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How any people here are making a story?
400 lines of dialogue?
Hi were new to the episode forums
My Best Friend is in love with me
Which one is better? YOU pick!
Mobile App Help?
Mobile Creation Story
I need a partner to help me develop new ideas
Clothing: Wear wolf ears for Ink female character
Family is great?
Need a cover artist partner
Need help with a cover please
I love bad boys!
Can anyone review my story pleaseeeee?
I forgot the name of my story
Directing help?!
Do you agree with LGBT in stories?
I Need a cover for a story, can anyone help?
What's the longest/shortest time you have waited for a background/overlay to be approved?
Poll: limelight or episode ink?
Trying to figure out these Animations
Help us vote for a contest idea!
Coveland a new heir
Super Weird Question About Creating Boys
Instagram group Epy Puppies
Making free covers
Help I can't make a new story
Should I make a contest?
Read my story out now
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: My name is Nicola isn't it..?
Christians out there?
Need cover for my new story
Edit/Cover/Pfp/Art Scene Requests Are Open: What do you guys think about this edit?
Please read my story!?
Issue with the timer
I need advice from you
Who wants to be in my group?-insta
Writer/Director looking for Coder with Experience
Omg the secret of rain
Reviewing Stories
Angels vs rebels
Can someone help me fix this?
This picture do not loop
Reading Unpublished Stories?
Can anyone read my story?
Vote Here Now! 🙂
Help me with my Story!
Read my story and I will read yours
I need opinions... again
Art scenes: Intros, Covers
Episode Support Center Question
L@@KING for backround characters/main characters (and ideas) for my story! (Limelight)
Speech bubble dilemma
I need 3 splashes
Please answer if you know
HIRING- cover editors, special scene editor, qotd, ootd
Feedback on a new story to read with an unexpected twist?
What do you code so that people can edit their characters look in a story?
Creepiest animations
Fainting Template
Would u like to join my art group
Rant: Artist struggles
Which writing contest do you wish you entered?
Remembering choices issue
Feedback Needed For Art Thread
Looking for limelight love stories
Help me with my stupid question!
Read my story! Down below in description
I'm looking for someone to do some cover art for my upcoming story
Episode Studio wants YOUR opinion
I need help with a description
Looking for a directing partner
Entering rear body movement
Book Cover Pending
Two Characters Talking (over shoulder talking)
I need background characters for my story (INK)
Read 4 read pleaseee
Unexpected character (NEEDED HELP!)
(Click here!) Help... Unexpected character?
Top 3 Favorite Stories?
Need Background Characters! (CLASSIC)
Ink to Limelight
I dont rly know what im doing, but i need help >->
Does anyone have a story name?
Promote you and your story
Art Scenes for my new story!
New stories! Could you please read? I will do r4r if u want!
Personalised warning intro
Help wanted! in need of coding partner
The mysterious love story
I need a little help with a story name!
Cover art for my new stoy
Promote Your Story (all genres)
My story fame. Please read it i promise you will like it
Can everyone go and read my story ? It's Called "Read My Mind"
Interested in reading a new story? Stories Posted Here! "Window" Shopping for stories!
Hello I would like to make a realistic looking cover for, can someone explain what apps I should use and how to use them?
Read my stories all in here
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Our first High school Year
Talking while laying down
Latest news on Facebook: more bad boy stories coming (groans)
Instagram Follow Me 😊
[CLOSED] Share your instas
In need of background characters
Want to participate in Art Contest!
Do you think episode should have an mature section eg over 18?
REVIEW MY STORY,tell me what you think
MORE FOR INK - who agrees?
Who wants an ink edit? - bored
Please come back my 4 free passes every 4 hours
Feed backs on this please (part 1)
Loking for ideas to use in my story
Opinion on Fantasy Stories
How come i can only access features, coming soon and settings?
Story Title Idea!
Blanket overlay
Cant Find Background
Can't delete iPhone photos completely?
Help! Can't get past the loading screen
Outfit Ideas [LIMELIGHT]
In need of a partner for my story...!
Feedback On First Story
Overlays not showing
Speech Bubble Help - Cycling Tail
Choice Problems
Is this a good story idea?
Dose any one else?
Cover and splash artist needed!
FEATURE: Report button for Episode-Made stories
Instagram followers!
Special Cover Art
What would you prefer?
Small problem grasping the selfie concept
Unpopular opinion: spotlight it’s trash
What are the names for hidden lip colors?
I really want kid characters in episode! Who's with me?
Challenges and passes
In need of characters 🌝
Characters Needed 💖
Inspiration is running low
What do you guys think
Episode won't load
What makes you addicted to a story ?!
First Impressions and Turn Offs 💙
Average Lines You Write In A Story
Anyone else noticing that guys are a different size than girls in Limelight?
Single character art covers for FREE! (handmade)
The Roberts Family Want To Say "Hi" - OPEN BETA
Any story ideas to help me with my story?
Just for fun, family role play
Help i need a writing partner for the upcoming episodes CLOSED
BACK & FORTH new version
How do I change an account email on studio on the pc
Background size
Hiring at EpisodeNirvana 💙
Information in Stories
How do you like The Only Boss For Me so far?
Characters for Story
Hidden Animation in Preview
Remembering CC in future episodes
I need an artist to make an art scene for me
What’s the stories called?
Some of my animations won't work, run time error
I only get to read 3 or 5 episode not the entire story!
Cover edits etc
Does anybody know how to make cover arts?
Cafe/restaurant table overlays
Upcoming Storys
Elif/If Help on script
Received any discouraging reviews? CLICK HERE!
I need a partner and a art scene maker
Can someone make me a cover
Episode Interactive Website Overheating MacBook Air
Unfunny “Comedy” stories
I need intro for my story
Outfits for LL request goes here (CLOSED)
Can someone make me a cover? (CLOSED)
Cover for story needed
Need a feedback? I'm here to help
Tell Me About Yourself :)
I need help whit this app
Cause and Effect at It's Fullest!
I need your opioion
How to put your character in a different Zone without the camera being on the character in that zone
If anyone need directing help come herd
Confidence is missing!
Overlay and Background In Review
If Episode was a genie . . .?
I have a script issue
Spotting error when trying to preview?
New Exciting Unique Story The Tigress
New Story!< FEEL FREE to READ!
Choice decision Yes or No
Published a story recently
Cover help with story
Badge: Help here
Please help me with this error!
Can anyone give me feedback on my first outline
Character Help?
My new story feedback and read for read
What are your feelings/thoughts/habits while writing?
Epy.SIster.Hood Outline contest
I love u landon landon 😘
Upgrade Episode to Continue Playing on this device
Script Error Using If/Elif/Else Code
Author Appreciation!
Grenade explosion intro
Overlay anchor point not working?
My episode bae <3
Luke's Writing Thread // Share your story today!
Making a phone overlay move or beep
FEATURED: Episode Community A MOBILE APP
Review New story
How long does it take for the Episode team to review your story cover?
Anyone want me to create a cover for them?
Character wouldn't walk :(
Create Background Characters
Which style to write and which genere
How do you make Video Edits?
Bedroom scene help?
Directing help (Which I'm sure has already been addressed, I'm sorry in advance)
What's this error? It is called "20097" What is it?
Prop error, please help!
What do people think about outline contests?
Are there any hidden animations for LL?
I love you Harry Styles
Anyone know how to make this animation?
Story draft for critiques
Can someone edit backgrounds?
Cover Art Needed ASAP
STORY IDEAS *Plz drop them here
Ideas for my chapter/want to appear in my story?
Hidden Animations
Anyone needs a cover?
Im drawing YOUR episode characters!
Have you ever felt this?
Gym and punching bag?
I have a question, episodians
Can someone review my story. PLEASE
Want to be in my new story, DEMIGODDESS?
A little appreciation
Read For Read With Me!
Anyone needs covers
Opinion on my Cover!?
What do you look for in a episode story
Characters for my story!
I don’t know a background name that I need
Thoughts About Premium/Gem Choices
On Screen Changing Commands
Anyone Feel like Pitching in Story Ideas? Write them Here!
NEED HELP COME HERE! I read stories create splashes, and covers and (art scenes coming soon!)
It wont let me save my story
Script Errors...Please Help
Need story name pls
Need great new stories to read?
What do you hate about writing a story?
Limelight Availability
Seeing stories on the episode app
Where can I find some good backgrounds?
Characters for my new story
Description writer?
I can help with outfits
Need 2 person help me with grammar and a art cover
Is there someone who knows how to write description
Backgrounds and overlays for my story?
Miya's Edited Backgrounds (IG: epi.backgrounds)
Need help to find these animations pls!
Request gOOD stories to read!
Any tips for getting readers on my new story?
Can someone Kindly tell me the apps you use to make covers , backgrounds ,drawing tips , edits overlays,Art scenes and more and a guide to how you do it( Only if you want but it would be very helpful to me and others)
Honest Story Reviews
F4F R4R share here!
Review for review 😊
Review for review 👏
Feedback needed on my new story!
Looking for the review of my story
I'm doing read 4 reads and honest reviews!
Share your stories
Recommended Stories
Read for read! Share here!
R4R promote your stories
FEATURE: Forum Group Business Accounts
Looking to help with Bookcovers, Edits, Etc
Me creating art covers
How Do I Change Jules Hair Color?
My Doppelganger
What Makes A Perfect Story
Advice for my story?
Need a Splash or a story cover I got you
I'm a cover and background artist 🎨
Help with plot ideas
Help subscription
Does anyone know any good stories?
In need of an artist for my story Bougie on a Budget
Help w labeling
What do you think about limelight?
Brows won't work in Limelight
New authors click here! (Read for read, read for review, promoting,sharing)
Visit my website for free backgrounds and overlay
In Need Of Overlay!
Uploading own Backgrounds
Does anyone need an outfit maker?
New overlay now in my drive
Does anyone where the Demi Lovato game recording studio background is?
Does anyone have inside of a car picture
Quick Survey ~ What kind of stories do the public want?
New Author in Need of Writing Tips
Need your opinions!
Disrespect in the Art Community
How to unlock things in the app
Editing stories?
Contest - more than 3 chapters?
Problem character bug
Creating stories
Epy. Sister Hood Joining Application
What could be a good title for a story about a girl getting trapped inside a movie?
Title Help!?!?!
Story Editing/Grammar Help
Looking for a writing team! (CLOSED GOT MA TEAM)
I have an error, please help!
Please Help My Story Won’t Work!
Characters needed (ink)! (CLOSED)
Episode Stories
Need help with the new speechbubble format
New Story Alert 🚨
Please Help New Writer
Is There A Way To Make This Overlay Straight
I need a cover art for my new story!
I need a arty looking cover for my story please
I need a cover for my new story
How to rotate ov back and forth
What would take to get your gems
This error wont go but my code is right
Need help with few things!
Discribe your dream guy on Episode
Non-looping background keeps looping
So, About Schools
How to erase a forum account
I have a character that is Emo, can you help me?
This thing about prisons Is
My Life is Very
Hello how is everyone
Help! Choices must follow a dialog not a branch
Points system? Help
Looking for help on how to put an art scene into my script :)
FREE COVERS in 5 likes time
New Story: Agent 322
Cover art please?
What am i doing again?
Help With Bands Names
This is solved nvm
This is solved so nvm
What kind of animation is this?
What's the name of the animation
HELP! I can't make characters say the player's name
What is the animation called
EDITING! Please edit this image
Why are some of the best LIMELIGHT steamy romance stories?
Medieval Outfit ideas
DD Dances not working
I Need help with an random error
Help i dont know whats going on?!
Limelight Help!
Untold: Chilling Visions Ending Contest & More
Why is this happening?
Losing motivation to write
Help please! I'm desperate!
Need Help With Overlays
What is important in a story?
Need help writing a script
I need a good cover, quickly
Looking for an edit of a friend and i
Need help with a name
Change story title
How to add real pictures as a background
Hi everyone! I need someone who make my first story's cover picture! :)
Need Background Characters Please [INK] :sparkles:
Things That Set Me Off: Episode Edition
New speech bubble feature
New Writer Looking To Get & Give
Program for video
How do you make characters go upside down? In LIMELIGHT
Special Art scene Needed
You guys can ask me anything if you need help with anything
Need help with coding? I'm here for you!
Help! Changing Outfits
I need a good cover, quickly
How do you create a social media look alike background on episode?
Covers and Overlays made like, REALLY FAST here! (ONLINE)
Secondary Choice?
I need a Cover for my Story (The Other World)
Mystery Outline for Story
Problems with customization limelight female eyes
Help w/coding, intro, art, overlays
Anyone down for read4read OR review4review?
Episode-Gold Art Request Thread
Trouble with remembering past choices
Making a Story Cover
Just An Average Girl
Jealous Boyfriend
Read 4 Read with shout out and a little review
Zooming issues!
Phone parallel help!
How do you create a social media look alike background on episode?
I'm sorry! I hope y'all can be patient with me!
New limelight story
Looking for group members on instagram
Episodes with more than one pov
How to Hold Baby Swaddle
I need help starting a story please help me!
Need help for the story outline!
Official Thread for Episode Nirvana
Leave your episode username below
How do I direct a shooting star? (Found answer)
Click here please
My Overlay won't go where my script tells it!
I need help with overlays
Any group I can join
About backgrounds & copyright
Need help on the Plot!
Can I have some help
Adding Positivity
Making splashes
The Young Actress Episode 12 Planning Thread
New story coming soon
What's your opinion about my cover art?
Phone background question
What is the thing that draws you into a story
Looking for a writing partner <3
Hello guys, I need some help!
Kitchen Background?
Does anybody know? :(
Checking out random stories and giving my thoughts *OPEN*
Check out My story Girl Of Deception!
What do u prefer
I need someone to draw a cover for my story!
Anyone get what im trying to do
Cover Art & Special Art scenes needed!
Customized Name
Episode Hugging
How do I find a computer overlay?
Facing while walking
How would you deal with bad fanmail?
Help! I can't find user stories
Episode Question 2
New speech bubble won’t show in my preview
Ok. So I have a idea for my story
Writing Partners
Letting the audience choose their name
New Story/New Writer -- Romance/Thriller [Love ME, CONTROL Me]
Can someone test out my story and give me a true opinion
Please help me i have a problem
Help wanted! Need co-writer
Notes on top of an episode
Art scene requesting
*Deleted Post**
Anybody a Composer?
Hugging on Limelight
In need of a episode writer freind :')
Will someone read my script off episode 3 to correct the grammar errors
Background help please (:
Medavial Writing Group!
Need help finding background
I am looking for someone who can do a cover art for some of my stories
Unexpected sequence PLEASE HELP!
I need a male outfit creator
Need help getting character to stand up out of bed
Will someone read my script off episode 3 to correct the grammar errors
Skipping Spaces?
Can someone do me a favour please? (have no idea how to word the title!)
It starts with a bra differences
Character walking backwards?
Why is there no think animation in limelight (never mind, there is but I can't see it?)
Does it while command
Please help, I'm new
Different stories?
Please read my story THE NEW GUY R4R screenshot so we know it's real
What do you use for to make covers?
I need some covers for my story please
I need covers for my new stories is anyone interested? {CLOSED FOR NOW}
Welcome to girl's only group chat no boy's allowed
What makes a good first chapter/episode in your opinion?
Help me with characters. Please
Can you convert this to transparent?
Need small and large cover for my werewolf story called Running Wolves
Looking for an overlay
I need help with one of my characters that is entering a scene
Hello check out my new story the new guy
Help with overlay plsss
Profile picture
I am having trouble letting my reader name their 2nd character
Cronic Writer's Block, Pleaseeeeee help
Story recommendations pleaaase :)
1st time writer started today
Can anyone help me with making a background
My charecter doesn't kiss on the right side
Can someone please do a cover
If there was one thing you could add to Episodes, what would it be?
L.I.W.F'S Custom Cover/Splashes [OPEN]
How to get characters to run into eachother
Follow me on episode,i'll follow you back
Rear animation glitch
Make own picture on Pc --> which app/webside ect?
Surprise for the by bestie
New stories to play
Read These Stories Now! Underrated Gems. MUST READS
Can somebody edit this background?
Lets promote eachother!
Help me with my Cover Design
What do **YOU** think makes a good episode story and why do you write?
Review my story?
Looping Background Not Working
Why does multiple requests for one thing in different posts by most likely different people harm the chances of getting your request done?
Storys with multiple endings?
Thoughts on my small cover?
How long does it typically take you to write one chapter?
Edits are Open now
A bad boy ... a rebel.. is there a difference.?
How do I get more people to read my story?
Opinion on my Art!
Help With Layering
Fading Character
Tied up overlays?
Looking For Characters! (INK)
Customized Character Help?
Characters name
CC love interest
Overlay Required
Help with overlays please
Who wants to be in my story? (lime light NOT INK)
Zoom Help Please!
Story Creator App Suggestions
Can someone please help meeee!
Here, if you are bored here is something that will give you a brain fart
Do things like this in outfits bother you?
Help Coding My Story (CLOSED)
My first splash
If you are a new author Then Click here! (Described inside this Topic)
Help! having trouble remembering choices
How do you become a admin
Sleeping in bed, waking and getting up
Help me with overlay opacity coding (image)
Looking for some overlays
Slightly disappointed
Limelight & Ink
Warning problems! HELP ME PLEASE!
Write with meh plzzzzzzzzzz
Kami no Hime - Art Needed - LIMELIGHT
Background/ character edits/ cover art/ splashes workshop! [CLOSED]
Looking for an artist to make the covers for my stories!
HELP ME Please!
You Guys' Art Is Amazing!
Does anybody here care about fame in the community?
Sound wont turn off
What Does This Error Mean?
Can someone please help when it comes to facing characters?
Help For The New Episodians!
Sally's cover and splash shop! [OPEN]
How to do choices (Help)
The New Girl by Saige Mercer *REVIEW* (part 1)
Alleyway on episodes
Can someone please help me with this error?
INK: edits, special scenes, covers, intros and outros (NOT ATM)
Can someone please help me with overlay timing?
The darkest days
Need of an honest feedback
When your new and you wanna get featured lol im making a story called Collage Life
New author seeking reads & edits :)
One character talking, whilst another doing an action?
Cover Art For My Story, Anyone?
My new story FIRE MET GASOLINE is needing a cover artist
FREE Cover Art & Character edits. (CLOSED)
Different Body Types For Characters
Cover Art For My Story
Abby's Help Thread
Need Tattoos For Females For Classic Ink
Adding Choices?
My new episode!
Help, I can't think of a UNIQUE story idea
Episode Studio Request Thread [Reopened 5/5/18] (Open)
On line ### error? help me asap
Will you read this kind of a story?
Review for Review or Reads for Reads
iPhone X full screen option
Where can I find legs and arms overlays?
Characters needed
Publishing+creating stories on mobile
Anyone familiar on how to fix this?
Splash request thread
How can I make it look like my character is cooking?
Petition : For Anything, last thread got closed
How do I find stories on the app?
Mobile Create: Updating!
New hairstyles for limelight
New authors post your story
Wanna be in my story?
Changing a hairstyle for ink?
I'm writing Strictly alive. Check it out:
New author! READ MY STORY
Post what they should add and let this keep going
Currently working on a guide to write on Episode
The New Sections?
A writing section in the episode app
Please make a portal on how the mouth, nose, hair, and etc: looks like. Just like Animation Portal in the Art Catalog
PETITION : For anything
Help! I am having a problem with my story
Art scene needed for new story!
Error in script
Need a editor for my story
Character story
Script Error! (I'm a beginner)
How do you fade in circle?
Why does the reader always get the low rank?
Looking For a artist for Art scenes {CLOSED}
Walk while talk
In need of a partner
How to make a flash of lightning appear in a story?
My Own Background?
Episode meet up in london : any french people who are going?
Is there any way to stop the "error message" emails?
What happens next?
Review backgrounds
Help with planning my story?
Starting out - helpful tips?
My life With boy
Please help with animations & zooming
Making Cover Art for all!
Searching for a lecture background
Issue with spotting
Idea/plots for a story!
Stuff that gives me Migraines
I Need A Background Urgent!
Can someone help me please need help!?
Disagreeing with Homophobia
Story/plot ideas!
2 Main Characters
Leg Overlays Needed!
Help with the writer's block?
I need help - Beggining to write
Limelight Episode Cover
BACKGROUND: A Medieval Kingdoms' Town
Error: Unexpected junk
Help with title's idea for my new story
Switching Playable back to Editable
Willing to make ads for your stories if you read mine
I need someone to make a cover and/or backgrounds :^)
Story Cover Creation
What name should I use?
Which one is best?
How many of y'all use a kindle fire to write your stories?
Heavenlyhazza's Story Cover Contest!
Hard times :disappointed_relieved:
Please help me with a gun overlay
How do you have a name that the readers choose talk bubbles
Code Glitcv - It shouldn't repeat
Does anyone remember this classic story from years ago?
Feed back on this please
Need a writing buddy :/


I need help asap
Tutor Needed For Writing
Do you need a story editor
Need help please!


Thanks for the tip!

Waking up animation :)
Stop a character holding a prop

how do u start a thread?

Help My Review Covers xx
I want a writing buddy!
Get featured in my story!
Video Requests For Stories (OPEN)
Help with the previewer
I need a new cover

Thank you so much for this! I have only recently signed up and had absolutely no idea.


Fantastic idea for the next revision! Thanks! :thinking:

How to create an outfit and add it in your story^_^
Layering problems...please help!

how to make the voting thing ?

  1. First you go to the “:gear:” icon.
  2. Go to “Build Poll.”
  3. Then, you go and choose whichever “type” of the voting system you want to do.
  4. Whatever you do, put your choices in the “Options” box.
    Hope this helps!


Thank you so much. This definately helped a lot… :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Help wanted! Need co-writer



i helped alot




I’m pretty sure the forums games have their own subforum and that their not in The Story Games & Role Playing subforum anymore…



Correct. The tutorial is not up to date and will be worked on over time, as I indicated above :smiley:. Thanks for the assist.


Thank you Jeremy! :blush::blush:


How do i make text blurry?:two_hearts:


Go to the little gear in the top right of the text window when you start to write a reply and select the option “blur spoiler”


Thanks :slight_smile: