OFFICIAL THREAD : Prequel : The Hunt


Hundred of years of peace crushed when Mutants (Humans who are Part Animal) start believing they were better. Creating a civil war, in which Humans won. Now, no peace exists between the humans and mutants. The humans roundup mutants, shove them in a dome, and hunt to the death. They are animals." - Adoree’s and My RP from like two years ago.

2315 : Mutant Slavery is Abolished
2327 : Mutant’s now have the same rights as humans
2370 : Mutant Segregation is now Ablished
2424 : Mutant Discrimination is Illegal
2425 : Mutant and Human Marriage now Legal

It’s December 2440, hundred of years before the hunt. You are the first generation with actual 100% rights - but not everyone is with the times. Just because they are on paper doesn’t mean it’s always true.


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It’s the first day of the cruise. Workers have taken your bags, and the cruise is ready to be explored. Locations include, but not limited to

Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs
Mini Golf, Instrument Rooms
Concert Hall, Dance Hall

The first location is … Howi’ki ki’s Hot Springs


~ Rose ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rose walks around the boat with her posE of friends. This boat was hot, but not as hot as her. She rolls her ring between her fingers, and looks out into the reef.

ORP : Approachable


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She took a deep breath, she was so worried about interacting with the humans again, since last time she was attacked by them. She looked around them, they didn’t seem very dangerous. She was standing near a brunette haired girl (Rose), and was thinking whether it was a good idea to talk to her.

He was excited about meeting some mutants, since he definitely fought their corner with his parents. But he didn’t want anyone to know he was rich or anything. He walked around, looking for someone to approach.

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Will is approachable


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.: Valor :.
The stench of them was infuriating to Valor. He much preferred the much better company he kept. Scratching a patch of black fur on his right hand, he made his rounds around the cruise and gave a mean glare to the humans who dared make a face at him, occasionally even giving them a low growl to wade them away.

He didn’t want to admit that the stares made him a bit uncomfortable an kept a stern face. After all, he would have to deal with this for the rest of his freaking life.

.: Andria :.
Andria had just posted on her blog, Miss Mutant and couldn’t wait to see what others said about this one.

Hey everyone! Just coming in to say that I’m sorry for not posting much but I want to say that I’ve got a bunch of rather sad and happy stories coming out soon!

She closed her phone and decided to walk around the cruise. After all, she was here to not only get new stories but to mingle a bit… and work of course.


Valor - Approachable but humans be wary

Andria - Anyone can approach her!


He had to admit that while he spent a lot of time near the water, he couldn’t help but feel weird being on a cruise. He knew he might have been overreacting at that, though he couldn’t help but worry to himself. He did hope he wouldn’t make such a bad impression in front of others, especially with his shyness. He was still unsure of any humans that could come try to talk to him. After all, they could easily make fun of him and bully him like before, though now that he’s grown used to that, he figured he could just stand up for himself, even if that sounded difficult for someone like him.

With a small sigh, he stood up from where he was previously sitting and decided to do something, at the very least. He knew he was going to have to socialize with people at some point, so he decided to go up to the person nearest to him. He couldn’t help but feel a bit intimidated by the person, though. He was glaring at some humans who happened to pass by him. At this point, he just hoped he wasn’t setting himself up for a fight, though he could see himself regretting what he’s about to do.

Letting out yet another small sigh, he finally walked near enough to approach the person and gave him a small smile. “H-hey,” he said, his voice slightly faltering. He winced a bit at his stammer, but he knew better not to make the mistake worse and simply waited for the person’s response.

@TheBluGeek (Valor)



She was hot. So, so hot, but she didn’t dare pull off her sweater or go to her room to change her sweatpants into shorts. She wasn’t going to expose herself to everyone here so quickly. Which was why she was just sitting on a lounge chair instead of chilling in the pool. Maybe when everyone left she could swim for a bit. If she really wanted to, she could probably go somewhere cooler, but she didn’t want to risk running into Kay.

She found herself looking around for her brother which she scolded herself on. He isn’t here. Why are you looking for him anyway, Katelyn? You know your agreement. She would have to learn to have this trip without him, at least for a little while. She sat up in her chair, looking around to see if there was anyone she could talk to.

ORP: Katelyn is approachable near a pool or hot tub.


He pulled his hood down over his head as he walked away from all the people. There were so many of them, it was nearly suffocating. He wanted to be alone, but he didn’t want to go to his room. He figured he’d have plenty of more time to hide there eventually.

He had heard that there was indeed a hot tub there, but he didn’t want to go if there would be a lot of people, or worse, Katelyn. Maybe he could chill in the food area for awhile. He was a bit peckish, and maybe something to eat would do him good.

ORP: Kay is approachable in that food place.


Aspen Adelie

I stayed seated on the cruise as I watched the people pass by. There was honestly nothing to do here…
I wondered if there was some food so I stood up, ready to start exploring this somewhat large cruise ship. I looked around, sniffing the air to try and find the scent of food. I turned right and began walking ahead, hoping to avoid anyone around. I didn’t feel like socialising just yet.

ORP: Approachable!


.: Valor :.
He snapped his heads towards the voice and was prepared to snap at the human who dared try to bully him before noticing the gils and fins on the boy. Oh, a fellow mutant… he quickly realized and gave him a smile, showing a few sharp fangs as well.

“Hello. Do you need something?” He asked, trying to sound as kind as he could.



Penny stayed away from the people on the cruise, and took a seat on an empty lounge chair. She looked around at the people and then proceeded to pretend to read a magazine.

Gunner walked around, looking at the cruise and the water and the people. He ignored the rude stares he was getting and pulled out his phone. And began texting his parents an update like he promised he would.

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His eyes widened a bit. Yep, this is the moment where you regret everything you’ve done for the past few minutes. Including this. After noticing the other boy calm down, he felt the need to sigh in relief, though he also knew how that would give off a bad impression, so he decided against it.

And now he had to come up with a reason for why he even came up to the boy. Or just tell him outright that he just wanted to talk. That could work, though he doubted that it would be any effective if he didn’t provide an actual explanation.

“I just wanted to… Talk?” he said before quickly adding, “I-I mean, it’s really fine if you don’t want to, and I can leave, but I just thought it would be good to be acquainted with some of the people I’ll be with for a while.” He inhaled softly and sighed. “I-I’m sorry,” he mumbled.




He jumped off over the rails and onto the roof of the ship. He felt like the king of the world. He saw a girl wondering the ship. He smiled to himself and let himself hand from the edge of the roof by his tail as he came down before her, stopping her in her tracks. “Morning.” He grinned at her, hanging upside down.

@Mashia - Aspen


She too a deep breath as she sank into the hot tub. Alright, she could get used to this. She hadn’t been on the ship long and she could already tell, she might as well live in the hot tub. It was so nice and warm and – She sighed and closed her eyes, resting her arms on the edge of the tub.

ORP: Approachable.


Aspen Adelie

“Hey,” I said, grinning back. If this was a human, I most likely would’ve kicked them and walked away but a mutant was fine… sometimes. “What ya’ doing, hanging up there,” I said, looking at his tail.




“Looking at the view. It’s beautiful. Want to take a look?” He asked, with a playful grin, extending out a hand for her to take. She doesn’t seem to bad. She could be interesting.



Aspen Adelie

“Sure,” I said, taking his hand and climbing up. This guy seemed like someone I could hang out with at this boring cruise.




He felt his grin get wider as he helped her up. “Careful with your step.” He said, before flipping back up himself. He stood up and let go of her hand, staring at her for a moment, “You’re much prettier upright.” He said before turning to the view and watching the shimmering water catch the suns rays. “So what do you think? Great huh?”



Aspen Adelie

I laughed at his comment. Pretty, me? Ha. I turned to the view as well and stared at it in awe. “It looks amazing,” I said. After a second of admiring it, I turned back to him. “So, just a question, would you consider yourself as a ‘mischievous’ person?” I asked as I swung back and curled my tail around the edge of the roof; similarly to this guy’s position previously.