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All it took was a speed bump to finally wake from your slumber. Hazily, you look around. You are moving? What on? . . . well the answer was not of what you expected. Feet chained to the dirty seat infront of you, hands in cuffs. The orange suits that you and others wear are neon orange, and with a code on the left breast E-19, everyone has a different letter, and different numbers. You feel a strong vibe, that maybe something is wrong. That you shouldn’t be here, but the question is . . . what did you do to get here, and who exactly are you?

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SIGN UPS & CHAT : Songs in the Mirror : WHO AM I :question:
SIGN UPS & CHAT : Songs in the Mirror : WHO AM I :question:


The Guard walks down the ile, “Ladies!” even when there are men on the bus, he refers to everyone as ladies “I bet you are all wondering, well, how the BLEEP did I get here? Well” The guard reaches the end of the two lane bus, two seats to a side and alternating girl / boy. “You done BLEEPED up! We will reach the prison where you will spend the rest of your miserable lives in just a moment. Take in the view ladies, it’s the last you’ll see in your miseraly BLEEPY lives.”

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ORP : Reminder, your character doesn’t know their name yet. I’d also like to add the first letter on their prison suit is the letter of their first name, and the number means nothing. It can be as high as 1000, so yolo your number lmao. I will be introducing the names shortly.


Unknown Girl J-276

Waking up with effort, the female looked around at the blurry images. What’s going on? Her eyes were hazy, and just a blow of wind hurt like hell on her sore eyes.

Sitting up, with one elbow hosting her upright, she peered at her mates in the bus. It looked like everyone was confused, too, but the female was curious as ever? What’s happening?

She observed the scenery, blocking the voices in the background. The teens looked as almost as frightened as she does. She rubbed her face, groaning. Why is it hurting so much?

It felt like someone banged her head on the concrete a couple of times, and the female was afraid to check if there were bruises too.

ORP: Approachable!


MALE CHARACTER (He has a British accent)

“Wha? Where am I? What happened?” I said, as I looked around. “Who… am I?” I wondered aloud. I had so many questions, and so little answers. Where are we going?


“Ugh, god! What the heck?” I said as I began thrashing my arms around. “Let me out!!! I didn’t even do anything!” I screamed.

ORP: both approachable


Lara (L-1)

She woke up, feeling numb and confused. She looked around as she tried to adjust her eyesight and see where she was. All she could see was orange. She couldn’t remember anything or how she got where she was, but she looked down at what she was wearing - what everyone was wearing. Am I some sort of criminal who has forgotten their crime? Then, she heard screaming and shouting from people behind her, listening to what they were saying made her scared. One person forgetting things is unusual enough, but when people around me forget things too, there’s something suspicious going on. Her head jolted up when a tall man shouted to everyone.

Alex (A-45)

He straight away felt pain when he woke up, the pain was in his head. Possibly he was hit in the head, or maybe just a headache. His immediate reaction was to rub his head, but his hand was stopped half-way, and he realised he was chained up. And when he looked down at the chain, his eyes moved to the person next to him, who also had chains, and then his eyes started circling round the whole bus, and he realised he wasn’t alone. What the hell are we all doing here? He thought. He noticed everyone was wearing the same orange suit - and wondered if they were all going to jail. But then he thought he would remember if he had committed a crime, But he couldn’t remember anything.

I guess they’re both approachable


Derrek (D-72)

I looked down at the suit, cringing.

“Who picked these out?” I said, pulling at the fabric. Orange was not my color. I noticed we had some sort of naming tag. D-72. Weird name…


Margaret (M-867)

I looked around at all the faces and tried my best to smile. I had no clue what was going on. I must’ve slept through the information meeting. I looked around at the outfits we were all wearing and raised an eyebrow. Weird camp clothes.

(also approachable)


E-349 (He has a British accent)

“Hello, um, do you know what we’re doing here?” I asked a person next to me. As I waited for their reply, I glanced around the bus. There were a bunch of us. It smelled like lead mixed with dog droppings. It was disgusting. I wanted to get out soon.



I stopped thrashing around and leaned my head against the back of my seat. Oh my lord… what did I do? I thought as I closed my eyes tightly.


M 17
I looked around seeing decades of kids of confused. But I didn’t care about them i just wanted to find a way out. I tried to get up, but I didn’t make it far when the chains push me back down. I looked down at my clothes. I hate orange. I thought not to sure if I actually did. I also noticed a M 17 on my left breast. What does M mean? My first name or my last name? I hated it.

R 18
He wake up with a headache damn he hated headaches and every type of pain. “What did you do to me?” He asked loud enough for the guard can hear. He struggled to move but realized it was impossible. Instead he lean back in his seat trying to make his pain go away.


Blythe (B-01)

Blythe looks around, this sucked. “Oh my god, is this like a prank? Where am I?” She looks at her ugly shirt, then leans into talk to the girl infront of her, “Hey, is this a prank? Do I know you?”




The guard looks around, “No buddy, you got yourself into this situation. I had nothing to do with your jail time. Maybe you shouldn’t have done whatever you did buddy.”

@Tellyg47, R-18


Lara - (L-1)

“I don’t know.” She said, “I don’t think anyone else knows either.” She added. She heard what the guard at the front said, jail time she thought. So why can’t we remember anything?




I woke up with a throbbing pain on my forehead. I tried to rub my fuzzy eyes when I noticed I was handcuffed.
What the hell?
I try to pry my hands out but I can’t. I’m about to kick the seat in front of me when I noticed my feet where chained to my seat. WHAT THE FUCK!!!?!!!
Some guy in a uniform is yelling now.
My face gets warm every time that dipshit guard called me a lady.
But I tried to relax. I had other things to worry about right now. Like who the fuck am I?
My head tensed up as I tried to think back. I tried to remember something, anything, that would give me some clue as to what I was doing here.
But all I managed to get was a headache, especially with all the screaming coming from the others. I kept trying nonetheless.


I slightly pulled on the restraints clasped tightly around my feet and wrists.
I shifted my eyes all around the bus. Panic began to strike as more and more people woke up.
So everyone’s confused. Has everyone also forgotten forgotten who they are? Hmm.
I wonder what I did?


~ Shawn ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (S-444)

Shawn looks around, then leans over to the girl next to him, “Hey, uh. Do you happen to know my name? Do I know you?”

ORP : @DandelionKate, Margaret


R 18
He barely heard the guy. Wondering how even the guard didn’t even know. He move his head a little to the right, trying to stop the pain form making him scream. He noticed a couple of kids but didn’t feel like opening his mouth. It will hurt to much.

M 17
I still couldn’t figure nothing out. Only that I must have screwed up. Did I kill someone I wondered.
“When are we getting to are destination?” I asked him feeling like this was the first time I talk in days.
@FallenAngelNight13 (Guard)


Maraget (M-867)

I laughed, looking over at the boy who was talking.

“No, but I’d like to. Shouldn’t you know your own name?” I asked, chuckling. I looked down at his suit and pointed to the tag. “I can call you S-444?” I laughed, looking up at him. “Do you know me?” I asked, tilting my head, trying my best to remember if I knew him.


Derrek (D-72)

Were we in prison? I listened in to everyone’s conversations, realizing I didn’t know my own name. My heartrate picked up. Something was definitely wrong.



The guard scoffs, “Why, are you counting your minutes left of freedom?”



~ Shawn ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (S-444)

“Uh, well, if I knew you, then I should know myself right? But I guess that is my name. What a strange name. Why would my parents name me that.” Shawn looks at her tag, “M-867? That seems a bit, uh bland. Maybe it’s from a different culture. My number is cooler.” Shawn rambles, trying to make jokes to decrease the intensity of the situation.



Margaret (M-876)

I laughed. “A better culture, maybe.” I said, nudging him. “Mine has variation! Yours is just a bunch of 4’s.” I said, smiling and tracing the tag on his suit. “It does look cool though. I’ll admit. I guess you look like an S-444.” I looked around at everyone else for a moment, trying to recognize anything.

“I don’t know any of these people…” I whispered to him. “Do you know what’s going on?”



ORP: Just barely saw this and I have to go to work soon so I probably can’t post to day but just came to say that I’m still here and will be joining in soon


~ Shawn ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A better?! “Let’s just agree to disagree, because who knows. Maybe 444 means I have 444 children, and you have 876.” Shawn couldn’t think of a better reason why a lower number would be better. Shawn chuckles, he did look like a S-444, a sexy S-444, perhaps the BEST S-444 around.

Shawn looks around as she whispers to him, “Uh, no. I don’t recognize anyone. I don’t even know how I got here. Are we prisoners or something?”