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ORP : Hellooo


ORP: Please Approach Drago or Lucy






~ Nurse ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hello Draco, how are you today? Good. I’m glad to see you are doing well.” The nurse didn’t give him time to answer the question, “I’d like to take you in for a mental check, is that alright?”




“I see you can’t read my full name either. I was gonna ask everybody else to call me Draco anyway so just keep that up. But before we go anywhere. Could you be kind enough to tell me why I’m here?”




“Well my number is E-2, but according to the little notes they passed around, I’m Erin,” I said shrugging.

I looked across the courtyard towards the enclosure, “It’s funny isn’t. They brand us and keep us collected behind a fence, like cattle.”

I turned my attention back at SHAWN. “Moo,” I said smiling.



ORP: I hope I can approach you two. Plz.


I hear behind me some girl said her name was Erin.

I turn around “Hey Erin. I’m Lucy.” Then she mooed … And then I realised she was talking to somebody else.

“I’m terribly sorry to interrupt your … moo-ing. I just wanted to meet somebody new since we’ll be here for a long time with no other contacts than ourselves.”



ORP : apologizes for replying late.

~ Nurse ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I’m not at liberty to discuss cases with clients. Right this way patient.” She spats the word patient, as if not wanting to call the boy by his real name. “If you have any questions, the surgeon will be able to answer them.”


~ Shawn ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“There is enough ‘MOOing’ around for one more.” Shawn winks at Lucy, what a dream he is talking to two smoking hot people! So Lucy, what’s your story? Remember anything?"

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“No. NOthng” She shakes her head. “I feel paranoid. I’m scared of this place to the bone.”



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As we got to a prison I became more confused by the minute. I had no idea what was happening or especially why I was here. I looked at the note with a name on it. It said Winter. That sounded right, so I guessed that must have been my name. I looked around and figured I better find someone to talk to, and see if they knew any more than I did.

Once we were at a prison we were all given pieces of paper with names on them. Mine said Austin, which sounded very familiar, so I figured it was my name. I doubted that I did anything that would have deserved coming here, so I knew not all of us did. I decided to talk to some of the others so we could figure out how to get out of this place. Or at least we could learn more about who we are.

ORP: Both characters are Approachable



“I don’t need a surgeon. Why am I going to a surgeon?” @FallenAngelNight13


~ Nurse ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Yes, you do. I am a nurse, see my name tag?” The nurse points at her name tag that says ‘I BE NURSE’ and then points at him, “I promise the surgery won’t take long, it will only feel long as you sit there on the table.” Then the nurse sees another patient she needed, “Winter! Winter come over here right now!”

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I jumped hearing my name. At least I knew for certain that it was my name since I jumped hearing it. I turned and walked towards the person who was apparently a nurse. “What? Why do you need me?” I looked over at the guy standing there. I wondered who he was.




“Surgeos are only needed for complex surgery. What do I need surgery on?”

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ORP: It’s okay we can approach her


~ Nurse ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Yes, Dragomir is correct, Both of you are required for a session with a Surgeon.” The nurse looks at her tablet after it makes a slasher noise, “Actually, the surgeon is occupied right now. Both of you get to keep your feet for a bit longer.” The nurse hurries off, leaving the two to chat.

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