you’re going through some tough times, but I also know how to resolve that.”


I looked around me. Where am I? What happened? I wanted to take my phone out but didn’t find it.


I looked around me and realized that I was somewhere I had never been before. What in the world?! Ok where am I how did I get here. I clicked on that link and now I’m here. Stay calm, there has to be a reasonable explanation for this. Ok I need to figure out where I am. I started walking around to find someone or something to help me figure out what was happening.



I listen closely, but the back of my head chants ‘shes. Gunna. Kill you.’ “Okay. I guess that makes sense. This isnt my first time in the forums, it gets pretty messy. Like, we can thread hop. Do you know what that is?”


I nod. Well, she totally ignored that. I’ll have to be more subtle in the future. “I think I understand what you mean. It doesn’t involve jackalope or nausea, does it?”



“Why would it involve either of those? So . . . no you just walk through a door.” I point at a few, “I suggest any that are safe. Not ‘Ban the Person Above You’ because, well. I don’t want to be banned. Maybe we could go into a Mod’s profile lmao.”



I look around in this new area, wondering where the hell I am. My short 4’ 4" stature prevents me from seeing much, but by standing on my tiptoes, I’m able to get a better look around. I’m in the forums?! I think to myself. I then realize that I look about 11, rather then my actual age of 13. I hoped no one would think I was under age to be a forumer.




I stand up, realizing this is not the room I was in before. I called out to anyone who would help me. “Hello? What is this?” I look around, trying to avoid the girly pink and orange colors. I saw 3 people scattered around.


Chocolate Mama
I look around and laugh.” This is totally swanky!” She looked at each door and stopped in front of someone.” Heyyo im chocolate mama isn’t this so awesome. We get to see our creations!”



I look up and see my profile picture above me.
“Is this… the forums?”



“Wait, YOU’RE CHOCOLATE MAMA!! I wonder who everyone else is! I’m Reese, by the way. As in ReeseTheReallyGrumpy.” I look over my shoulder to see a person calling out. “Who are you? As in, what’s your username? I’m ReeseTheReallyGrumpy, but you can just call me Reese.”




“Uh, ShortSpaces. Can someone tell me what the heck is going on!?”


Chocolate Mama
I laughed.” Sure am. It’s nice to meet y’all. Also we’re in the forums.”



I blinked as many times as I can as the light disappears around. Where in the actual fishes am I? I shook my head and started to walk. Ooh, doors. I hate doors. I mentally laughed and sat down the ground like a child. Just gonna wait here for familiar faces… goshness I’m gonna die.

ORP: Approachable :smirk: