OFFICIAL THREAD : Forumers Day ~ Inside the Forums



“You’re ShortSpaces?” I’m very surprised to see two of the forumers that I consider friends. “I think what’s going on is that we got sucked into the forums, somehow. Maybe we could see role plays, like marooned!” I’m so excited to be here, I honestly just want to bounce up and down. I knew my friend Kendall, who isn’t a forumer, would love this.



Could you guys maybe put faceclaims on your next posts, so I can see what you’ll look like? (At least in the rp) Here’s mine-



“Woah…” “But I want to know who put us here!” I said angrily.
“Maybe we can work together? Call me Alex.”
13 year old


OOC: is that the actual you?


Chocolate Mama
“I know right I’m honestly jumping for joy here.” I wiped away some invisible tears and smiled at her.” But thanks so much. I consider y’all friends to. But I have to say I’d love to meet my creation Kacy.”



OOC: nope, but it’s pretty accurate. also, I’m filipino, so imagine I have a filipino accent.



“I know, meeting Harper from Monsterious High seems awesome! And I bet your characters will be cool as well.”



OOC: that’s cool! My step-grandma is Filipino so I know the accent. Imagine a southern accent mixed with a slight British accent mixed with a New York accent. My accent is really weird.


OOC: Wow… but in a good wow not a weird wow


OOC: I’m an odd child. Now, let’s get back to rolplaying pefore we clog up this thread with OOC’s!



“I’m not involved in a lot of RP’s,” I said, feeling embarrassed.



“Well, we’re in the MGiT roleplay together. Maybe we could try and find that?” I ask.




“That would be a message,” I said. "So we would have to split up. I open my fist and accidentally opened a menu of settings, notifications, and messages.


“This’ll be fun I know it.”


Orp: anyone approachable or something? I am too


Orp star I am


I walked around and saw a girl with blond hair and green eyes. “Hey there. R u Amani?”
@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE - is it green eyes or Brown eyes? I forgot lol



I click the messages button, but it does nothing.



Both. Hazel. Wait a minute star? SilverStar?


Orp: how did you know that? U said that u look like Barbie in one of the chats so I know that but I never told anyone about how I look


Orp u sent me ur character deets once