OFFICIAL THREAD : @Ryan's Funeral


Fallen steps to the stand, tears in eyes. “Let’s be real, the new forums were confusing. But Ryan was a guide, a guide like no other. He w-was our lifeguard on duty almost. We had lots of laughs, lots of fun. I like to think of Ryan, as not only the creator of Musical & Lyrics Thread, but of the moments when he was trapped in the old forums and he wanted cookies to help escape.” I turn away to wipe my nose with a tissue. “My personal favorite line of his was, ‘Closing as this is a duplicate of a game here 17. Also please note that I’ve been the last to post here. Thanks :crown:’ on Last Person to Post a Crown Wins game. He won guys, and he will probably be the only person to win that game.” I look at the sky, it was a bit rainy, and the mood was getting to me. “Would anyone like to say a few words?”


Finn is one second before he starts violently sobbing, “I still can’t believe he’s gone…”
I take in a shaky breath and say, “Ryan was so powerful, truly a mod among mods. I’ll never forget how he closed those threads so quickly and so well. He was a true master at it, without him there’s a hole no one can fill and a line of threads waiting to be closed.”


wait he died




“That is so true.” I walk over and hand Finn a tissue, “He closed like 20 of my threads.”


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I take the tissue and use it to mask my tears. All I can do is nod.


// Eleven //

“Oh, dear Ryan… you will truly be missed. I’ll never forget the time when @.Sarinaa became your twin for a day for a dare… the amounts of threads you’ve closed… your amazing emoji usage… and the many other great things about you which I’ve forgotten to mention.” I bowed my head in sadness.


“No way… He was a fun and great person… How?”

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She pushed everyone out of the way and fell to the ground."WHY WORLD?! WHY!!!"She says, sobbing her heart out. She got back up and faced everyone in the audience."We are gathered here today to let Ryan, the forums’ most favorite moderator, rest in piece. He will remain forever in our hearts. Feel free to state your mindful words before we actually bury the man."She says, sobbing.

ORP: Guess I’m the priest, y’all!


I come into the funeral and drop off the cakes.” I’m sorry Ryan…will you rest in forum…wherever you go.” I placed a chocolate bar on his cassette and walk to find a seat.



I return to the stage to my fellow priest, “here.” I hand her a tissue.


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"Thank you, kind lady."She says, bowing her head. She sniffles into the tissue and sobs her heart out.

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orp : go for it @ShortSpaces make us cry with your tones gurl


orp : @Chocolate_Mama, yes, you can bring cake & such.



Spaces plays the piano beautifully, a sad song emerging from it. She sobs and her heart is broken in half. @Ryan


I nodded my head and wiped my tears.” HE WAS MY 7th HISBAND!” I cried as I sadly lost yet another husband. Good thing the money will be useful. I laughed in my head. Heck I’m a queen I don’t need his money.


I see everyone sobbing and can’t help but feel left out. I give a fake sniff.
“I never really knew him that well… But, he seemed like a great guy.” I pause, letting the actual news of his death sink in.
I turn to the coffin and say “I wish I knew you better Ryan. And I wish that I could’ve had the chance to…marry you” tears begin to make a trail down my face and I brush them away using the black sleeve of my shirt.
I place my roses against his coffin a take a step back


I walk to the stranger and share one of my used and crumpled tissue. “here is a tissue. Just wipe the extra snot off it”


I show up late to the funeral, having only just heard the news. “I’ll miss you, Ryan. It was always nice to talk on the Literature Discussion Thread, and I thank you for that recommendation you made.” I sign my name in the guest book and stare at the pictures.


I place a hand on her shoulder and smile.” Don’t worry when this is all over he’ll be a gold coin in Chocolate Land. It’s where he is needed most.” I shake my head.” Another good husband gone.”