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How any people here are making a story?
Hi were new to the episode forums
My Best Friend is in love with me
Mobile App Help?
Which one is better? YOU pick!
Mobile Creation Story
How to unlock things in the app
Can you still buy the 30 days unlimited passes?
Need a cover artist partner
Overlay Required
Anyone need anything?
Why do you only earn 1 fem per chapter?
Outfit Ideas [LIMELIGHT]
Family is great?
I need a partner to help me develop new ideas
Please help me with a cover
INK to LL thoughts
Would u like to join my art group
Speech bubble dilemma
Art scenes: Intros, Covers
I need help please please help
Earning money from writing
This picture do not loop
I need help/advice with a story?
Need Someone to help me by making some covers for my story When In Paris and some edits too
Zoom & Walk Help
Angels vs rebels
I need an art scene as soon as possible
Thats 100% a bug from episode
Any ig or episode group chat :>
Can someone make me a cover? (CLOSED)
I need a partner and a art scene maker
Elif/If Help on script
I need an artist to make an art scene for me
Hidden Animation in Preview
How do I change an account email on studio on the pc
Any story ideas to help me with my story?
Anyone else noticing that guys are a different size than girls in Limelight?
I need some help BADLY
Help wanted! in need of coding partner
Issue with the timer
First Impressions and Turn Offs 💙
Unexpected character (NEEDED HELP!)
What do you guys think
Inspiration is running low
Characters Needed 💖
In need of characters 🌝
Challenges and passes
(Click here!) Help... Unexpected character?
Read 4 read pleaseee
How to rotate ov back and forth
Problem character bug
Fill out form for splash!
Story Editing/Grammar Help
What could be a good title for a story about a girl getting trapped inside a movie?
New Author in Need of Writing Tips
Quick Survey ~ What kind of stories do the public want?
Post your script templates here!
New authors click here! (Read for read, read for review, promoting,sharing)
Brows won't work in Limelight
Help with plot ideas
I'm a cover and background artist 🎨
Entering rear body movement
Trust Levels & How They Work!
I need help with a description
Looking for the review of my story
Review for review 👏
FEATURE: Forum Group Business Accounts
Read for read! Share here!
Recommended Stories
Unpopular opinion: spotlight it’s trash
Request gOOD stories to read!
Backgrounds and overlays for my story?
Description writer?
Need 2 person help me with grammar and a art cover
I can help with outfits
I need a co-writer
Going to do Review
I don’t know a background name that I need
Characters for my story!
Gym and punching bag?
Im drawing YOUR episode characters!
Overlay of ropes please
Cover and splash artist needed!
Ideas for my chapter/want to appear in my story?
Choice Problems
In need of a partner for my story...!
Feedback On First Story
Can't delete iPhone photos completely?
Story draft for critiques
How do i ad a backroud?
Edit/Cover/Pfp/Art Scene Requests Are Open: What do you guys think about this edit?
Need cover for my new story
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: My name is Nicola isn't it..?
Help I can't make a new story
Do you agree with LGBT in stories?
Characters not showing up
As A New Member I Need Some Info Desperately!
My Char won't stand behind the overlay
I’m new here on the forums
Desprate for an art scene that i can actually use
Bed Overlay, Help me please!
Code Glitcv - It shouldn't repeat
Can someone read my story? and tell me if theres any errors x
How do you have a name that the readers choose talk bubbles
Episode Group Chat
DISCUSSION: Cultures & Knowledge
Customer Support is Invisible
Heavenlyhazza's Story Cover Contest!
Willing to make ads for your stories if you read mine
Switching Playable back to Editable
Error: Unexpected junk
BACKGROUND: A Medieval Kingdoms' Town
I need help finding middle and last names for my characters
Coding errors need fixing help please
Pick Her Skin Tone!
Y’all im shookkk
How to add baseball
Is this a good title?
In need of a pregnancy test overlay
Any advice for writer's block?
I need help in coding!
Customise the both characters names and look
I will review your story if you review mine
Disagreeing with Homophobia
Issue with spotting
Special art scence needed
Some peeps getting married y’all
I need a story title
Isaiah best background maker
Does anyone know how to do this?xxx
How to make your car overlay drive
Doing background
How do I drag a character?
Story Title Suggestions Please?
Error: Unexpected DIALOG: "Go try to cheer her up."{
Private Backgrounds and Overlays!
Needed background!
Questions to ask when writing
Please help! i need help editing my story!
Freckles on Episode
Clothing choices
Helppp! I’m stuck my changing outfit script isn’t working someone please help
Can someone make this background into a night version?
Working on my second chapter. Followed a tutorial. Didn't say anything about this! Please help
Who Else Can't find the react_lay_shocked animation
Try my story so far! Haven't finished 3rd chapter
How do I put bruises on my characters? Mobile device
My story preview won't update!
Can I please get some help
Spot directing Background characters
I found a new code nobody thinks works yet it works for me X'D
Png transparent overlays
Who wants to try out my character customization? woohoo
Overlays, need help
New story I Will Find you!
Seeking Digital Artist
I have problem with finding a story
Looking for proof reader
Anyone want me to make them a character in my story? (INK)
I need a title for my story
New writer needing help with choices
I need background characters for my story! (Limelight)
How works the coordinates by an overlay
Opinion on bad characters staying bad?
Episode 2 isn't acknowledging the choices I made in Episode 1
How do I use this bubble 🤨
Why is the overlay in the wrong zone?
Fun Poll! :heart:
Anyone wanna be in my story?
I’m need of characters
Could someone make me a script template?
Maid For You Episode Story -Small Cover-
Background and side characters needed! limelight
Instagram username
I need help with the dumbest thing ever
I need help with art for my story
Words Turn Red In Script? ;~;
How can I make my story more unique so that it stands out like most stories?
Story Line Helper
*Request Open* Looking for Characters for Series
Add animals please.😊
Have your male characters star in another Episode story!
Limelight tips ? + my new story Silver lining (out soon)
New Friends/Fellow Authors?!
I need help publishing
How to say someone will remember that
Find this story pls
Two Story Ideas- which should I work on first?
Could anyone make me a script?
Need extras for my story!
Can someone make a few of my special art scenes please?
How does my story sound? Does it sound OK?
How do I move the car to one spot?
Request story reviews
This is just my question?
Can someone help me with animations?
Question about Limelight animations!
Champagne, cocaine, gasoline - plotting gallery
Need help with layers coding help needed
Can you relate to this?
Names Sharing Thread
Episode spotlight or full character display
Heavy Subject Time!
Could someone please draw me a cover? (contest)
Help Me Choose A Description For My Story
I needfast help to find a title
Can anyone read my story and give me corrections?
Can anyone please recommend a good story to read?
Who has a crush for Episode :kissing_smiling_eyes:?
Help! I have an error tht needs Fixiing
Searching a story
I need a director
NEW STORY (#JINX-ED) I have published my FIRST STORY!
Ho do you place someone in bad?
Teaser question
I Need a Letter Overlays
Phone editors deserve better!
How to make character cusomisation easier
What are some of your favorite fantasy stories?
Does anyone know a story like the new girl?
I need a arm overlay that's up to date, maybe? Limelight/LL
Poll for my story
Customization Template errors
We need eye-shadows
Thoughts on my story?
Is this just me?
Pressing Background without speechbubble
Help me with this directing problem
Review/advise for my story
Character Customization ERROR
How do i get reads on my first story?
Help me find this story please please
Just a simple question
Sia’s story reviews
Read over my story?
Wanna be in my story? (a few leading roles availeble now)+also contest anouncement day :)
How to collect diamonds or tickets for Episode
Want A Role In My Story?
My new story//FEEDBACK NEEDED :P
Episode app subscription
Is there anyone who can make me a background?
Remembering Past Choices Error
The ____ Appreciation Thread
Can someone make me a boy riding on a motorcycle?
I am in need of an artist!
Just Business Feedback
Help! Character cut off?
Need to find a writing buddy or help
How long are your chapters?
Who wannna do art with me #collabs
*overlay needed*
What's the problem?
Help! This overlay NEEDS to be accepted! What do I do?!
How do i make my story famous? or get many reads?
Looking for lgbt cheat story
Is this style still available?
Names needed for male and females
Try this story today
How do you change the title of an episode that you’ve created?
Does anybody know where I can find this car int. background
Read for read? Just started writing!
Can I have help?
Adam's story reviewing thread!
Water Overlays?
Eyebrows? LL CC Script
I'm in need of story ideas
Art help- a second opinion 💞
Favourite episode stories
I am new to the forums, Need friends :grimacing:
What makes your cringe when you read or see it?
Balker Academy RP Sign ups!
Story idea feedback?
Dumbest Thing You've Ever Been Told/Heard/Read
Anyone who knows how to put a overlay in a spesific zone?
I need victims and murderers!
Good stories to read
In Need of Background Characters [INK]
Game of family oO°°°°oO
Background Charcters/ Main Characters needed!
More Limlight character clothing!
Need Backround characters
Feedback On My Story (Holding Back)?
Links For Planning Story?
New to the forum
If Anyone wants to throw ideas back and fourth with other creators
Music Bug. Can someone help me?
Need opinion about art again!
Semi-Writer Competition!
*Ideas for stories* Writer's block
Need background characters or friend characters in my story!
Script Error: Unexpected String
Recommend me stories read romance
I need an partner to help me write an story
How to get a bed background?
I’m publishing my story soon
Who Is Will To Do A R4R
Help i need some art scenes for my new story
Need a story cover and general art
Faith's Review Shop!
My Choices Aren't Working
I need Piano overlay
My first drawing:)
I want to hear about your arts and stories ;)
Does anyone have a spot template for this background?
Are the ideas of student-teacher relationships normalized, and why?
I have terrible taste in outfits... anyone wanna help? owo
Hey! I can get you a nice Pfp!
Can anyone make an Art cover for my book, His Girl?
Caught In Love Out Now!
In need of a pink car overlay!
Hi want to be friends
I need a juicy story to read
I need help with this
After finishing a story, do you ever feel depressed or is it just me?
Kalizzza don't leave we all love you
CLOTHING: 18th century
Dirty little secrets
Background characters needed! **INK**
Need character's for my story!
Good vampire or werewolf stories
Auditorium background
How can I edit this back ground without the chairs
Last name polllllllll
Storys I Reccommend To Read
In need of some splashes for mature themes, strong language, and sound on with any, a few, or all of the characters i put down below lmk if you can help <3
Can someone please review my story
Haris's 6 Step Nose Drawing Tutorial
Help with POC! Need Opinions!
Best Songs Of 2018
I need advices on my very first story!
Does anyone know who owns this overlay?
Payment's section blocked by extension (I need help)
Italian translations
Give me feedback on my new story :)
Comment bar help
What are your thoughts on a good story review?
Date Ideas please
Link to my first story plz give feedback
Are we allowed to make a episode based of a TV Show or Movie?
Can I please have a carseat overlay
Why does this not work?
Beginner - Having trouble with writing portal
More interracial couple stories
Help for directing characteres
Main Male Character Name Voting
Customization problem pls help
I need help with my story! (Unpublished)
Name Game Come Play 😎
Hey, could anyone get her facing a gun forward?
Any Ideas for my story? Help?
Ergent! characters needed ink
LL character needed again
A video Idea Write with me
A story like breaking the spell
Do you use classic?
More ink! anyone agree
What gender do you prefer for a 3 chapters story
What's your social media for Episode?
Story Reviews! (Advice, Tips)
Helllooo! I need art
Can you create a background for me?
I need beta-readers to give me advice!
I need to read. Can someone give me some good stories?
Central American/Caribbean Curiousity
Need help inspiration
Searching for a story
~What apps do you use when you draw art?~
Art request for my second story, please help
A New User's Guide To The Forums!
Is Anyone Willing To Teach Me How To Make Episode Art?
The name game :sunglasses:
What does Lt mean
Cliche and unrealistic stories
In need of an artist for my story! PLZ HELP!
I need a cover for my limelight story
Writer's portal Bug
Title Overlay Plz <3
Help? Errors with labels
Multiple ending stories?
I need these nighttime!
I need INK background characters
What does "bump" mean
Need help previewing story (URGENT)
Struggling to incorporate choices
How do you make a character walk while talking?
Stories recommend reading
How to change profile picture yall
Help, I can't get music and sound to work... error
I need outlines help help help :D
Background character theard (INK&LL)
Looking for cover maker...!
Whats the worst possible crimes?
Looking for additional help
Show me your best moms and cutest love interests
I need some characters... (All For You)
Episode Instagram acc
Need an Art Scene Creator For My Story
How do I choose which part of the background I use?
Car interior background and overlay
Need some background characters/extra's for my upcoming story!
Any story recommendations similar to DSL?
Looking for a Proof Reader? :)
Fast Pace or Slow Pace?
Any story ideas? Someone help XD
I need art sence for my story
What counts as an actual read?
Google drive help
Remake a Broadway musical and movie for episode
My new IG acc ❤️
Starting a review, cover, read for read group
How do you do this with your characters?
Why are the first 6 trending stories episode all limelight
Does My Story Idea Sound Interesting?
Story's that have male mc characters
Need co writer thriller
Episode ads HELP!
Can someone give me a duo customisation template
Custom overlay needed pleaseee!
Story Starter help!
How do you come up with ideas for your story?
Anybody want to be in my new story!?
New story? Need help!
Edits for me to post on my instagram
Learn How To Make Your Own Backgrounds
Looking for characters for my story
What do u think?
Looking for someone who can make ART SCENES!
Help with converting this into night version?
I need an artist for my cover!
Length of episodes, give your opinion!
I can read your story for free!
Starting Episode!
Proofreading and helping others with the grammar in their stories
Can someone make me a cover and a insta splash
I want to know how to do a cover
I need title for my story
A Good Default Limelight Outfit?
Help. I need help lmao
Needing help with my story
How would you prefer your MC?
What is the best way to make readers emotionally attached to characters?
I need a script plezz?
Looking for an cover / art scene Artist?
Anyone need help making characters and outfits?
Hey I am bored. And need some characters!
How do you make overlays?
Need Characters for LL
Help please who has written an epoisode before
I need outfits and background characters!
I need an overlay please
I need a splash
Need an Artist for a special art scene
Prison Template
Can someone give me an small review?
Quick question (won't let me edit my post)
If Episode Was To Shut Down Everything. How Would You Feel?
Chance to ge featured!
Read My Unexpected Story!
I will make an edit for the first 5 people!
Need help with training clothing ideas
Would you read this? The Last Christmas
Need A Semi -Realstic Artist For Charecters!
Remembering choices error if/elif/else
Who background is this?
Why can i not delete my story
Kissing Help Needed
I need character for LL Join me in my story. MALE AND FEMALE
Is character customisation important to you
What readers ACTUALLY want?
Who can draw animal?
Does anyone know what's wrong?
Fill Out My Bg Character Form?٩◔‿◔۶
Need a Beta Reader!
Cover Artist and Art Scenes
I'm Not Sure What's Wrong Here// Help Lol
College Days Writing Group!
Entering and exiting
What makes a good cliffhanger?
Anyone have this overlay? HALP
Winter Backgrounds
Twilight Stars| Group Sign ups| OPEN|
Need help with error on my story
Phone Background
Instagram Feed Ideas
What do you want in a story?
Promotion and update thread of new story: The P*ck List
How do you make characters run really fast?
How to do intros
Customization isn't always necessary?
Can someone help me with overlays
Uploaded a new story
Let me bask in glory for a minute 🤣
I can translate your stories!
Cover story episode
I'll review your story (MIKII'S HONEST REVIEWS)
Help needed! Readers for my story b4 it's published!
Join my new writing group!
Clear Overlay Images
What is this, episode? Lmao
Does anyone know any good kitchen backgrounds?
Hiring for episode group
Help! I'm using spot directing to make it look like a character's on a bed, but her size won't change!
Changing hair mid script causes the characters hair to change everywhere!
Story writer help
I have a weird glitch
Help......the bubbles thing collide with each other
In need of a mirror overlay
Can't find headscarves in limelight
How do I have my character already asleep when introducing a new scene?
Please text me back please
How to rotate Car wheels and make them rotate fast, and when I need them to stop
Help, I'm in need of a coder
Trouble with my story
Landing Rotation Plane
I need a writting partner(s)😪
Help please - Unexpected Error
Personal Instagram Accounts! :)
Looking for background characters - ink
How long does it usually take to publish a chapter?
A Message to Episode
Guys I need help for choosing the name for my new story!
Title Name Help
Any good Mermaid stories?
Mermaid Outfit Suggestions?!
APP: small cover sizes in the app
Do you wanna be in my story?
Help me add a gun to my player
bAcKgRoUnD aNd OvErLaY hElP
I need help with a back ground please help!
Overlay help needed, pleaseee!
Share some clichés!
Creative editors out there?💕
Who would read this?
What is it like in college?
Promoting my story, promote your story here too!
Heart Of Gold [Choose A Role In My Story] [LIMELIGHT] [OPEN!]
Does anyone know when the next contest will be announced?
Bad boys... loosing their fame?!
Somone help me please
Read my new revamped story and I'll read yours
Do we get anything from gem choices
Outlines for Ink?
SeriousR4R New stories on Episode
Looking for assistance with a script error
Need name for my character (Help Me PLZ)
Read my story! - Thriller: Strangers
Script Error: Dressing Game Help
Name of overlay
What should I name my story?/ - poll
Fantasy background characters
Random Question: What's the Longest Time You were Coding?
Int. blue school hallway lockers - night
I need a intro and fast
Error? Is It Just Me?
Can anyone turn these texts into overlays for me?
Here is a preview
Art Scene Questions
Need a cover for ur story or a splash?(Will be done asap)
Need a cover please <3
Help with overlay problems
Cover Help/ Ideas and Advice
Editor's pick: How does that work?
Suggest some good stories
Looking for some background people’s
How and when in Limelight?
I need help with my zoom
I need smashed glass and Limb Overlays!
HELP: I can't preview anything on episode!
Cant find a story
The problem with creating a male avatar
Should I make a story with a guy mc?
Does Anyone Have An Electric Guitar Overlay?
NEED A SPLASH! I really need a splash help plzzz
Anyone want backgrounds?I can try!
Feedback on LL edit/drawing
ERROR that wont fix
Character customization template
Needing some help with introducing characters!
Coding mistakes you always make?
Ink stories with CC
Idk what’s going wrong
Common Words in Russian!
It warms my heart when I see guys who write/read on Episode
Has it really been 4 years?
Need LL characters!
Directing tips and tricks
How do I create backgrounds?
Can someone revamp for me
My characters don't move where I want them to
ART: I need someone to edit the INT. LA apartment
Story name ideas please! ❤️
Be in the story?
Prop error INK help
Pan and walk w two characters
Episode Bubbles
I can't do Scene Change
I need your Opinion *COME HERE NOW*
Please im bored
Does anyone have a victorian enterance hall?
Looking for a background for my story
Stories opinion
Anyone want to write a story together
Share your Stories with me!
Looking for art XD
Name coding for reader
Need free backgrounds?
How to make characters walk in front of podium
Some story ideas would be great right now 🤦🏾
Come & Get Read For Reads
Anyone got the coding for a choice to send a message
Just published first 3 chapters of my first story. Please read it I need suggestions
My group need art scene makersss(CLOSED)
Character Descriptions Right Here!
FEATURE: Using filters only on characters or overlays
Hi. I'm new here
Adorable stories!
Suggestion: Uploud Music to our story
Episode Character (**LIMELIGHT**)
-Reviewing Stories-
Underatted authors
Help me with this pleaseee
Episode meme thread (super relateable)XD
Limelight Cafeteria Background
INK Characters Wanted For my Story
~Opinions I have~
Story description help?
Backgrounds and overlays Helper
How to make characters hug with LimeLight
Do you guys get emotionally attached to characters in the stories?
What artist is willing to help me?
Entering and exiting advanced
Looking for a new story to read
Does anyone know where to get a INT. JUVIE ROW HOME - DAY stair case overlay?
Need reviews for my first story - Which one is the real you?
Ho many times can you replay a story?
Getting your story noticed
Would you like to read a story like this?
Would someone read this story before I publish it?
Request background/overlay
Discussion: new flannals!
What do you guys think of my large cover?
Anyone needs a writing buddy?
Need help with making a cover
I am reading all the stories for the "college entries" but I think that the rules are not clear!
Need to know about the US school system
I need characters. Want to be apart? (share if you want) for INK mix of female and males
Need Characters!
Episode verifying time
HELP NEEDED (dressing game)
Who’s Up for this?
R4R my daughters story
Anyone want a outfit person to talk to/get ideas or cover
Outfit feedback! (Story: I'll fight through fire!)
I need honest reviews about my story (LL)
I need 8 important characters for my story Dangerous Romance! [Closed]
Brainstorm ideas for a new story with me!
R4R! Only for people who actually does the R4R
Promoting Small Stories❤️
Need new stories to read
Please review my unpublished story! (only episode 1)
Help with spot directing!
Promote your Missed Connection stories here
Characters needed like lots of em( INK)
I need a proof reader on "my secret admirer "
The Do's and Dont's of Writing Romantic Fiction
Help me set my profile
Creating story advice
Writing contest who will join
I need characters in my story (INK)
Story’s with “strong woman” as maincharacter
Need help with a title please x
Character Ideas Needed
Can someone help me with this?!
Dissusion: How do you promote stories on Episode
Need fantasy city's name!
To those who use ibispaint x
Character error after CC template! help!
Romance Help Please
Urgent help-code branching (male/female mc)
Suggestions to make episode better
Need names for my story !? boys & girls!
Tell About Your Experiences!
My overlay isn't moving, but its code is changing
Which eyebrow shape?
Character won’t move to overlay, need help
Need Help with Directing?
Speech Bubbles Question
**Characters Needed** (INK) - (OPEN)
Make someone push someone else
Anyone else feel like giving up?
Is it possible to let readers skip chapters? (Go from 2-14)
How to put 2 characters in the same scene?
Feedback on my art :)
Can someone hook me up with a script template?
Limelight BG characters needed!
Can anybody tell me what this means
Ll and ink characters
Cover Art Needed (small and large covers) for my story!
Tappable Overlay's not Working!
Feedback on Characters
Requests for edited LL Characters!
New Creators Contest - FOR ANY EPISODE WRITER! - For Fun
Any stories that are good involving-
Intro Designing! (Coding)
I need help with Backgrounds!
Let's Talk About . . . At My Door!
Classroom script template pleaseeee help
Help Character name changing
Help with choosing name for my character?
Why the label is wrong ? Please help
Does anyone know what these stories are called?
Character poll 4 jenna chosen
Digital edit poll
I need some LL charaters! (Any)
Horror/Thriller stories
A gay limelight stories
Limelight Coming To Mobile Creation?!
What are the Episode forums to YOU?
I need outfits (INK)
DISCUSSION: The Lawyer and ME
HELP PLEASE! Names, outfits or character pic For A Witch (INK)
Story recommendations Action
I need background
What do you think about my first art?
Truthful Reviews **Closed to catch up**
Would anyone be interested in this description
Beta Readers Needed!
Characters 4 Your Story?
I need a scenario for a choice!
I need someone to grade my story and give me feedback
Change my email?
Friendship advice thread
CC + Limb Overlays: Placement
Random Background LL characters please!
Things you appreciate that makes a story better when it comes to coding
Art backgrounds and overlays
Cannot go to the Episode Writer's Portal webpage on my Macbook
A limelight gay stories
How do you move the "camera"
Discussion when does INK become like classic?
I dont understand
Help with codeing
There are any gay limelight stories you know?
Why are my read number/story view number so different?
Which is prettier
I'm new here! Can't wait to meet you!
In need of a coder for my new story!
I NEED BACKGROUND PEOPLE (and extra outfits)
Anyone wanna collab
I need new backgrounds and overlay
Car interior background/overlay
Any good story contests?
How do i get reads?
Title Help..Please
Bg characters still needed! (INK)
Newspaper Overlay request!
Next Contest Suggestions!
Can someone help making dressing games
What can go with lucky?
Follow a Character through different zones?
I have a question faQ
Coder Needed for Story 💻
Episode Story Ideas Please!
I need backgrounddd help with my story!
Borrow Some Backgrounds!
Faith's Background Request Thread **close**
How do you edit your profil
What are your favorite forum emojis?
Can anyone help me find the creator list for backgrounds and overlays? Or some reason I can't find it
Can anyone help me (overlay needed)
Anyone interested for R4R?
Remove white shades
Help find this background
There is a { on line 216 that does not have a matching }
Rude girl name ideas (drop some down please)
Stories without Romance/Love interest
Special scene, cover page, designer for cover
Mythical Story help!
In need of unique names for my unreleased story's main character and love interest
Does anyone know this overlay of the blanket?
I just wanted to know
Overlay help pleasee
Review Needed ASAP!
Why are there female clothes in the male clothing section. (LL)
Who wants to help me with a little movement?
Overused LL features
I can’t remember a certain episode story
What story should I read? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
DISCUSSION: Celebrity Culture
Getting Weird Error for Choices
Promoting Story, Promote Yours, R4R (CLOSED)
Errors in my script but I see no mistakes
Need of mom names
Give me your character!
Is it possible to let someone proofread chapter(s) if it's not published yet?
I made my first cover! I think it`s good for my 1st
How to place a character behind an something that is in your background picture
What is the best BAD BOY name?
Help Me Write My Story
The Hunters: Blood Runs Deep
I need title help!
Wanting to write a story but don't know if this is good?
What type of story genres do people liked the most?
Story Idea Help Needed
Need two covers, three art scenes urgently 😣
Stop spamming your stories on topics made by others to promote their own story
What art updates do you wanna see more of?
I need another art app anyone know of a good one?
Bathtub background with overlay
Next creators contest?
Episode Male Char Glitch
Artist needed! Please!
I’m in need of MALE characters! [INK]
Just read the most creepiest story
Question about creating on mobile
Girl name suggestions!
Testing/Beta Readers Needed
I’m willing to give help with story plots
Knocking animation in Limelight
"There's a { on line 3678 that does not have a matching"
Name Polls For My Story
How do you have a crush on some one without them knowing
New Story, same characters
How to change your email on your Episode Writer Portal profile?
Looking for a group of people
New episode indomitable vampire!
Help Me Make His Taxi Driver Outfit! I Really Need Help ASAP!
Art request for story
I need more people
Anyone wanna be Friends on Instagram?
Animated intro and a few other basic things
Story without LI
How should I start my new story?
Character name and personality help?
Follow me on instagram background
Character Names For Fantasy Story
FEATURE: Marking errors in a mobile app
I don't know were to ask it but appereantly there are new hairstyles and stuff but i dont know where to find them
[RANT] Don't ask me for something you can make yourself
Need your help for promoting my story
Who remembers this?😂
I Will Not Do AnyMore R4R
How do I post images in a post on the forums?
Art Request {Open}
Quick question about zooming!
Ink Hair changing not being allowed?
Characters Needed for a Story(Open until Jan 15th)
Does Episode pay you guys by the views you are getting?
Limelight Cigarettes Animations new?
Story Poll: One Story
I need some ideas for a Bullying Story
Episode exclusive hair?
How To Make A Q&A In Your Story
My Prop isn't showing up yet, there's no error
Art scene and cover for story
Transition / scene change issue
Story Help and ideas!
Customization For Characters Including Names *Opinions Needed*
Is there a LL release this week?
Check out my wiki (for my episode story
Recommend a Story to Read!
Read for read closed
Splash and overlay shop! (episode approved overlays)
Read your stories
Help plz if u are reading this
Should I change my profile? *Closed*
Main Room BG edit
STORY RECOMMENDATIONS!**** Please Please Please!
Unlimited Ticket , Ad Free
How do I see my notifications?
Mirror overlay and background needed
READ FOR READ (read/ss)
Forgotten story need help code outfitj
Promoting my upcoming story
Which do you do more? Write or read stories?
Which one sounds better? (Clue Contest)
Does anybody know whose backgrounds these are?
Limelight CC Template Error
Unpopular opinion : Popular author behaviour on social media
Polaroid overlay with hand
Call the story!
Some story advice needed
What should my story be about
Who listens to Aerosmith?
The Great Debate: Aus vs NZ 🧐
How many Italians are there in the episode community?
Discussion: sexual content evrywhere
In need of characters for my story
Anyone needs covers
R4R + Help with the story
BACKGROUNDS NEEDED! (school, doors, infinity backgrounds etc..)
LL Characters needed! **First come first serve**
Share your underrated stories here
Promote your Instagram account here!
Promoting Stories / Feel free to promote yours
Help me to win the contest
Please tell me some stories
Help me overlay
Can you make a art sences from me? Please help if can
What happens when I change published chapters?
Want to be in my new fantasy/dystopian story?! In need of background characters ASAP! :star:
Outfit Ideas for new story
Is it okay to use a city name in my story?
What do youuu think about this?
My first ever story - Feedback Welcome
Dear Authors... from Us
What do you think about this two outfits?
How to put character in front of overlay
Opinions on BG?
Outfits Needed Pronto!
What was your best holiday
Overlay for my background?
Anyone got any good limelight stories?
Cameo's needed!
CREATE CHILDREN don't have direct option
Promoting new story : The Prince's Baby (LL)
R4R- Read my story and I'll read yours! *Honest feedback!* [CLOSED]
Where is the line drawn for gory images?
Advice for stories where you can choose LI and MC genders?
Can anyone Review my story please
Discussion on being a small author, R4Rs, and etc
Hi guys! I need help with this!
Will Episode raise the backgrounds?
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: written in stars
Which stories do you want to promote to me?
A Captive Life The Silvano Twins Character contest!
How much chapters is too much for a new story?
Cover Art? (LL)
Error code! help!
Hello! I'm new <3
I need help here ASAP!
Commited partner
In look for an co-author for my story
Can you delete pms
How to change zones
Need Someone To Code?
Overlay Not Going To It's Coordinates Please Help!
Similiar stories to Rule Breaker?
Overlays and Background help!
I Need Ideas Help Me
Need a back ground for story
I've Failed As A Episode Writer
Interested in a new
Outfit Contest: ONGOING
Characters Contest 🤩
What shoes should I use for this outfit?
I Need a Writting parther Pleaseeeeee
Any advice on how to be successful on here?
I'm searching persons that want their avatar character appears in my next story!
Promotion for my new story adventurous
My NEW Story - Promote Your Story Here!
My story is awesome!
Looking for Epy friends!
Question about contest rules!
Share your Edits, Art & Drawings
Label Errors - False
Choices that direct to labels!
Setup please help!
FORUM: Block Thread
ROLEPLAY || official helper 🦸‍♀️🏼
Story ideas help
You should be in my story?
I need help writing a story plot!
A overlay for a gif
SeriousR4R New stories on Episode
Episode support?
Need a small and a big cover for my story
Does anyone know what this animation is called for male?
Let’s support each other
Story Ideas? Hear the Episode Communities opinions
Can anybody help me figure out this error?
Any idea for the day curse day 4 though 7?
Own backgrounds and overlays
The Yummehest Ratzol: Xylo appreciation thread 😜
Need help on what type of moving background to do at the beginning of my story
Amina's reviews (limelight)
What'd I do? Spotting problem
Coding Help Please!🥶😬
Someone help me with directing please
CLOTHING: Masquerade Clothing
Story has been updated because of errors
Episode app failing
Does anyone have a story idea?
Name Polls, Mate!
Reader chooses name temple
CLOTHING: Astronaut Space Suit
Closed I'm just going to use grammarly for help
Prettiest LL characters
I need help with my first story!
Cover ideas anybody lol?
Does anyone know who this background belongs to?
Story Won't Load Online
Anyone can help with EBI vocabulary
DISCUSSION: How do you like episode stories to end?
What should happen in my teen pregnancy story?
Need help with a choice
Horror Stories?
Truth or dare? You pick
What are some things you HATE in a story?
Need overlays + need of help
Question about published stories
Help Needed On Making Story Seem More Interesting
New story suggestions?
Btw My bIrthday
I'm Back People
Any Limelight Reality Tv Shows?
Party dresses needed! *INK*
I need to publish my story but the covers aren't approved!
'i need help with a plot
So... Looking for new Backgrounds
Anyone takes a month to write 100 lines?
Ideas for Poll ( Apple vs. ORANGE)
How do I make covers for my story?
I need help with this please help me please
Why can't we transfer accounts between android and IOS?
Names for a band/singing competition
Help! I need your help
Episode Team - Discrimination and Unfair Treatment?
How to make characters show on tv screen?
Party templates
Hallway background needed! FOUND ONE!
Help! Can you make me a story cover please?
Leave good limelight stories!
In need of covers/edits/splashes/banners/overlays/backgrounds for my story
Pending review for story cover taking a long time
Looking For People To Be in My Story! (INK) :heart:
Need story cover
Does anyone know a good english grammatic site?
Looking for a new Cover for my story! (STILL LOOKING)
Why are characters popping up like that
If and Else help!
How to PM someone?
Best LL completed stories suggestions
People ask for too much
Anybody can make me this overlay?
Story plot help!
Script templates needed INK
Moving characters to different layers
In need of some characters!
Looking for someone to make me a cover art for free
Recommend story plz
New Animation?!
Changing eyes and removing
I need Ll characters
I make covers/artscenes/etc
Let's collectively create 2 characters INK
Deleting mutliple outfits
Snow Leopards Squad!
Balancing Episode/Life
Backgrounds Episode Please read
Read for read !💞
I need help with Background characters! (Ink)
Facetiming overlay
Create and overlay and make it move/bigger
Finding Stories on episode with pictures
LL or Ink? Can't decide!
Plot Twists - Your Thoughts?
Custom car overlays
Do you spend a lot time on the forums? :thinking:
In need of characters INK (closed)
How can I get more views to my story?
Need help to find beautiful backgrounds!
Can anyone please give me some outfits for ink characters?
I could use a Little help loggin out
Is this story cover okay?
*locked until in need of more characters*
Need ink characters for my story
Name our story!
Modest clothing LL
Outfits/clothes from history
Summer outfit for Limelight
Need help. please help
Limelight fans ♥️
HEY THERE !Characters Needed (LIMELIGHT)
In Need of Some Limelight Characters!
How do you make character do flips🤣
"Believe In Me" Story Recommendations
Anyone wants to make an Art club?
Can anyone help me convert this photo to PNGto use it as an OVERLAY?
Need help with remembering outfits
Where do you get these particular backgrounds from?
Episode group anyone can join!
Question About A Background (Regarding Copyright)
Well that is new
Example of gif in story
Hijabi Friendly Outfit Thread
I need character's for my story (INK) [OPEN]
Looking for a writing partner <3 <3
Splash Needed for Story!
Up for READ FOR READ! <3
Looking for LL characters in my new story :)
Need help with a minigame! ASAP!
Help me with this pls
Looking for Artist Art Scenes
Writers block, Need story ideas!
Where can I find the background of the car interior?
Guess The Disney Movie (Emoji Edition)
Follow me and I’ll give you a shout out!
I will review your story! read below!
Stories wait on episode interactive
"Shadow" of a person overlay needed! (along with wedding overlays still desired if anyone has them!)
Help with background overlay
How does this picture make you feel about this character?
My Story Promotion 😊
Is anyone willing to answer some questions for my story?
Please hHelp me With overlay
Why is my overlay not uploading?
Shane Dawson Fans?/Discussion
Please help me (overlays)
Story Question of the day
Anyone want their story to be on YouTube?
Experienced Test Reader Needed + Looking for Advice
Basic but good stories to read?
How to make a zoom?
Help with elif/if on script
How do you make the teacher stand behind the podium in limelight?
Overlay Command Doesn't Exist?
To all you not english people .what is the worst english word
My opinion on the last new features
Do you like timed choices?
Ideas you want to be written
GOOD stories please?
Cover help please help
Upgrade to continue playing
R4R Abusive story
[CLOSED] Share your instas
Brooke's Help Thread
Who wants to be in my story?!
Cover or Background needed
I need writing buddies & artists!
I need png stuff for my story
Needing an artist asap!
Need background characters & their outfits for my story
Anyone good with covers/art that would be willing to do some for me?
What kinds of stories do you enjoy reading?
Background creator?
Writing question regarding quoting movies
Why did my background(s) get rejected and why is one not rejected?
Tips and Tricks for Writing?
FEATURE: Rotating Overleys
Help with dressing game!
What do you call diversity?
Fav community story
Cultural Appropriation and Clothing
Choice and errors
Hi i'm looking for people who wants to do read for a read
Creating an Overlay
BACKGROUNDS ? linktree
Good ll stories with cc
Appreciation post to Episode technicians ❤️
How to contact episode
I need 2 door overlays
*Deleted Post**
New writer, looking for someone to co-write with me?
Can someone help me with title ideas, please?
Please read my new story THE NEW GUY and show off your coming out stories
“Dressing game” / help
(needed) cover for my story
Bad boys love good girls
What do you like and dislike about art scenes?
Promoting stories now!
Need your help please!
Competition for may time
Background character needed
Help Coding My Story (CLOSED)
Girls code won!
ERROR unexpected IF:if
Customization keeps looping!
LL Backgrounds!
Business and formal outfits help
How to make the characters on screen, before the fade?
Overlay help lol I tried but failed
Diversity! (LL)
How many stories are you currently working on?
Overlay Help Needed lol
Any INK Outfit Suggestions? HELP!
Recommendations for my picky self
Write story please help i need writing partner. goods idea
A Few Constant Problems I Think We All Have
How can i make a character laugh like uncontrollably? i hope you know what i mean
I need help to make overlays and backgrounds!
How can I change the eyebrows shape?
Help with overlay coding needed please
Um I need help with entering
PROMOTING MY FIRST STORY! Promote yours too!
Trying to create covers looking for feedback
First or third person stories, which do you prefer?
Please review my story and give me feedback!
I've got enough characters now
Rate my drawing!
Flashlight Overlay
Welcome To The Forumss
Can someone recommend bad stories
Can anyone cut this bed out of the background?
Action or mafia stories
BG Characters needed *LL*
Drop your personal/created limelight characters
Finding a background or overlay
LL female arm overlay needed
Please recommend story that my enemy is my love interest;)
Story publicity and crossovers
Need help with a story cover
Need story line?
Stories about teachers and students relationships
Could someone review my first episode?
Favorite animations?
Writing advice from your fellow writers
Make a mulitiple love interest workaround
Backgrounds for my episode story, desperately need help, and fast
Can someone PM me about add some feedback to my story for ideas?
Help needed with customization ERROR
Art Covers? Where can I find?
Do you think this will get approved?
Give me a phrase & I’ll write a plot out of it!
I need a plus and Minus overlay
Story title suggestions?
How long have you been playing Episode Interactive?
This might be my last question
CONTEST **Design an Indian Couture in Limelight **
Need opinions on choosing gender of love interests! + POLL
I need some background people for my story
Editing Synagogue Backgrounds
Can you help me create cute boys? - LL
So has anyone read kiss list
Any Plot Ideas for story
Delete a chapter on a PC online
Timed Choices Topic
Please help me with this script
Need Some folk that wants to brainstorm WITH me for NICE scenes in my story
Wanting to add the point system
Help Needed: Most Popular Hairstyles- Male and Female * Limelight
List of Badges to Earn
Hey any good advice out there?
Health awareness
Brag about your characters!
I made a shadow overlay because?
I really need someone to make me a cover
Artwork tips and suggestions
Flex muscle animation
Can someone make a arm and hands overlay for me?
I need an artist for a cover with 3 people
Quick Question guys
Magic overlays for story
Tired of seeing romance in drama
Trouble with If Elif Else
Help me pick look for boy MC <3
Gotta love finishing an episode
That moment when xD
Posting my story soon! Needed opinions!
Overlay Requests (Text and arms/hand overlays)
Every body want do group story together
Help With Rejected Image?
Need help with a title ):
How do you plan your stories / develop characters?
Ethnicities Help
I need Motivation to edit
This won't work on my previewer
Vampire Animations/clothing
Zooming issues please help!
Makes You Keep Reading?
Episode app is not opening. (Can anyone help?)
I am so confused
Subscriptions help?
Top romance stories?
Promoting My Story and Yours!
Is cc important?
Suggest stories
Which is better LIMELIGHT or INK?
Can someone help with my script
Action/animation Help
Help to Correctly Design Japanese Characters
Would enjoy commentary on my story idea
Opinion on this cover
Hey i need help identifing an animation plssss is urgent
Car Interior Overlay Zone 1
Episode Artist Needed!
Pendent/necklace jewellery request please
Proofreading request
Does he look like he should?
Writing Partner Needed For A New Story!
Why can't there be two scene changes?
In need of actual good stories recommendations
Story Recommendations - INK or Limelight
I need help sorting out my yes/no choices
Interresting! Share A personal Opinion ..what do you want for your Episode story that is not Available!
Is anyboby willing to send me the codeing for the INT. CLASSROOM FRONT OL - DAY background?
Stories about dysfunctional families?
Zelda's Story Reviews 💫
Does anybody think episode should update the episode terms of service?
I need a guidance ://
Beta Readers needed! (First Two Chapters!)
Hair Styles For When You're Giving Up
New story! doing a read for read too
Mannequin dressing game - Error: 11
In Need For A Story Cover
I need a new Profile Picture! (CLOSED)
Background i made
How many of you have an episode account
Yo americans! Help lil me out?
Is Instagram crashing AGAIN?¿
Error: Unexpected garbage: the text in this line does not follow our formatting
Best Fantasy stories Recommendations
Backgrounds and overlays are getting approved without notifications
Character disappearing
Animations HELP
Any Short Story Ideas? {CLOSED}
Any Tear-Jerker Stories?
I need help with art! Any Artists willing to help?
Gradual Zooms? How please :)
What is Your way of coding?
What is this? (Update?)
Writers: What Inspires You to Write?
Mature theme background
Halloween party background
QT´s ^.^ Outfit and Face Shop LL/INK ~Open~
Overlay and Background Needed
Tappable overlay not working!
Overlay and Background
Why cant we preview anymore iff the background is not approved yet?
Choices, if, else, choice BRANCHING ERROR... meh
Which one would be the best option? *POLL*
Characters needed for ink story set in the past
Help what am I doing wrong
Episode on NEW phone
Story genres - favorite and difficult ones
I need HONEST opinions on my edits!
Claiming Work (And Demanding Credit..)
Story recommendations for when you don’t have anything to read!
Looking for character ideas!
Story Recommendations w/ Point System or Choice Matter!
Choose a name, for the MC's LI
Good stories with lots of choices?
I found an amazing best friend through Episode Interactive
I just made an instagram!
I need a boat background and/or overlay
Do you guys want to be in my story?
This error keeps on popping up!
I have 0 hot LL boys. HELPPPP! (please give original that hasn't been used!)
Want to be in my story?!
Can someone make me an overlay? :)
'No More' - EPISODE 5 is out! xXx
Episode aw contest
Good language skills needed!
Says there is a dialog errror
How do I make my character slide?
CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLZ ( lol have to do it like this since episode keeps on saying that this title has already been used)
Pl3ase help me with overlay
Some of my new covers
Comedy story ideas?
How bad are my art skills?
Bunk beds overlay
Preview bug although coding is correct
Expected Dialog With a Gain! Don't understand and need help
Top must haves for when you're reading/writing a episode story
Doing character drawings for fun 🤔
Remembering Choices ~
Can someone please tell me why this background isn't showing up? It did in my earlier scenes
How long does it take for the creators of this game to accept your created overlay?
Do you also have "TAT" characters?
Feedback on a story!
I'm looking for someone who makes covers!
Asking for feedback
Can anyone proofread my story?
Overlay - blanket
I need a new story to read!
Animation name hidden or not?
"Duplicate Label" But I only have one outfit choice in this episode!
Lacking inspiration/ideas for a story? Here’s some help :)
Some LL outfits
Community Stories Using Blood Lust Update (?!?)
Favorite hairdo?
Editing after contest
Promoting my story- AW: Underground (R4R)
Story Suggestions? (Preferably Ink)
Poll: Anyone play roblox?
Recommend Any Songs ! K-pop is also included guys❤️
Any Interesting conversations to put in my story between my 2 readers when they two just met?
What did you do when you first discovered Episode Interactive?
I would like help in outfits
Anyone else experinceing portal issues?
In your honest opinion
Are these hairs only for males?
If I made a story called "My Murder Of A Husband" would you choose to read it?
Colored lights overlay
I Really Need A Large and Small Cover Fast!
Fashion Designer! 👗👛👠
Who feels the same way I feel
Can someone hlpe me with this? (SOLVED)
Discussion: Diverse Characters Portrayed Negatively
How does this clothing system work?
Crop out picture innnn
I need a coder to help me throughout my story!
Change my life story
Blurring words in the forum
The Episode Playlist
Do you think there should be friend requests on forum? Why Why Not?
Episodes Dirty Dancing?
I need a shower background
I need help with a story discription
Who is prettier in your opinion?
I Have A Story Idea But Am Not Sure About It
What is your favourite story? And why?
HELP! Directing
Good grammar checker?
DISCUSSION: What’s your opinion on Gem choices?
Is this bad...?
How do we know our story is going to featured?
Choice errors?!
Why does my story rank say calculating, and doesn't change?
Props doesn't show
Need a background creator!
So I need a bit of help
Story ideas pls I'm in panic
Honest reviews and opinions please
Background light!
AW Winner Predictions
Choosing a story!
I need ideas! help a girl out [POLL]
Wanna join a video edit collab?
My First Story! Please read!
Looking for college campus backgrounds
I've gotten an error that doesn't make sense!
Need help with your story? This is the link
Edits, cover and pfp needed!
Find Office Backgrounds
I need some script help plz!
Recommendations please
Diversity & minorities in stories, without offending...?
What is with this obsession?
I'm making a new story and i need some cover
Who wants o be in my ink story?
Hidden Hairstyles
Keep It One Hunned [AW CONTEST THREAD]
Why crossovers are forbidden?
I'm in need of a honest review
LL or Ink? (Preferences)
Episode error?!
Can anyone tell me who made this overlay and these backgrounds?
'favourite speech bubble colour
Hey Guys I Do r4r
Please help me find a title
Anyone have good gang names available for use?
How long does it take for episode to review a background/overlayer?
Help, I put scripts into my story and now errors have invaded
Houston we have a coding problem
How: important choice inside another important choice
Help finding birds eye view bed overlays
Do's and Dont's of my story
My overlay command doesnt work
Do you want to be in my story? (LL)
What do you like and dislike about romcoms?
Art 💛! Cover for Limelight & Ink!
How do I use Points System?
Culture help needed
Poll Please Vote🙏🏾🙏🏾
I need some names!
Cover needed for upcoming story!
I need a overlay pleaseee
The unknown (character roles available)
What do you expect to see in a mystery story?
Follow for follow please
Need help can't log in to my episode account
Need art for cover page please!
Error with mannequins
Sharing Instagram account
Story which ends sad and heartbreaking?
Poll: Choiceless stories?
I need an art for my episode story
Bruise overlay?
Help with my story description?
Need characters and outfits for my story!
Unexpected dialogue
Clothing overlay needed
ISO Background Characters! (LL)
Let's talk Epi!
Can someone recommend me some shoes for this outfit?
What did I do wrong? Error for no reason
Shower scene help needed
I need constuctive criticism on my art
What's better? :v:t4:
Help with something
[WINNERS!] Rockified's Giveaway 🎁✨
Experienced Writing Partner wanted! :D
Overlay intro glitching
Uncommon stories
☀️Sunny Vibes Art Shop Is Hiring 🌻
Anyone down to create an overlay?
Hey guys, check out my new story
Cover Art Contest! OPEN
Bring back mobile creator!
Overlay assitance
Baleigh’s Clothing Boutique
Need help with a choice error
Writing prompt: any advice is welcome!
"label does not exist" help pls
Need Advice For My First Story Please!
HELP! :( PLeaseeeee!
Does anybody got story recommendations (ink)
Some of my overlays won't appear in the mobile previewer
Did anyone know something about hidden outfit of limelight character
Does Anyone Wanna Join Our Art Shop?
Overlay Edit for Cover
Need INK Chararters
Beta stories: Send them my way!
Script writer /dialog helper
Finding Art Mentors Thread!
A couple overlays?
Should twins have the same hairstyle?
!Animation Help!
Assassin Comp Names
Help with writer's block
I am struggle with with code
Request to us threw our insta!
Anyone know someone who makes LL overlays?
Art Scene Help for new story!
Can Someone Make a Football Field For Me?
Story cover ideas
Listen up ma dudes!
Post ugly avatars here! EPISODE MONSTER FACTORY
Anyone Wanna Do A Fantasy RP With Me?
Story ideas needed...(CREDIT)
TerrificTree Shop: for all your editing/ overlay needs
Help with cover please :wave:t6:
Snowscooter/mobile overlay?
MC for my story signups! [Beautiful Creatures] INK!
Writers block for a title
Suga_Bear's Patrick problem contest :teddy_bear:
Too Late? - Season One - Sign-Ups
Read 4 Read (Let’s Share Our Stories & Support One Another)
Choice minigames
Short Stories Ideas
Characters! Drop your hottest outfits and characters here!
New cover for mafia enemy
New guildines summarized
Talking about the use of Medicinal Oil (not illegal street oil)
Totally Lost In Forums
Can you help me make a child for these 2?
Help-Character not showing up...?
Please give me feedback about my story!
Overcoming writing fear
Honest review needed!
Can someone make an overlay from this background?
Looking for a photo shoot background
Credit for Overlay and Backround
Personality quiz script help!
Brick wall background needed
Read my first ever story, pretty please?
Unexpected Sequence
Can yall help me with writing relationships?
Poll: What do you come on the Forum for?
Tips to new writers?
I NEED HELP pleaseeee
R4R update for those I am doing a R4R with already
Fave Person Out Of These
How should my MC look?
OMG! Has Anyone Seen This?!
I need advice plzz
Be in my story! *closed*
Can anyone help me with this dressing error?
I have a story, I need someone who can assist with the writing portal?!
Just a casual review 🙂
Hello i need an overlay ?help?
I can't upload my artwork!
How do you get the Episode Update?😩😩
Help me with this plzz I'm losing it
Drop your INK avatars- male and female
Episode outfit (Jumpsuits)
Advice: Tattoo Coverage in stories
About the guidlines , i know its late but i need to ask lol
Have a question on my story
Martini's review shop (Read description)
Outfit designer for my story?
Cover, Opening, Closing art's anyone?
☆𝓑𝓻𝓪𝔂𝓭𝓮𝓷𝓼 𝓔𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓢𝓱𝓸𝓹☆
How to create a short episode story
Recommendations for Limelight Stories!
True Blood Princess
Any popular stories out there (Romance)
Promote your story on the forums!
Ink Diversity Characters
Episode is life!
I'm trying to write a script for a personality quiz, How would I do that?
I need to be educated!
Overlay I need help with
I have been waiting exactly two weeks for my stuff to get aproved by episode. Share your thoughts!
How Your Genre Determines Ranking
Story ideas with male MC?
Anyone know how to fix this error?
I need backgroud characters. INK
What do you guys think of my Cover for my story, "Who's Who?
Help Me Please!😩😩
.Writing Partner Needed
Do Episode stories ever get made into real movies?
Can't Click On anything on desktop
Halloween Script Template Needed!
What’s Wrong W/ This?
Two overlays needed
Free Story Starters
Episode suggestions-MC is a girl and is psycho or badass
Do you know some stories? Let me know!
What are your favourite Episode stories?
Yall i need help urgently with sound
What do you guys expect in a good story? IMPORTANT
Need Help developing a story ; Need someone to help with writing (CLOSED)
Changing Character Size
Join the Episode Club Discord!
Drop your stories and I'll read 'em!
Is anyone from Vienna? Or Austria?
Cannot think of a title name help!
Face vs nose: too many choices
Would like some random character for my story
Wavely's Plot Shop!
Can someone make me an overlay for this BG?
Making my own digital art
R4R - New Fantasy Story - Post Your Story Here
Can someone help me with the story description?
Choice isn't working need help
Help me come up w a titleee pls lmao
Can you do a poll for some show and movie
I want to change my user name
I need a cover please (vampire story)
Can I get feedback on my story covers?
READ FOR READ: I read yours and you read mine!
Character overlay
LL Characters needed! (I will give credit!)
In need of an overlay - BASILISK
Artist needed for Art Scenes
New premise! Becoming Bionic
Is it hard to come up with the right story title?
CLOTHING: female caps?
Which Outfit Should I Use?
Bbygirlbrooks' Coder for Hire shop! 🤩🥰 (+ other things as well)
Can someone make me good clothes closet background?
My story is Out
Fancy Background Characters
Help me with Story Title Ideas!
Give us a spooky theme to draw!
R4R thread-let's help each other! (CLOSED)
'i need plot twist ideas :kissing:
I need someone to make these look very Christmassy (SOLVED)
What are some must haves for an Episode story?
Can someone help me fix it
Warning for my story
•POLL• What is your favorite Creator’s Contest?
Background characters needed!plz
Short episodes and fast updates or long episodes and slow updates?
Need of Art scences
What background is this?! i need it!
hEyYY, wondering if i can publish only one episode (but not a new story)
Reviewing Your Story on my Instagram
Do you want a haunted vampire story or a real horror story
Discontinuity of episode stories
Does anyone have the night version of this bg?
Yoo.. can I get some directing help?
Ink or limelight // which one?
Read for read but full story and i will too!
Halloween poll time
Share your story trailer and post your opinion!
My cup overlay won't show up!
Perceptions when reading a story
Door closed background
Anyone interested in doing a r4r?
Someone who makes covers?
Help, which is better?
Share a Story, Read a Story, Everything Story!
Requests on how to do this
Who wants do to a r4r
New stories to read on episode app
Freya's Outline Contest
Advice needed- Anxiety from relationships 😣
Any art groups to join
Which eyes look better?
Who wants to appear in my story
Backgrounds/overlays needed!
I think it's just me. But I don't understand
Sharing my tips to get more readers!
Should I make a Limelight version to my Ink story "Love and Grief"?
New in eepisode
In Need Of A Baby
Fashion Advice (What is Muslim appropriate?)
IPhone Shortcut Bug
Would you read this story? is there anything i should change?
Do we get paid extra for including gem choices in our stories?
Does anyone have jeep overlays?
Bodybuilding and Queer Content?
Costumazing at the beginning or during the story?
Lonely girl wanting friends and help
Many different romantic storylines? (POLL)
Stories in ink amd dont have swearing
I need a script template please!
Someone please help me!
Looking for a proof reader 🤗
Good non-mainstream thriller/horror?
HEY the gangs😊😂
Help with a name for a story
Can I get sued for this
Please help with music not working on episode ;(
Which hair color look better on my MC
Lost Stories (forgotten or unfavorited)
:star2: The Ember In the Stars :pencil2: *Looking for beta readers*
'should my story have character customization?
NEED HELP finding story!
Title Suggestions?
' i need a story desc
Like to learn how to edit
Are You Stuck on Story Plots?
Do readers like customization?
Are you experiencing the same?
Join The Real Ones Episode Team!
Can someone time the length of my 3 unpublished episodes?
Good eppisode stories?
Artist needed for tango!
Need Help Making story More interesting
Having Trouble Staying Motivated
Tipps for games in my story
Story Suggestions 💖
I need help with two things!
Read My Complete Story Falling In Love With A Cheater R4R!
Story ideas-feedback plus title ideas
What color matches this?
How many lines should be in each episode? Opinions needed!
Cover art for title page
My Episode App didn't update and my account won't show up
Why did episode reject this background?
Funny writer portal glitch
Episode Readers Survey!
Can someone make me an episode cover? Thanks🖤
Day to night anyone?
I need male names! UNIQUE LAST NAMES PLZ!
What am i missing? Please help
Make an episode helpers on insta grouop
Looking for an artist(s) to make my story cover!
I need a to be continued splash with two of my characters on the splash
Looking for stories to read! :heart:
Episode ideas? What should happen?
Let’s talk about the trending page
Need help writing an African American character
Need someone to help draw covers
I need ideas for the name of this story!
Character Cameos needed! (LIMELIGHT)
What would the age of the mother be?
[ hiii pls help me w choosing a title ! ]
Ideas for your new stories!
Help me out please, idk how to do this
Post your story links here for me & others to read!
My funeral but not yet
Orphanage backgrounds needed!
Suggestions for comedy stories
Art Schools please
New story: Identical! (Looking for reviews)
My First Poll :partying_face:
Help with writing my episode story (INK)
High fantasy: what do you want to see in a HF story?
In need of female names!
Dystopian Story Recommendations?
Help me with a story name
Need a story to read please meet the requirements bolded
What is this? (backgrounds)
Holiday Recommendations
Overlay NEEDED ASAP! Can Anyone Help?
Need help for Characters i dont have any ideas for characters ):
Can I use you characters
What would you prefer? highschool or boarding school?
Need an honest opinion
Thoughts on the main love interest in my story?
In need f a cover artist! (INK)
Please help me with story ideas
Sire to the only true love
App Crashing With Overlays/Advanced Directing
Anyone want to proofread my stories please
I need help with a story title
Does anyone have a boxing ring backround with boxing ring overlay?
I'm Having A Little Directing Problem... Help?
Why do some stories ask, "Would you like to support me?"
How can I promote my story?
Help me look for a forum overlay
Ideas for good story?