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How any people here are making a story?
Hi were new to the episode forums
My Best Friend is in love with me
Which one is better? YOU pick!
Mobile App Help?
Mobile Creation Story
How to unlock things in the app
Need a cover artist partner
Can you still buy the 30 days unlimited passes?
Outfit Ideas [LIMELIGHT]
Need help with overlays and clothes?
Family is great?
Please help me with a cover
Why do you only earn 1 fem per chapter?
Anyone need anything?
I need a partner to help me develop new ideas
INK to LL thoughts
Help me with my Cover Design
Lets promote eachother!
Follow me on episode,i'll follow you back
I Need help with an random error
HELP! I can't make characters say the player's name
Help i dont know whats going on?!
REVIEW MY STORY,tell me what you think
Help With Bands Names
What am i doing again?
Want to participate in Art Contest!
My Life is Very
In need of background characters
Latest news on Facebook: more bad boy stories coming (groans)
Talking while laying down
Creepiest animations
What do you code so that people can edit their characters look in a story?
Read my stories all in here
Hello I would like to make a realistic looking cover for, can someone explain what apps I should use and how to use them?
Please answer if you know
Art scenes: Intros, Covers
I need help please please help
Earning money from writing
This picture do not loop
Is My Story Worth Writing?
What's the maximum capacity of backgrounds updated by yourself?
Can someone help me fix this?
Need ideal about a story reality
Omg the secret of rain
Please help me with a bed background!
Angels vs rebels
I need an art scene as soon as possible
Who wants to be in my group?-insta
Writer/Director looking for Coder with Experience
Any ig or episode group chat :>
Can someone make me a cover? (CLOSED)
I need a partner and a art scene maker
Elif/If Help on script
Does anybody know how to make cover arts?
Characters for Story
Background size
BACK & FORTH new version
Hiring at EpisodeNirvana 💙
Anyone else noticing that guys are a different size than girls in Limelight?
I need a little help with a story name!
The mysterious love story
Personalised warning intro
What makes you addicted to a story ?!
What do you guys think
Inspiration is running low
Characters Needed 💖
In need of characters 🌝
Challenges and passes
What would take to get your gems
I need a cover for my new story
I need a arty looking cover for my story please
Is There A Way To Make This Overlay Straight
Please Help New Writer
Story Editing/Grammar Help
What could be a good title for a story about a girl getting trapped inside a movie?
Contest - more than 3 chapters?
Need your opinions!
Does anyone where the Demi Lovato game recording studio background is?
Visit my website for free backgrounds and overlay
How Do I Credit People Who Let Me Use Their Backgrounds And Overlays In My Story?
What should be my new profile picture(polls)
Help with plot ideas
Art Scene Artist needed for detailed art scenes
I need help with a description
How Do I Change Jules Hair Color?
Looking to help with Bookcovers, Edits, Etc
Share your stories
I'm doing read 4 reads and honest reviews!
Review for review 😊
F4F R4R share here!
Honest Story Reviews
Request gOOD stories to read!
Backgrounds and overlays for my story?
Description writer?
Need 2 person help me with grammar and a art cover
I can help with outfits
I need a co-writer
On Screen Changing Commands
Anyone needs covers
What do you look for in a episode story
Opinion on my Cover!?
Read For Read With Me!
A little appreciation
Want to be in my new story, DEMIGODDESS?
Can someone review my story. PLEASE
I have a question, episodians
STORY IDEAS *Plz drop them here
Help! Can't get past the loading screen
Cant Find Background
Blanket overlay
How come i can only access features, coming soon and settings?
Edit/Cover/Pfp/Art Scene Requests Are Open: What do you guys think about this edit?
Need cover for my new story
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: My name is Nicola isn't it..?
Help I can't make a new story
I Need a cover for a story, can anyone help?
Just a simple quescion
How Do I Fix This:
Ads for art groups
How do i add choice
Promote older story's you have read!
Directing help?!
Feed back on this please
Please help me with a gun overlay
It's not working with label choosing_outfits
Does anyone know how I can make two characters behind an overlay and two in front?
Under the sea poll
Just a quick question!
College stories
Art scene please!
Willing to make ads for your stories if you read mine
Switching Playable back to Editable
Error: Unexpected junk
BACKGROUND: A Medieval Kingdoms' Town
I need help finding middle and last names for my characters
Coding errors need fixing help please
Episode Harmony’s Apology
Y’all im shookkk
How do you get the camera to follow your character through a spot direction?
How to add disclaimers and story cover before the actual episode starts?
If you want to be a maid/butler in my story, click here! INK MALES + FEMALES NEEDED :yellow_heart:
Leg Overlays Needed!
Classic clothing help?
Any advice for writer's block?
I need help in coding!
Customise the both characters names and look
I will review your story if you review mine
Background Uploading Question
Free passes codes and/or wayt to get them
Stuff that gives me Migraines
Idea/plots for a story!
Hi! I’m new to forums!
I am Heartbroken and in Tears
True and real horror stories of friends coming out soon
Anyone else having this issue?
Is there any advice?
When you review your story!
Anyone up for a r4r?
Recommend any backgrounds?
What am i doing wrong
How do I drag a character?
Hola! I'm new here :)
Error: Unexpected DIALOG: "Go try to cheer her up."{
Tips on how to get more reads
Fix Female Height Issue in Limelight. PLEASE UPDATE THIS
Questions to ask when writing
Comedy recommendations?
Limelight : Over-Shoulder SCRIPT TEMPLATE
Introduction- Iove
Search for great cover maker
Looking for art scene creator
Try my story so far! Haven't finished 3rd chapter
In need of a Co-writer/Partner!
*Limelight* Characters Needed For My Story
Classic. Improve it, dont remove it. (quick rant)
Hi! please help im having an issue with daras customization template :(
I found a new code nobody thinks works yet it works for me X'D
Who’s seen clean bandit
Fav opening scenes in episodes
My Story skips a part of my code
Do you have to wait for covers to be approved to publish
How can I have my characters already in the spot position when going on to a new scene?
Help for my new story: I need "advices"/ answers from Muslim/ Jewish women wearing hijabs and any other women daily wearing headscarves or turbans!
Why does it keep doing this?
Just published my first story. Read mine, I’ll read yours
Read for Read/Feedbacks
Instagram, Follow for Follow
Episode 2 isn't acknowledging the choices I made in Episode 1
Baseball and hidden assets meme
Why is the overlay in the wrong zone?
Fun Poll! :heart:
Anyone wanna be in my story?
Layers are confusing
Character changes spot despite commands...?
Truth Or dare *CLOSED*
Need help on writing a story
How to have multiple people carry one person?
A little confused
Promote your Instagram account here!
**HELP** I have no clue why my background got rejected!
A message to all authors out there
Problem with dressing game
Characters for episode story
Can They Add News Emotions? On T
Need help with Title Name
I need help publishing
Cellphone cover
Instagram Reviewers?
Thank you so much
My New Story! The Whisper..... Character sign ups
Mafia Lovers by Mia
Help me find this dress
JPG to PNG help
Albino Alibi - Check out my story!
Episode office hours?
TV troubles need overlay/background/script will give credit
Cafe Backgrounds?
I need advice for my story
Can someone help me with animations?
Story title ideas for a therapist story about going to a therapist for something
Anyone with mental health struggles past or present that can help please..?
Log out of forums
I'm looking for someone to make me a background!
Episode passes HELP
Writing Problems
I need help finding a art scene artist
Outfit Change Help!
Anyone French here?
Can i get some help?
Coding Error: Help!
Why isn't my story showing up when people search it?
Discussion: Revamping Stories
Need of a specific background
Some concerns with the way male characters are treated on episode
Does this happen to you?
Script error, NEED HELP
Feedback wanted (read for read)
Story Contest Genera: *Horror*
I need a director
Anyone have an xbox one?
Can anyone suggest male character stories?
How do you feel about limelight being updated?
I'm writing a romance story, but I need your opinion!
Teaser question
Spotting in zones
Mature themes & strong languages cover needed!
"Thriller: Demons" :japanese_ogre:
What's up with forum weddings and families? What is the purpose and other stuff?
Character Edits! (OPEN)
Coder help: zoom setup
I need help for my story!
My First Romance Story
Is over promotion spam
Automatically Logging me into Gmail account
Customization template crisis!
Age twinssssss!
Customization Template errors
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Secret Pack
Would you rather
Epi.Sunset request theard! (also we are hiring! ☺)
Pressing Background without speechbubble
Help me with this directing problem
Character Customization ERROR
I'm New To The Forums!
I need help changing my email to a different one
Sia’s story reviews
Read over my story?
Wanna be in my story? (a few leading roles availeble now)+also contest anouncement day :)
How to collect diamonds or tickets for Episode
Want A Role In My Story?
My new story//FEEDBACK NEEDED :P
Episode app subscription
Is there anyone who can make me a background?
How to upload a gif
The ____ Appreciation Thread
OVERLAY: Iphone Camera
NEW STORY! soon to be posted!
Need to find a writing buddy or help
How long are your chapters?
Who wannna do art with me #collabs
*overlay needed*
Recommend me some futuristic stories pretty plz!
How do i make my story famous? or get many reads?
BACKGROUND Help needed please
Allow me to Introduce Myself
Try this story today
Does anybody know where I can find this car int. background
How to get the narrator box but with a characters name on it (ie Hestia)
I am new to all of this
Give me your character info....wait...what?
Weather effects how?
Water Overlays?
Is there anyone who can make a cover of art?
Choice flagging error?
Episode app glitching and not working
Cover Contest For New Story
I need limelight characters for my story! :star2:
I'm reviewing stories!
Omg I'm a bit shy at saying hi on forums 😊
Favorite Character/Story Style?
HELP! with cover art sizing
How to let beta reader read my un published chapter
Support me please
Help judge parts of my upcoming story?
How do you make a character cry?have smudged makeup overlay
Need someone whos up to do some screen art
PLEASE HELP Coding Error!
In need of a Cover for my new story
Are you allowed to reference episode in your story?
I received an error saying I have an "expected character or scene change" and I need help!
What’s your deepest darkest fear?
Anybody Have Any Suggestions About Story Promotion?
This story is right for YOU! R4Rs
Characters Needed (limelight)
Cliche Story Reviews
Face Styles you avoid
Let's support each other
Need A Cover For My Newww Story
Help please! 🙏🏻
Need background characters or friend characters in my story!
Can someone please read my story? I'll do a R4R
I’m out of ideas!
Episode needs to put an end to these bad boy stories
Throw a character
Who Is Will To Do A R4R
Questions for Chocolate
Hi I need some help
Should I make a art thread?
Anyone that can do edits/splashes?
Help with story covers!
Haris's 5 Step Lip Drawing Tutorial
I have terrible taste in outfits... anyone wanna help? owo
Hey! I can get you a nice Pfp!
Wanna be in my upcoming story? ♥
I Need Advice :(
Help! Would you read this story?
!art scene needed!
Cannot read episode its not working
I'm desperate for help now please help me now
Epy Heroes Application Thread
Do you want a review of your story?
Shifting an overlay
Background characters needed! **INK**
Need character's for my story!
Good vampire or werewolf stories
Auditorium background
How can I edit this back ground without the chairs
Last name polllllllll
Storys I Reccommend To Read
In need of some splashes for mature themes, strong language, and sound on with any, a few, or all of the characters i put down below lmk if you can help <3
Can someone please review my story
Haris's 6 Step Nose Drawing Tutorial
Unlimited tickets, doing read for reads!
New instergram x
Need help with dressing game
Help with video edits?
Does anyone know who owns this overlay?
Co write and art
Italian translations
Give me feedback on my new story :)
Comment bar help
What are your thoughts on a good story review?
Date Ideas please
Link to my first story plz give feedback
How can i get free passes and gems on episode without waiting for 3 hours? i think there's alternative way but i don't know how
I need honest opinions on my first story!
Why does this not work?
Beginner - Having trouble with writing portal
More interracial couple stories
Help for directing characteres
Customization problem pls help
I need help with my story! (Unpublished)
Over used names in stories ...TELL MEH PLEASE!
Come here for reads for reads!💘
Needed help overlay
Need help with animation
Backrounds and characters
Career at Pocketgems/Episode
A video Idea Write with me
A story like breaking the spell
Could anyone help?
Story title help, lol
How do you start a story can't find the option?
Can someone make a cover art for me?
Anyone want a writing partner?
Character is not showing in the dressing game
Completed Realistic Art Cover
Looking for a cover creator
Help me with this please contact us
Help with episode forum
~What apps do you use when you draw art?~
Where you can create like two girl mcs
Im I The Only Person On Forms Who Loves Anime?
I Need overlays ASAP!
Having Spot Problems
Writer's portal Bug
Writer's portal Bug
I need a title for my storyyyy
Would you like to be a character in my story? (ink)
What do you like better Game
Need help previewing story (URGENT)
Stories recommend reading
New Story out Now! Sunny!
Story Review Needed ASAP
Ok could I get away with this
What do you think of my outline?
Outfits for LL needed!
Background Characters Are Needed!
Background Characters Needed. (Ink)
How to add a preview to my story?
Need backgrounds?
Any New Story Ideas?
Last call for background characters!**INK**
Looking for a nice person to review my story
INK Characters Wanted for contest story [Closed-story is finished]
Any story recommendations similar to DSL?
Looking for a Proof Reader? :)
Fast Pace or Slow Pace?
Any story ideas? Someone help XD
Promote your Instagram account here!
Tell me your opinion
Google drive help
My new IG acc ❤️
Who wants an art cover or splash?
How do you do this with your characters?
Need some assistance in finding a good story
Voting art pole
One question! 😁 answer please!
How can I make a cover?
What do you think of the Limelight Ash Skin Tones?
Custom overlay needed pleaseee!
Story Starter help!
How do you come up with ideas for your story?
Does anyone know anyone who has overlays?
Recommend some limelight romance stories please!
New beards for ll!
Profile clothing
Help with walk to spot
Looking for someone who can make ART SCENES!
Help with converting this into night version?
Story name suggestions?
Need a Motorcycle overlay
Need an overlay for bed
Splashes for free i guess
Can someone edit all of this and put the lines in order so they make sense?
Cover art needed ? / Read for Reads ?!
INK characters needed ASAP!
Confusing script error?
Help. I need help lmao
How to skip animations
Can't log in on Android app
My code is glitching
Need help with ideas 😣
Does anyone need some art scenes or covers doing
I need help with a title!
Looking for ideas for a new story
Overlay help? please!
Can someone help me please!
Who's interested?
Brutally Honest Story Reviews 4 Slots Open
How to set up subscription?
Eed help with blending:
How to make choice 2 gender in one story?
Any arrow fans in here?
I cant make them sleep
Self-Contained/Procedural Series?
Character Choice!
4 people needed for my story
Chance to ge featured!
Read My Unexpected Story!
I will make an edit for the first 5 people!
Need A Semi -Realstic Artist For Charecters!
Expected character! Please help!
New authors needing any help?
Art Gang 👌 (for all artists) Art group!
I need character for LL Join me in my story. MALE AND FEMALE
Story Character request
College Style Outfits
Need An Intro Idea (Plz click)
What are some of your favorite animations?
Im back! ON the fourms
Impression of episode
Problem with writing a story - Adult scene
DISCUSSION: Episode TOS - Section 7
I need help with one of my scenes in my story
Overlay help for a car?
Need help with spanish?
Remembering past choices in different episodes?
Picking/Carrying someone - who can help me?
How do I get a character on the other side of the window?
Anyone Need Help with Original, Intense Storylines?
Can somebody help me with a plane crash scene?
Creating edits for you guys
Character customization without eye color or hair color
I need an episode artist for a cover!
Best friend contest
Lyra's Honest Story Reviews <3 {OPEN}
Los Angeles - informations needed
Need extra characters (Ink)
What makes a good story in your opinion?
Uploading Question
STAR cover art (please give feedback)
I have a weird glitch
Help......the bubbles thing collide with each other
ZADDY’S Name Generator 🎉
░▒▓█►тнe ѕυrvιvorѕ◄█▓▒░
Need a cover for ur story or a splash?(Will be done asap)
Hello i need a partner ill do the art and help write but plz help me
Spoiler alert from Instant Princess
Cover help anyone?
Anyone know where to find these overlays!?
The Broken girl RP (my own story)
Personal Instagram Accounts! :)
How long does it usually take to publish a chapter?
Somebody help :/
What makes you want to read a story?
Story Reviews on instagram?
Any good Mermaid stories?
Mermaid Outfit Suggestions?!
APP: small cover sizes in the app
Do you wanna be in my story?
Moving Camera for episode
Beta readers? for "A magical kind of love"
Smoking in limelight
Promoting my story, promote your story here too!
Heart Of Gold [Choose A Role In My Story] [LIMELIGHT] [OPEN!]
Could you help with a story description?
Seafood restaurant name ideas?
Somone help me please
Need a realistic artist for my art scenes!
Need Help for a cover for my story
Needing Overlays
How to colour the choice
Does anyone need someone to make outfits for characters?
Cover Art needed (hijab)
If you could please check out my story!
Read my story! - Thriller: Strangers
Script Error: Dressing Game Help
Name of overlay
What should I name my story?/ - poll
Fantasy background characters
Random Question: What's the Longest Time You were Coding?
Int. blue school hallway lockers - night
College Days Review
Offering read for read!
Is anyone able to do a review of my story?
HAIR: Descendants Hair (LL)
Anyone can you help me please
Questions I Have on Writing My Story
Characters talking and animations in ink
Cover creator wanted! Help anyone!
Writing Group?❤️
Story Title Names?
Limelight clothes!
Episode editor requests
How and when in Limelight?
I need help with my zoom
Typed in choice problem it keeps repeating
Outline contest.. (thinking)
Access revoked/error
The problem with creating a male avatar
Should I make a story with a guy mc?
Does Anyone Have An Electric Guitar Overlay?
NEED A SPLASH! I really need a splash help plzzz
Anyone want backgrounds?I can try!
Feedback on LL edit/drawing
ERROR that wont fix
Character customization template
So, I'm starting a new story. It's called Sign of Love
I need COVER ART for my story!
Would you rather read a story with or without *CC*
Interior School Background
Common Words in Russian!
Olivia's episode story organizer
Please give your feedback on my story?
Would You Like To Be In My Story?
Can someone revamp for me
How do I add the little arrows on a customization template?
ART: I need someone to edit the INT. LA apartment
Story name ideas please! ❤️
Be in the story?
Can someone help me with the overlay with the character inside driving off screen
Epy Awards 2019 (Judges Sign Ups)
How to make a character sit?
I need your Opinion *COME HERE NOW*
Funny & Cute usernames!
Which Cover Background Looks Better? / Q's about MC /HELP
I need a custom overlay
Thriller story suggestions?
Anyone interested in being a character in my story?
Would You Like to be in My Story? :D
Looking for a mentor for plot and a bit of coding
In Need Of Stories To Read
New story on episode!
Background Characters (INK only)
Dressing game?
Anyone got the coding for a choice to send a message
Background and Covers
Int. coffee shop from stage ol - night
Can't Find Limelight Smoke Animations
CLOTHING: Oversized clothing/Off the shoulder tops
Reading Or Writing?
Overlay help with scratches
Need help! Keep getting error when adding the customization template!
Episode meme thread (super relateable)XD
If you need Overlays I'll do some!
Directing Help for Beginners Or For In Need Of Help
Need A Helping Hand for my story!
What genre would you Put a Sci-Fi Story?
I need help with filters
Hey guys, I need help
Help I'm stuck!
Looking for a new story to read
Does anyone know where to get a INT. JUVIE ROW HOME - DAY stair case overlay?
Need reviews for my first story - Which one is the real you?
Title Suggestions
Proofreader needed for one chapter
Help with coding. Looking for a writing partner
Kit Kat Helping Thread and Make New Friends
Make Characters For My Story!
Need your opinion - Hair or No Hair? 👀 (body hair)
Need to know about the US school system
I need characters. Want to be apart? (share if you want) for INK mix of female and males
Help me about my story cover, Pls!
I need a writing partner for the MC contest!
Lexxie ameliajade's read for reads
Characters pls!
Making trailers for any kind of story!
Sound problem - Help!
Can I include YouTube in my story?
What is that bg?!
Please Help with story life unexpected
Kels Otome's Text Art Shop
Help me to find the story
Do we have a discord chat for Episoders?
Entering problem please help
Promoting Small Stories❤️
Need new stories to read
Let's be honest
Character placement error
Writing a story in need of a co writer
I am losing my mind plz help
I need a proof reader on "my secret admirer "
Splash requests [open!]
Remember choice error SOS
Episode Forums Levels
I need characters in my story (INK)
Story’s with “strong woman” as maincharacter
Ink background characters needed <3
To those who use ibispaint x
Character error after CC template! help!
Romance Help Please
No Replay Feature?
Follow my Instagram ❄️
Diversity in story
Feedback On Stories Thread {CLOSED TO CATCH UP}
New profile picture needed
Need help with cover background
Character won’t move to overlay, need help
Luxury penthouse backgrounds needed
Speech Bubbles Question
Annie Recommends Story Recommendations
Can someone lend me some characters so I can practice my edits and outlines? (Ink and limelight)
Female or male choice script
Hallway Class Overlay
Reads updates time
Help with 'Timed choices'!
Limelight artist needed, please! 🖤
Does anyone have a script template for a prison courtyard?
3-5 Limelight Main Characters needed
Re-open ink edting!
Feedback on Characters
Requests for edited LL Characters!
Let's Talk About . . . At My Door!
Should every story should have customization?
Help Character name changing
Help with choosing name for my character?
Does anyone know what these stories are called?
Character poll 4 jenna chosen
Digital edit poll
I need help with a personality quiz
Real and Honest Reviews (FULL)
A gay limelight stories
Limelight Coming To Mobile Creation?!
Deleting the episode app
Hello help me here plz
I need outfits (INK)
DISCUSSION: The Lawyer and ME
Need characters for my story Limelight
Animations dosent show up when you filter
I need background
Doing R4R - serious & genuine inquiries only
Overlay layer glitch
Need a bit of an outfit help
Anyone Willing To Help Me With A Story?
Waiting forever for backgrounds and overlays to be approved
Where is the unity in this community?
Once again overlay just doesnt work
The significance of the number 18?
Friendship advice thread
CC + Limb Overlays: Placement
Halp Meh Please
Art backgrounds and overlays
Creating love interest. What do you think?
Preview downloading data
Edits this art for me
Name Ideas For My Story <3
Idk anymore tbh... advice?
Art Contest questions
A new cover of mine! Opinions?
RANT: How I can't convert my android progress to my apple iphone-_-
Help with overlays..;
Why are my read number/story view number so different?
Help me with a title!
I'm new here! Can't wait to meet you!
Best Custom name&appearance lgbt stories? (doesn't have to be lgbt focused)
Character won't show up inspite of spot commands
I NEED BACKGROUND PEOPLE (and extra outfits)
Can you resize my BG's Please!
Thank You for reading Cover
Chat to help other episoders with stories
Needing ink characters for Story( CLOSED)
Action Story Ideas?
How can I put a character sitting please help
I Need a Writting parther Pleaseeeeee
I cant get my overlay to become transparent!
What all should go into planning a new story?
I need some limelight caracters!
Poll: How long does it take you to write one chapter?
I need a title for my story! :)
Help with backgrounds and overlays needed!
MESSED UP,disregard
Follow me on Instagram because
Characters entering from screen zooming glitch
I need a partner & director for my story
Ergent!?!?!characters needed ink
My story is finally out! yay
Rude girl name ideas (drop some down please)
Stories without Romance/Love interest
Story idea for Creator’s Contest?
I'm in need of characters (limelight)
I just published my first story
Review Needed ASAP!
Who wants to help me with a little movement?
Clothing Deisgns For Your Characters!
Outfit/Character Designer *CLOSED*
Need Coding help AGAIN! Please help!
Let's have a debate, whether it is okay to use Google images
More story suggestions
Who can make backgrounds or knows someone/thread!
Characters for my upcoming story (INK)
Looking for story suggestions
Please read unpublished story
Want to be in a Sci-Fi/Mystery story? Background/General characters needed!
What type of story genres do people liked the most?
Limelight and ink characters needed (first 5 people will get a part in my story)
Stop spamming your stories on topics made by others to promote their own story
Need help on thinking of storyline about a male popstar
I need another art app anyone know of a good one?
Offering Reads For Reads! - *ONGOING!*
Recommend me good MC: stories
My Edited Outfit
Need some new stories
I’m in need of MALE characters! [INK]
Just read the most creepiest story
Question about creating on mobile
Testing/Beta Readers Needed
Honest Opinions Please!
Fictional Names
Title help needed!
Name Polls For My Story
How do you have a crush on some one without them knowing
New Story, same characters
Free speech on Episode Forum... I mean lack of it
Looking for a group of people
Help Me Make His Taxi Driver Outfit! I Really Need Help ASAP!
I'm reviewing your stories! (closed)
Anyone wanna be Friends on Instagram?
Animated intro and a few other basic things
Story without LI
How should I start my new story?
In Need Of Small + Large Cover Art!
Story help. Help or get help on a story script
Help with effects ?!?!?!?!?!
Need help with a story error
Soundwave overlay
FEATURE: Marking errors in a mobile app
I don't know were to ask it but appereantly there are new hairstyles and stuff but i dont know where to find them
Help with Creating Extras
Teach me to code! {please 😂}
In Need Of LL Characters
I Will Not Do AnyMore R4R
Outfits <33 sharing thread
Wanna create another story
Dressing Game help for limelight
Ink Hair changing not being allowed?
Overlay helpppppppppp!
𝕀𝕟 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕 𝕠𝕗 𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕜𝕘𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕕 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕤 (ink)
What genre of story would you like to see more of?
Help! App help needed
Overlay won't show up help
Night to Day background
Sayanjali's Honest Story Reviews! *CLOSED*
Recommend a Story to Read!
Read your stories
Best tv/book series
POLL: Which Cover?
DISCUSSION: Diversity Abuse
Character opinion- Female
Characters for Hospital/Random high school students - Limelight
Overlay not appearing!
Anyone needs covers
Pls help me pick one of the two ideas for my next story!
Can someone lend me some limelight for art practice
GIVEAWAY! For 100 Followers! *CLOSED*
Outfit Ideas for new story
I need limelight characters!*
Overlays and backgrounds needed! ASAP!
Can anyone Review my story please
A Captive Life The Silvano Twins Character contest!
I need a lot of background characters for my story (INK) STILL OPEN
Recommend Lawyer/ solving cases stories
I need more characters, so you can fill out a form to be in my story :) (LL)
I've Failed As A Episode Writer
Interested in a new
I'm searching persons that want their avatar character appears in my next story!
May’s story Reviews {Honest!}
My story is awesome!
Want your character in my upcoming story? 🌸
Characters needed(LL characters)
CLOTHING: Masquerade Clothing
How many lines in an episode story?
Covers for my new story
Editing Picture Apps
Help and/or suggestions
Anyone up for Read for a Read?
Story recommendations please?!
Templates please?
I need help with this please help me please
Idk what to read
Give me your story names so i can read them!
Episode Team - Discrimination and Unfair Treatment?
Hidden animation list
Remebering what outfit the reader chose
Help on proofreading
Seeking Artist must have originality
Story idea names!
Help me pick a skin tone for my MC!
Does anyone want a role in episode story ? (INK)
Looking For People To Be in My Story! (INK) :heart:
Who's excited to read my story?
Splashes free 📃
Help wanted overlay?
Story plot help!
Script templates needed INK
Reads on your story
Cominucate using emojis?
Background characters ! Please STILL NEED MORE CHARACTERS
My Transitions Aren't Working
Coding Error Please help me
Custom car overlays
Doing Story Reviews :) [CLOSED]
Found what I was looking for
Need character inspiration
Need Help! Cover and Story
*locked until in need of more characters*
Any UNPOPULAR stories to read?
Name our story!
Can anyone help me convert this photo to PNGto use it as an OVERLAY?
Well that is new
I need character's for my story (INK) [OPEN]
Smaller Stories Featured on Youtube
| Stories You Don't Approve Of. |
Any blurred lights overlays? Help much appreciated
DISCUSSION: Good Cop, Bad Delinquent
What is your options Girls?
Sound In My Story?
Help with Script <3
Who wants to be script partner
Skipping character
Help with background overlay
How does this picture make you feel about this character?
Does my progress get reset if I login
Does this look ok for my story?
Overlay Won't work, please Help
I need more school backgrounds
How to have background characters walking and sitting in the background
Can people fill out this poll for me and answer this question
I need help with this warning
Background needed. For my story
Free Episode art
Duplicate Labels - Dressing Game script help!
Background Characters For My Story
Lookin for some background people
Anyone looking to join a fun group?
Story Review Thread! (Closed)
What do people think of this story plot?
Someone check this for me please!
Script Error, Plese Halp
Close this i dont want this please close this
Two Characters Talking (over shoulder talking) *Solved*
Instagram Accounts
Can someone tell me which cover is better?
I need writing buddies & artists!
A bad boy ... a rebel.. is there a difference.?
Characters needed (ink)! (CLOSED)
Read for read and say your opinion
Background is mine?
Forums error...any help?
Looking for the name of a sound, it is such a little question i dont know were to put it so i put it here
Feedback on Romance/Thriller (Guilty Pleasure Read)
Polls about Customization and Other
Does She Look Like a Blythe?
Advise On Promoting
Business and formal outfits help
Just doing Art... Would you like one?
Fun topic! Do you get frustrated with..... coding on Episode?
Story publicity and crossovers
I don't get it... What am I doing wrong?
Someone make this blanket an overlay
400 lines of dialogue?
Story review thread:- proof reading
Background has been in review for 5 days
Need help by coding
How does this theme sound?
I need some background people for my story
I need Background Characters! (INK) (CLOSED)
Questions And Answers?
Would you read my story
Delete a chapter on a PC online
Is this edit nice?
Would you read my story (new story idea)
Please help me with this script
Mirror Reflection Coding
(somewhat) Detailed Art
Promote your stories and recommend those of others
HELP! What are some fun events to add in a story?
I am running for the adventurous contest
FlashBack Help Please Help
If You Half-Ass a Story, Can It Still Come Out Well?
Health awareness
Starting An Art Group? 🤔
Magic overlays for story
Which nose shape looks better?
I need some overlays.ASAP!
Overlay problems can someone help please
My cast right now! Wanna join/share opinion?
Help With Rejected Image?
Anyone up for being a BG person in my story? [LL]
I need a idea for an episode story
Please need help
I need some help in "SCRIPT TEMPLATES"
Zooming issues please help!
Need a window overlay!
Idea's for mother and father
Need story links!
Bad Behavior ♡ (5)
Im in need of a cover lmao
I need help sorting out my yes/no choices
Discussion: Regular Show
COVER for my story, HELP!
CLOTHING: Spa gear limelight
Sister Squad: Which Sister are You?
What do you look in an action story?
People make me laugh 🤣
Read my new story 'Lost in Space'
Read for Read Anyone? 😇
Fancy background
Urgently need art scene
Something wrong with Fanmail?
Characters for INK story needed (CLOSED)
New Limelight Cover Artist + Writing Partner
Anybody know who Amberlynn Reid is?
How do people make backgrounds?
What is Your way of coding?
What is this? (Update?)
Writers: What Inspires You to Write?
Mature theme background
Choices, if, else, choice BRANCHING ERROR... meh
Which one would be the best option? *POLL*
Characters needed for ink story set in the past
Are there hidden outfits?
Hey, I Really need a artist to do a cover for me
Story recommendations? I’m bored :/
LL outfits! Ideas needed 🙏
LL High School BG character anyone? (NEVER-USED ONES ONLY SINCE MAY USE AS MAIN)
Help with story line. ( Writing Partner) - Closed because episode was bored of no replyz ;C
Characters naked glitch
PITCH: Stories with NO Romance
Episode creators get serious!
Discussion: there's something strange happening with Episode
Moving overlays?
Can someone please help me?😕
Comedy story ideas?
Help me get a look for this character please?
Promoting my story (LL)
Promoting My Story (LL characters)
Hi can some one make a a pink bedsheet for me pls
Please tell me how i can make my own overlays
Can you make my Heading a Overlay!
No option to change skin?
Where do I see my username?
In need of co-writer preferably English as the first language
Support And help thread
Character Details and Outfits (INK AND LIMELIGHT)
Choice errors?!
Props doesn't show
So I need a bit of help
Sparkles or fireworks overlays
Favorite Adventure Contest Entries?
Help Overlay Needed!
Doll Overlays needed!
Contest characters needed LL
What do you expect to see in a mystery story?
Personality quiz script help!
Can yall help me with writing relationships?
Need a Name for a Town for Story
What Did I Do Wrong? I need help
Can someone please make me a iphone lock screen bg? (OPEN)
Be in my story! *closed*
I'm in need of a cover can someone help me?
CHOICES! HELP!does anyone know it?
Looking For Characters! (INK)
1 love interest or 2
Thoughts on my small cover?
I have a script issue
How do I get more people to read my story?
Mobile Create: Updating!
How do I find stories on the app?
Petition : For Anything, last thread got closed
How to make a flash of lightning appear in a story?
In need of a partner
Walk while talk
Why does the reader always get the low rank?
How do you fade in circle?
Script Error! (I'm a beginner)
Character story
Need a editor for my story
Error in script
Art scene needed for new story!
Help! I am having a problem with my story
iPhone X full screen option
PETITION : For anything
Please make a portal on how the mouth, nose, hair, and etc: looks like. Just like Animation Portal in the Art Catalog
How can I make it look like my character is cooking?
A writing section in the episode app
The New Sections?
Currently working on a guide to write on Episode
Post what they should add and let this keep going
New author! READ MY STORY
I'm writing Strictly alive. Check it out:
Please read my story!?
Beta tester needed!
Splash request thread
Anyone familiar on how to fix this?
Changing a hairstyle for ink?
Review for Review or Reads for Reads
On line ### error? help me asap
Will you read this kind of a story?
Help please! I'm desperate!
Publishing+creating stories on mobile
Characters needed
Where can I find legs and arms overlays?
Would you read it just looking at the cover?
Why isn’t my bonus passes Saving?
Can someone please help me with this error?
I dont know how to make a character walk out onto the screen help?
Phones animation with messages?
Please help with animations & zooming
Join my art group!
Help, I can't think of a UNIQUE story idea
Can anyone make me some cover art?
My new episode!
How to get more recognition/More reads?
Front view of bullet overlay
The New Girl by Saige Mercer *REVIEW* (part 1)
How to be in a driving car
Adding Choices?
How to do choices (Help)
How to add real pictures as a background
Any tips or feedback? much needed
I don't know why there is an error
Read for Reads (New Stories)
Need ideas for the title of my new story
Abby's Help Thread
Looking for an artist to make the covers for my stories!
Kami no Hime - Art Needed - LIMELIGHT
LGBT+ love interests in my story, or not? :rainbow:
Sally's cover and splash shop! [OPEN]
Help For The New Episodians!
Can someone please help when it comes to facing characters?
Christians out there?
Check Out My Website
What Does This Error Mean?
Things That Set Me Off: Episode Edition
Some outfits I made cause I was feeling like a fashionista
Cover Art For My Story
Different Body Types For Characters
My new story FIRE MET GASOLINE is needing a cover artist
Cover Art For My Story, Anyone?
One character talking, whilst another doing an action?
New author seeking reads & edits :)
Sound wont turn off
When your new and you wanna get featured lol im making a story called Collage Life
Write with meh plzzzzzzzzzz
Do y'all get mad when there is a large time skip?
Need of an honest feedback
The darkest days
How do I make a background?
Can someone please help me with overlay timing?
Coveland a new heir
Limelight & Ink
Help us vote for a contest idea!
Background/extra characters
Warning problems! HELP ME PLEASE!
Slightly disappointed
In need of constructive feedback!
I'll read your story
Trying to figure out these Animations
Does anybody here care about fame in the community?
Anyone know how to make this animation?
Ok. So I have a idea for my story
New speech bubble won’t show in my preview
I love you Harry Styles
Episode Question 2
Sushi table overlay
Help! I can't find user stories
Poll: limelight or episode ink?
Hi everyone! I need someone who make my first story's cover picture! :)
Good Stories to Read?
How would you deal with bad fanmail?
Are there any hidden animations for LL?
What do people think about outline contests?
Directing help (Which I'm sure has already been addressed, I'm sorry in advance)
Facing while walking
What's this error? It is called "20097" What is it?
Prop error, please help!
Bedroom scene help?
How do I find a computer overlay?
Episode Hugging
If there was one thing you could add to Episodes, what would it be?
How do you make Video Edits?
Which style to write and which genere
Anyone want me to create a cover for them?
Create Background Characters
How long does it take for the Episode team to review your story cover?
Please help with basic commands
Character wouldn't walk :(
First Story... Please Check Out
Review New story
My Second Script Problem
Cover Art & Special Art scenes needed!
Customized Name
FEATURED: Episode Community A MOBILE APP
I need some covers for my story please
Random rant 1!1!11!1!1!
Making a phone overlay move or beep
What do you use for to make covers?
Would it be weird
Anyone get what im trying to do
Just a question
Luke's Writing Thread // Share your story today!
My episode bae <3
Overlay anchor point not working?
Grenade explosion intro
Author Appreciation!
I love u landon landon 😘
How to make characters walk?
Script Error Using If/Elif/Else Code
Needs some brutal and honest feedbacks on my first edit
Different stories?
Please help, I'm new
Does it while command
Character walking backwards?
It starts with a bra differences
Need help getting character to stand up out of bed
Can someone do me a favour please? (have no idea how to word the title!)
Skipping Spaces?
Will someone read my script off episode 3 to correct the grammar errors
Can someone please do a cover
Looking for some overlays
Help me with overlay opacity coding (image)
Sleeping in bed, waking and getting up
How do you become a admin
I need a male outfit creator
My charecter doesn't kiss on the right side
Unexpected sequence PLEASE HELP!
Hugging on Limelight
Story reviews! [Closed for now]
Epy.SIster.Hood Outline contest
Can anyone give me feedback on my first outline
Change story title
I am looking for someone who can do a cover art for some of my stories
Upgrade Episode to Continue Playing on this device
Will someone read my script off episode 3 to correct the grammar errors
Need help finding background
Medavial Writing Group!
Background help please (:
In need of a episode writer freind :')
Ink or limelight poll?
So, this is hard work
Anybody a Composer?
This is solved nvm
Character Help?
Please help me with this error!
I need help writer portal i dont understand
What are your feelings/thoughts/habits while writing?
My new story feedback and read for read
Looking for group members on instagram
Badge: Help here
Cover help with story
Published a story recently
How do I direct a shooting star? (Found answer)
Need help for the story outline!
Click here please
I'm sorry! I hope y'all can be patient with me!
Leave your episode username below
Official Thread for Episode Nirvana
I need help starting a story please help me!
Does anyone know who these background pictures belong to?
How to Hold Baby Swaddle
Episodes with more than one pov
New limelight story
Choice decision Yes or No
This is solved so nvm
How do you create a social media look alike background on episode?
Unpublished story SCARS - honest reviews ONLY!
Zooming issues!
Phone parallel help!
What do you think about this character?
Read 4 Read with shout out and a little review
Just An Average Girl
Jealous Boyfriend
Help! having trouble remembering choices
Making a Story Cover
You guys can ask me anything if you need help with anything
Can anyone help me with making a background
Story inspiration
Story recommendations pleaaase :)
1st time writer started today
Profile picture
Cronic Writer's Block, Pleaseeeeee help
I am having trouble letting my reader name their 2nd character
Cover art please?
Trouble with remembering past choices
Help with overlay plsss
Can you convert this to transparent?
Looking for an overlay
Hello check out my new story the new guy
Need small and large cover for my werewolf story called Running Wolves
I need help with one of my characters that is entering a scene
Help me with characters. Please
Episode-Gold Art Request Thread
Anyone down for read4read OR review4review?
Need help with a name
If you are a new author Then Click here! (Described inside this Topic)
Art scene requesting
Notes on top of an episode
Help wanted! Need co-writer
Please help me i have a problem
My first splash
I need someone to draw a cover for my story!
Do things like this in outfits bother you?
Can someone test out my story and give me a true opinion
Here, if you are bored here is something that will give you a brain fart
Can someone please help meeee!
Who wants to be in my story? (lime light NOT INK)
Story Creator App Suggestions
How do you create a social media look alike background on episode?
Directing Helps & Tips
Zoom Help Please!
What makes a good first chapter/episode in your opinion?
Welcome to girl's only group chat no boy's allowed
Letting the audience choose their name
What do u prefer
Hello guys, I need some help!
I need a good cover, quickly
Looking for a writing partner <3
Does anybody know? :(
Kitchen Background?
Writing Partners
What is the thing that draws you into a story
What's your opinion about my cover art?
Phone background question
New story coming soon
Needing a open and closed door background!
Help w/coding, intro, art, overlays
What's Your Favourite Genre?
How do you add more then one overlay? And I also need overlays :/
FREE overlay and background sites
The Young Actress Episode 12 Planning Thread
Characters needed for story! (INK)
Help with overlays please
Program for video
New Writer Looking To Get & Give
Problems with customization limelight female eyes
Acceptable amount of blood in an episode story?
What do you think of this drawing?
Mystery Outline for Story
I need a Cover for my Story (The Other World)
Need moderator for problem
Help! Changing Outfits
CC love interest
Overlay Required
Making splashes
Adding Positivity
Secondary Choice?
My first cover please tell me what you think
Help me please then your best!?
Help me and suggest outfits (INK)
Can I have some help
My Overlay won't go where my script tells it!
Need help on the Plot!
Characters name
Customized Character Help?
Tied up overlays?
Any group I can join
I need help with overlays
About backgrounds & copyright
Fading Character
Special Art scene Needed
New speech bubble feature
Help With Layering
I don't know how to make a narration bubble with a character with out the character popping up
Best Stories in adventure genre
I need a good cover, quickly
Need help writing a script
Need Help With Overlays
Will there be a Haunted contest?
Losing motivation to write
New Story!< FEEL FREE to READ!
New Exciting Unique Story The Tigress
Spotting error when trying to preview?
If Episode was a genie . . .?
Overlay and Background In Review
Confidence is missing!
If anyone need directing help come herd
Opinion on my Art!
Edits are Open now
How long does it typically take you to write one chapter?
Review my story?
Storys with multiple endings?
Why does multiple requests for one thing in different posts by most likely different people harm the chances of getting your request done?
Looping Background Not Working
Can somebody edit this background?
Read These Stories Now! Underrated Gems. MUST READS
Rear animation glitch
Make own picture on Pc --> which app/webside ect?
How to put your character in a different Zone without the camera being on the character in that zone
I need your opioion
Cause and Effect at It's Fullest!
Why is this happening?
Limelight Help!
EDITING! Please edit this image
DD Dances not working
Medieval Outfit ideas
Why are some of the best LIMELIGHT steamy romance stories?
What's the name of the animation
Opinion on Fantasy Stories
Loking for ideas to use in my story
Please come back my 4 free passes every 4 hours
What kind of animation is this?
Episode Studio wants YOUR opinion
Looking for help on how to put an art scene into my script :)
Points system? Help
Help! Choices must follow a dialog not a branch
Remembering choices issue
This thing about prisons Is
I have a character that is Emo, can you help me?
Instagram Follow Me 😊
I'm looking for someone to do some cover art for my upcoming story
Looking for limelight love stories
Feedback Needed For Art Thread
Which writing contest do you wish you entered?
I need help whit this app
Tell Me About Yourself :)
HIRING- cover editors, special scene editor, qotd, ootd
I need 3 splashes
L@@KING for backround characters/main characters (and ideas) for my story! (Limelight)
Episode Support Center Question
Vote Here Now! 🙂
I need opinions... again
Help me with my Story!
Can anyone read my story?
Read my story and I will read yours
Spotlight Opinions
How do I add overlays to my story and how do make a art cover
Brand new author needing reader and artwork
I need help/advice with a story?
Need help with sound!
HELP ME Please! I am just so confused
What should my story be about?
Reviewing Stories
Need a feedback? I'm here to help
Thats 100% a bug from episode
I need advice from you
Hard to get girl
Can someone make me a cover
Read for reads please 😍
Outfits for LL request goes here (CLOSED)
Episode Interactive Website Overheating MacBook Air
Received any discouraging reviews? CLICK HERE!
Upcoming Storys
I need an artist to make an art scene for me
Hidden Animation in Preview
Information in Stories
Some of my animations won't work, run time error
How do I change an account email on studio on the pc
Any story ideas to help me with my story?
Help i need a writing partner for the upcoming episodes CLOSED
The Roberts Family Want To Say "Hi" - OPEN BETA
Promotion of one new story!
Interested in reading a new story? Stories Posted Here! "Window" Shopping for stories!
Can everyone go and read my story ? It's Called "Read My Mind"
My story fame. Please read it i promise you will like it
Promote Your Story (all genres)
Cover art for my new stoy
Art Scenes for my new story!
Promote you and your story
Episode won't load
Does anyone have a story name?
Ink to Limelight
Need help with few things!
What are the names for hidden lip colors?
So, About Schools
Non-looping background keeps looping
Discribe your dream guy on Episode
Does anyone know how to make a character look like a ghost?
Top 3 Favorite Stories?
This error wont go but my code is right
I need a cover art for my new story!
New Story Alert 🚨
Need help with the new speechbubble format
Problem character bug
Fill out form for splash!
Episode Stories
Does anyone have inside of a car picture
Epy. Sister Hood Joining Application
Creating stories
I need background characters for my story (INK)
Disrespect in the Art Community
In Need Of Overlay!
How to turn off the filter in the story?
New overlay now in my drive
Does anyone need an outfit maker?
Uploading own Backgrounds
New authors click here! (Read for read, read for review, promoting,sharing)
Brows won't work in Limelight
In need of an artist for my story Bougie on a Budget
Does anyone know any good stories?
Who wants to be Episode friends?
Book Cover Pending
Looking for a directing partner
What Makes A Perfect Story
My Doppelganger
Me creating art covers
R4R promote your stories
Feedback needed on my new story!
Can someone Kindly tell me the apps you use to make covers , backgrounds ,drawing tips , edits overlays,Art scenes and more and a guide to how you do it( Only if you want but it would be very helpful to me and others)
Unpopular opinion: spotlight it’s trash
Is there someone who knows how to write description
Small problem grasping the selfie concept
What would you prefer?
Special Cover Art
Any tips for getting readers on my new story?
Seeing stories on the episode app
What do you hate about writing a story?
Need great new stories to read?
Need story name pls
I need help with my story !?!
Going to do Review
Anyone Feel like Pitching in Story Ideas? Write them Here!
I don’t know a background name that I need
Characters for my story!
Thoughts About Premium/Gem Choices
Have you ever felt this?
Hidden Animations
Help me pick a title for my story?
FEATURE: Report button for Episode-Made stories
Dose any one else?
Ideas for my chapter/want to appear in my story?
Choice Problems
In need of a partner for my story...!
Feedback On First Story
Can't delete iPhone photos completely?
Can someone edit backgrounds?
MORE FOR INK - who agrees?
Outfit Glitch in Episode
I need a blanket overlay but I can't find one..Any help?
Read my story out now
Where are the nicer clothes? SUPPORT?
Can someone make me a airplane template
Help with my episode story
HELP - I need to move a caracter and i cant
Can anyone review my story pleaseeeee?
Help me find a story back!
I have no idea how to title this post but it's about a music soundtrack that sounds like two songs put together and I wanted to point this out
I forgot the name of my story
Post a teaser on instagram
Need help with a cover please
Need a writing buddy :/
Does anyone remember this classic story from years ago?
I miss Classic, who else wants more stories in classic?
Looking for someone to review my first story. 3episodes
Needed characters (closed)
I need a group!
Episode Group Chat
Help with Char transition from stand to laying in bed
Do you feel...?
Overlay Help wanted OR someone to do one for free
Customer Support is Invisible
I need advice on getting more reads
Hello, I need a few art scenes for my story
Hard times :disappointed_relieved:
What name should I use?
Limelight Episode Cover
I need help - Beggining to write
Help with the writer's block?
CLOTHING : Santa's \ Elijah's beard! (INK)
I want girl storys to
Should I Do Mini Stories
Learning to make art covers
How do I add the blonde person over the overlay?
Pick Her Skin Tone!
How does this look and should I open a profile pic shop
How Do I make a moving intro?
How to add baseball
Is this a good title?
Hello Want to have a chance of being in my story?
2 Main Characters
New Story! Do you want to be in it? Send your details! Red & Black REBELS!
In need of a pregnancy test overlay
CHARACTERS: adding gun and rope
Need funny *REALLY FUNNY* and bitchy MC
Character not appearing until re-entering story
Guys this happened and I just wanted to share her face with you, cause I couldn't stop cracking up
Story/plot ideas!
Your Opinion On Gang Stories?
Anyone who can help me with an overlay
ANIMATION: Knocking animation for INK
Could we have a Chicago meet-up?
Can someone help me please need help!?
Need 2 characters
Discussion thread - Cliche's, issues and other tea
Issue with spotting
Special art scence needed
Has anyone got this with the door closed or know how I can do this?
Some peeps getting married y’all
What is your favorite episode story?
Need motorcycle overlay with girl on it
I need a story title
Can someone help me make backgrounds please?
Isaiah best background maker
I need a cover creator! I need help!
Does anyone know how to do this?xxx
How to make your car overlay drive
Feedback on this story idea?
Can I pls join somones group
Doing background
Please Help Me With This
4 tickets for story’s
Need arm overlay please
Did Jermy quit 😱
Can One Visualize My Story On Episode
Help needed, any ideas acceptable
Private Backgrounds and Overlays!
My progress is not saving!
Wedding overlays and backgrounds?
Needed background!
Main characters places available
Best way to start a new story!
In need of a story cover
Hello everyone , Help me to improve my ranking!
Please help! i need help editing my story!
Freckles on Episode
Clothing choices
Helppp! I’m stuck my changing outfit script isn’t working someone please help
Help Im trying to make my characters run away like exiting but they need to be running
Can someone make this background into a night version?
Working on my second chapter. Followed a tutorial. Didn't say anything about this! Please help
Who Else Can't find the react_lay_shocked animation
Template customization help needed
Few Backgrounds and Overlays and a Cover Needed
How do I put bruises on my characters? Mobile device
Cover Art needed for new story
Hugging For Limelight Help
My story preview won't update!
Needed interesting characters! (ink)
Can I please get some help
Spot directing Background characters
How do you sit down in the bakery
New Customization
Png transparent overlays
Who wants to try out my character customization? woohoo
Overlay needed of Motorcyle!
Overlays, need help
New story I Will Find you!
Seeking Digital Artist
I have problem with finding a story
Needed writing partner!
Need help with coding a dress up game!
Do something about lay animation
Return of the Warring Kingdoms 2 [GAME]
How do I add music to my story?
How often should I update?
The animation is not working?
Characters open (ink)
In a Starry Night (Limelight)
Connor, the precious boy sent by cyberlife appreciation thread 😂
Opinion on bad characters staying bad?
Castle Background Needed!
Being told that choices matter?
Need help for story ideas!
How important is sexual preference? CALLING ALL LGBT+ MEMBERS AND NON :)
Need a little help with choices
Feedback on my story idea?
I’m need of characters
Have you checked your phones? (Change outfit glitch in classic)
Help Me Decide On Contest!
Maid For You Episode Story -Small Cover-
Background and side characters needed! limelight
Alleyway on episodes
What type of stories do you you prefer?
I have a question please help
I need help with art for my story
Words Turn Red In Script? ;~;
How can I make my story more unique so that it stands out like most stories?
Story Line Helper
A bit of help needed
To all artists and art groups
Is there anyone who can make me a background for me?
How do I go back to the choices?
Car Overlay Spotting Help
I need help with making my story more interesting
Can I please have help with my cover
Limelight tips ? + my new story Silver lining (out soon)
New Friends/Fellow Authors?!
Please Read my new story Because of a Mistake!
Hi, Hello. I've very lonely
Missing people is there any chance to get them !?
Please help me,
Need characters for limelight story
Art Requests: Covers, splashes, and edits!
Two Story Ideas- which should I work on first?
Could anyone make me a script?
Need extras for my story!
Birthday matches
“The Not So Royal Wedding” (Feedback Needed)
Preview story check & r4r
WHAT? Please help! Choice confusion. :(
Can someone make a few of my special art scenes please?
How does my story sound? Does it sound OK?
How do I move the car to one spot?
Request story reviews
How do I start to write a story on episode
Looking for a talented editor whose willing to do me an outro
Coder needed for mystery story!
Quiz for my story! JUST A FEW POLLS!
I can't find my story in create :(
How do you guys feel about teachers having relationship with there student?
This is just my question?
Is there anyone who knows how to get in contact with the creators behind episode life?
Guys for my story wanted
The option for customization
Up for read for read?
Could someone pls help me i dont understand what is wrong
Fading Issue in Script
Champagne, cocaine, gasoline - plotting gallery
Why do you write for Episode?
Do I have to include choices?
Help with gains and ifs and else
Episode Team I have a question
What's your favourite genre and type of story to read?
Names Sharing Thread
Animated introo
Bed sheet background?
Hi need help to find a background
Rhyme with the previous reply thread
Episode spotlight or full character display
Heavy Subject Time!
Hehe I'm bored soo
Could someone please draw me a cover? (contest)
INK or LL poll for the Thriller Contest!
Character Name & Customization
Story Poll - Help Me Pick What To Publish!
Is it vacant or it vacation
A Quick Poll It's One Question!
Can anyone please recommend a good story to read?
Characters walking to the back of scene
My story that I created
What are some good stories that the mc is a male and the story has romance?
Help! I have an error tht needs Fixiing
Searching a story
🍒 Writers Block Help?
My boyfriend kids
*NEW* Outfit Templates!
Episode Hood Awards - Hiring!
NEW STORY (#JINX-ED) I have published my FIRST STORY!
Need feedback on this edit
Can I get 2 cover photos?
Feedback on my art
Overlays - making
Published my new story ( a demon's love)
Help With Ink Animation? :( (Nevermind, thank you Mary-P, Mystery.Author and GeoWrites!)
I Need a Letter Overlays
Phone editors deserve better!
Please update mobile
Which one is better? Ink or Limelight?
How to make character cusomisation easier
Help me decide on a title name
What are some of your favorite fantasy stories?
Recommendations? HELP!
I need a cover and a pfp!
Need Help With Story Ideas :P
How do I give the shooting effect to my story
Poll for my story
Episode's Most Eligible!
Anyone willing to give me art lessons/tips (IBIS PAINT)
In search of a background
What Features do you want Episode to Add?
Things I want Episode to Add
We need eye-shadows
Best Planning Resource EVER!
How to color a background a different color?
Please and Thank you
Can anyone give me some male and female love intreset?
Need help with placing characters when it pans to zone 3 the character don't show then they come up i don't want it like that i want it like when it pans to zone 3 the character's will be there
Looking for Top Favourite episode story’s Help
Iovie: Channel/Social Media Account Opened!
I need a backseat background!
Review/advise for my story
Looking to do read for reads!
Help! I don’t know what going on!
Liv’s Profile Pic Corner
How can I unpublish my story
Can I get an art cover?
Taking requests of backgrounds
Help me find this story please please
Just a simple question
Story Review/Help?
Sp help? - ally
Spot directing error: My character won't shrink!
What is the origin of this photo?
Writing Partner & Character/Outfit Designer
Art group possibly
What inspired you to write?
Want help with your script?
Is the story plot good?
Why Gem Choices For Public Are Good
Searching for good movies
Anyone who can make me a peice of art?
Unlimited Story Ideas!
I've just made a new story & I'll do read for read!
Please help! i really need a car background!
Coffee cup not appearing
Epi Foody Reviews - Story Reviews
Hello! i'm Fernii :)
Can someone make me a boy riding on a motorcycle?
I am in need of an artist!
Promote Your Group!
Payment for Excellent Stories
Just Business Feedback
Help! Character cut off?
I am soooo happy!
Help with PC coding
Can I download or export my stories?
Spelling and grammar
Letter for Artists
Need a proofreader 😢
What's the problem?
Help! This overlay NEEDS to be accepted! What do I do?!
What's wrong with this...?
Try This Story. REAL TIME With Jeff Meyers
Looking for a Co Athour
Question about INK
Thinking of making a forums therapy group!
How will I know when my cover is reviewed?
How do you change the title of an episode that you’ve created?
What would u like to see in a haunted house? ( please reply asap)
Anyway to transfer characters?
Pollllll about male love interest for my story
Need a background that is a house and inside a house it has stairs
Can I put 2 labels in my story?
How to change the lenguage
I need cupcake overlay!
Read my story… "The Mermaid's love":-)
Help with magic overlays
Random questions that are so random they can't have their own thread XD
I need an episode cover for my story, can anyone help?
I don't know what to write!
Favourite episode stories
Deleting or Unlimited Replays
Cover feedback!
Tips On writing stories?
New writer, New story - feedback welcome!
Would you read?
I need some thoughts
Dumbest Thing You've Ever Been Told/Heard/Read
Still Need more characters(INK)
Does any one know how to get those special outfits?
Episode story contests
Who wants to be a character in my new comedy story? *INK*
Camera help please!
How to continue a story with the players custom character name
I need help for my story cover!
Episode edit request
Can you please leave feedback for me on my story?
Forum friends 🤷‍♀️🙂
Can someone make this an overlay?
I need y’all opinions please! SOS
The Crazy Forum Fam ~ ¤ff¡¢¡@| ®P
Playing on laptop
Limelight Main Places Going Requests For Places Avalible
What’s this for?
Links For Planning Story?
Your Opinions On This Story?
Be honest with me
I want to read a story with BAD BOY or gang leaders
New to the forum
If Anyone wants to throw ideas back and fourth with other creators
Music Bug. Can someone help me?
Need opinion about art again!
Hi again! I need more characters
<Writing Partner?>
Any help with my story ideal?
Who can make a small cover?
Get it back - feedback please
Looking for a template in two
Ive just created a new story and would it to be reviwed
In need of an artist to make me art scenes for my story
Just curious about reads
Story ideas here
Outfit and character creator!
Best friends boyfriend
How Do You Add And Remove Props To People
Script Error: Unexpected String
Recommend me stories read romance
Pilot seat background sorta maybe?
New story out now!
I need an partner to help me write an story
How to get a bed background?
Hello guys (tbd)
Read 4 read? Story feed back
I’m publishing my story soon
How do you let people see your unpublished story?
Could anyone make me a cover?
Limelight characters for my story
Help i need some art scenes for my new story
Need a story cover and general art
Completely honest story reviews! *warning: really honest*
Can someone teach me how to do the hair on the art.n
Faith's Review Shop!
My Choices Aren't Working
I need Piano overlay
My first drawing:)
I want to hear about your arts and stories ;)
Need help with directing a scene
Who would you rather date 2.0 ? ;)
Does anyone have a spot template for this background?
[The Golden Harpy] Background Characters (INK)
What's the best story you've every read?
What Should I Name A Story About Verbal, Emotional & Mental Abuse?
Story description help!
Hey guys and girls I would really like your feed back on my new story
Does anyone wants to help me with male cloths
iDeA's FoR aN ePisOdE? please!
What should i post on youtube?
I found some girly backgrounds!
I’m looking for a Co Writer, someone to help with codes, and Cover Art, and Overlays
Hi I have several questions
Need someone to check/review your story? Come here!
In need of a pink car overlay!
Hi want to be friends
I need a juicy story to read
I need help with this
After finishing a story, do you ever feel depressed or is it just me?
How do you make choosing games?
Please you won't lose anything
I Need a suggestion, i will like a list of the best top 10 romace story!
I need characters for my story. (LIMELIGHT)
CLOTHING: 18th century
Can someone help me with an error?
In Need of Characters (LL)
Type-in choice template + if/else template if the reader doesn't want to think up a name they can go get pre-made name instead
Dirty little secrets
Who wants to be in my INK story?
Need outfits and characters! (INK)
Is there an overlay like this?
Omg I'm a bit shy at saying hi on forums 😊
Looking for male characters/character contest
Transition help (newbie)!
•RastaUnicorn’s Tip To Romance•
I need covers for my story Help?
Help From Writer(ideas needed)
RANT: The Big Ol’ Update
Can i get some help fast
If anyone wants to collaborate
I need help with a problem
Does anyone knows the font of instagram
Outlines needed 👌
Give a feedback on my story, guys!
Wanna do me a favor?
Free edits for 420x580?
Suggestions for a good heartbreak/drama stories!
Who's excited to read my story?
Check out my other story please and tell me if its good
Using the whole room instead of half of it
Need a dinning table please
*hey! cover need!*
Help with POC! Need Opinions!
Best Songs Of 2018
I need advices on my very first story!
What type of books do you like to read?
Need help on story title
Collaborate with me
Hi! I’m new to forums!
Should I do a Hero's Role Play?
Moving Text etc
An Extra Tag To Roleplays
Question about custom backgrounds and overlays
Does anyone want to edit me?
Check Out My Requests
I will do my first reviews
My dance, my life
Scripting 'Are You Sure'
Can someone give me feedback on my new story?
Fake love true love
Username suggestions for a story
Male Outfits Creator Needed
Are we allowed to make a episode based of a TV Show or Movie?
Opinions on my story!
Can I please have a carseat overlay
Ideas for the writer portal and mobile creation
Nerdy characters
The change of the title
~ Review for Review ~
Anybody interested in helping create a storyline?
Hi everyone I need some help!
Episode Pet Peeves?
INK characters needed!
Can somehone make an open door overlay?
In Need of Limelight Customization Templates
Name Game Come Play 😎
Hey, could anyone get her facing a gun forward?
Any Ideas for my story? Help?
How does she look like this?
Ergent! characters needed ink
New on episode,, what genre should I use?
I need a story feedback
Is it ok to use episode backgrounds?
New To Da Forums
Writer’s Portal Problem
Story Of Evil - Stained Memories - Background Characters
Need outfits LimeLight
Want to do a read for read anyone?
LL Comedy and Fantasy story suggestions?
CliffHangers for new story!
Story Reviews! (Advice, Tips)
Helllooo! I need art
Can you create a background for me?
I need beta-readers to give me advice!
I need to read. Can someone give me some good stories?
Help with new template for new hairstyler and new faceshapes
Need your advice :)
Why does limelight look different?
The girl with sprit
Time For Some Fun!
I need a bedroom background I will give credit for sure!
Red lips cover contest
What Art Style Do You Prefer?
Limelight or Ink for Zombie Apocalypse story
The name game :sunglasses:
What does Lt mean
What Do You NOT like about Episode?
Sounds/Music Help and Advice
If You Use Photoshop, I Need Help
Need help password
Multiple ending stories?
I need these nighttime!
Hello I'm new to forums
Story review needed!
Uploading Overlays From Online...?
Help with switching accounts
Whats the story called
My new IG acc ❤️
Need some characters for my new story!
I need two character for LL
I need outlines help help help :D
Background character theard (INK&LL)
Is it a way I can share episodes one at a time to somene else?
Whats the worst possible crimes?
I need someone to review my story plot
Show me your best moms and cutest love interests
I need some characters... (All For You)
Episode Instagram acc
Need an Art Scene Creator For My Story
Someone help me with my story cover!
I was wondering if someone can tell me how to text
How do I choose which part of the background I use?
Car interior background and overlay
Do you need Story ideas
Super New and Super Lost oof!
Say hello in your language!
I never understand how to use layers with the characters
Story Ideas 2.0
Hi there...hi everyone
Writers block :((
Guys, I have BIG news!
How do you publish your stories on an android?
Emerald Falls Season 1
NEED BACKGROUND -Limelight Characters!
I really need some help
Realistic art work needed
New awesome cool things coming up!+ (Back at art if you need lol not that I have stopped but yeahhh)😂
Looking for a proofreader for my story
Remake a Broadway musical and movie for episode
New Bee buzzing in or so
Starting a review, cover, read for read group
Rae's Art Shop (Open)
Tragic Accidents that College Students Go Through
How to make a character stand in front of another
HOW TO: Get the Certified Badge
Is there an Episode Rule That is this One?
Hi. I'm new her
Help, i need a mythical fantasy town name (closed)
Need help with backgrounds
Does My Story Idea Sound Interesting?
Story's that have male mc characters
Need co writer thriller
Need some advice. Could You Vote?
Episode ads HELP!
Can someone give me a duo customisation template
Background characters! [ink] ASAP
Ideas for New Stuff for Episode Limelight
I can’t get sound to work on limelight, help!?
FEATURE: Dressing Game Script Template for LL
Question? About removing of stories
Anybody want to be in my new story!?
Drop SOME VIDS! Please!
Does anyone have a fake blood overlay, bruise overlays, shadow overlay (LL), and a forensics table blanket?
Fake fanmail? Help
Some school overlays? <3
Learn How To Make Your Own Backgrounds
Anybody know where I can get more overlays and backrounds?
Artwork needed please!
Looking for characters for my story
Music/Volume problem
Need help with finding a story name?
Episode Rap Battles
Unsubscribe from episode emails?
Would you give this a try?
Saasha's fast food centre! 🍔
I need an artist for my cover!
Layer help quick pls xo
Length of episodes, give your opinion!
New author....Need help
Sensitive topics and how to write about them
I can read your story for free!
Starting Episode!
Proofreading and helping others with the grammar in their stories
Exiting help please
Does anyone want to explain something to me
Can someone make me a cover and a insta splash
I want to know how to do a cover
I need title for my story
Time for some READ FOR READ
Cover Artist needed. :-) *closed*
A Good Default Limelight Outfit?
Does anyone know? Some artists?
Could someone please read over my script and look for errors?
Needing help with my story
How would you prefer your MC?
I am new in episode
Need Title Help!
What is the best way to make readers emotionally attached to characters?
I need a script plezz?
Car interior and overlays needed - HELP PLEASE!
Need feedback for story
Improving stories!
How do you do transparent speech bubbles?
Change episode interactive username and password
Please Read This!
Looking for some Background Characters! (LIMELIGHT)
Anyone could help please
Username on app
Story ideas! URGENT
Looking for a story I lost
What should I name my story guys?
Need Characters for LL
Help please who has written an epoisode before
Question about choices
I need a Cover and help with Choices!
I need feedback
Remembering Clothing Choices
I need an overlay please
I need a splash
Need an Artist for a special art scene
I need this background night!
Looking for stories with long chapters
Anyway wanna do Read for Read?
wHo wAnTs to be in my story?
Epy.Reviews Aplacation Thread!
Adults/Grown up stories recommendations?
Quick question (won't let me edit my post)
Is this a glitch or Its getting me frustruated
Unlimited Pass help
Anybody have an electronic guitar overlay?
Read 4 read the ugly truth
What makes for the best reading experience?
I need story name ideas :heart:
Looking for an art partner!
Episode Character Makeover
Need help with training clothing ideas
Would you read this? The Last Christmas
Need help with overlays hurry plas
Cliffhangers that'll leave you hanging?
No creativity from Episode
Anyone can help me out?
Story Prompts Question
Who background is this?
Why can i not delete my story
Would Anyone Make Me A Cover (Free Of Charge)?
Kissing Help Needed
I need to know SOMETHING
Kissing Couple in Background
Is character customisation important to you
What readers ACTUALLY want?
Who can draw animal?
I need help. With the screen following the character?!?!?
The Outsiders My new book!
Does anyone know what's wrong?
Avatar Creator - New Features
What's a good Dad name?
I'll review your story/looking for new stories to read
Props for Limelight Characters
Outfit Ideas for LL
College Days Writing Group!
Entering and exiting
What makes a good cliffhanger?
Access been revoked
HELP! I just lost my progress for no reason for my FAVORITED STORIES! WTF
Constructive criticism on my first art work please!
Read my short draft
Anyone have this overlay? HALP
Winter Backgrounds
Twilight Stars| Group Sign ups| OPEN|
Art Official Thread
FREE SCRIPT (Only one Episode done)
Art/Edit needed? Come here!
Need help with error on my story
Phone Background
Instagram Feed Ideas
What do you want in a story?
How to place a character in the bath
Error in Script when doing Choices
Promotion and update thread of new story: The P*ck List
How do you make characters run really fast?
Art scene artist needed please
Opinions on romance
Story Reviews / Help
Limelight kissing
Can someone help me with overlays
Please help me text me back please
Read proof by someone else
Can someone help me with text effects?
Background characters needed!(Limelight)
Hey guys! This is my first post
Script help! Urgent
I'll review your story (MIKII'S HONEST REVIEWS)
@ThatRandomPerson’s Outline Contest!
Help needed! Readers for my story b4 it's published!
Join my new writing group!
Clear Overlay Images
What is this, episode? Lmao
Make a background an overlay
I'm new here. Can somebody guide me?
Animal Guessing Game
Does anyone know any good kitchen backgrounds?
I want to find someone to help me out
Baby swaddle error
Help! I'm using spot directing to make it look like a character's on a bed, but her size won't change!
Changing hair mid script causes the characters hair to change everywhere!
Belly button piercing infection HELP
Story writer help
Different btw 'is' and 'starts' function
Just need some personal information for a story
Background darker
How do I make choices?
Reccomend some stories to me!
Account related help
In need of help :( (story problem) SOS ALL CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN PLS HELP HELPPPP!
HELP can't change my profile avatar?!
Preview too slow
Storyline advice
Does any one do story reviews?
How to rotate Car wheels and make them rotate fast, and when I need them to stop
Help, I'm in need of a coder
What would you do about your Episode Persona
Tappable overlays for hair choices
Trouble with my story
Landing Rotation Plane
How to fully outline a story?
Help please - Unexpected Error
Something Budding Creaters Should Know (And Recievers should stop)
Need Choice Help for changing character Body shade, hair color, eye color
Help me please i need help so bad
I'm Stuck with mY story
I need tips on how to finish a story
Somebody help :(
Does anyone have a steam overlay?
If You Are Using Gimp, I NEED HELP
A Message to Episode
Guys I need help for choosing the name for my new story!
Title Name Help
What do you want to see in a challenge for a reality tv show
I Think I Might Cry
4 Background Characters needed (Limelight)
Need help with point system
Proofreader and editor
bAcKgRoUnD aNd OvErLaY hElP
I really don't understand labels,
Share some clichés!
Creative editors out there?💕
Could someone help me with a somewhat advanced directing?
Read For Read Shop!
What is it like in college?
Should I make an art thread? (Just asking)
Looking for some feedback on my story! R4R?
Does anyone know when the next contest will be announced?
Bad boys... loosing their fame?!
Reviewing your story 100% safe! ❤️
Can someone make this a background
Layer issues please help
Do we get anything from gem choices
Outlines for Ink?
Episode “office hours”?
Hey there, I need Art for my new story!
Looking for assistance with a script error
Need name for my character (Help Me PLZ)
Help! I need some background characters
Opinions on stories about millionaires?
Language Translation Resources
How to show a accident between a car and truck?
Background made please
FEATURED: Delete our own topics
What do you think of recaps?
Overlay wont clear even when i put the correct code in
I need a clothing hair and makeup template (ll)
I don't know where I can find this background
Anyone what to help me with this
I need a intro and fast
Dancing and talking at the same time
❤️Rhyming game❤️
Who's background is this
Overlay Help..?
Looking for background characters (Ink)
Random Question
New animated pfp needed please!
Art scene needed pleasee!
Looking for a group to be in, hiring editors 💕
Art cover needed for my story please
Simple covers just ask!
Change emailadres
Editor's pick: How does that work?
Suggest some good stories
Cover For MC Contest? {Poll}
Looking for some background people’s
I really want to know something. (Need your through's on this.) Please
How to do mine Games in your episode
How do I get motivated to finish a story?
Help me please really please
Cant find a story
What apps shold i use to make art scene?
Help with an error?
Add Your Characters (INK)
Closet Option: Ex: Demi Stories
Stealing from the community
I need ideas for my storyline!
What are some good gang names?
Looking for an overlay creator
Good story title idea?
ADVICE PLEASE ... Need some
Needing some help with introducing characters!
Coding mistakes you always make?
Need an art scene for my story (Limelight)
Idk what’s going wrong
Need help pls. overlays!
What is too far in a story?
Serious Question on Choices
It warms my heart when I see guys who write/read on Episode
Has it really been 4 years?
Need LL characters!
Directing tips and tricks
*In Need Of An Artist* Covers*Splashes*Art Scenes*
I don't know why this isn't working!
Looking to cowrite
Does Anyone Have A Far West Themed Background?
How do I create backgrounds?
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone wanted to be a character in my story?
Background search
My characters don't move where I want them to
FEATURE: Style filter on clothing
Help with error please
New story guys I hope that you will like
Suggestions for my title?
Need Characters For My Story [Limelight]
How to make a character leave the scene (walking away)
Eyelid Overlays
I need some splashes!
Are the new hairstyles from Envy, My First Everything etc. Going to be released?
Hey do I use a gain to lock and unlock speicals scenes
Please im bored
Cover Art for Story Needed
Building up a team!
Looking for a background for my story
Stories opinion
Anyone want to write a story together
Share your Stories with me!
Looking for art XD
In need of story recommendations
Can anyone list some websites that are copyright free?
Please explain the copyrights rules for song lyrics?
The Academy RP game Form
Just a simple solution
College Days: Price of Freedom - Discussion
Love to See My Character In Your Story
Should my new crime drama story be in INK or Limelight?
How do you share to friends so they can also preview/direct story?
Just published first 3 chapters of my first story. Please read it I need suggestions
My group need art scene makersss(CLOSED)
Character Descriptions Right Here!
FEATURE: Using filters only on characters or overlays
Hi. I'm new here
Go-to artist for my story art scenes
Lets talk About Your fav stories
Adorable stories!
Funny scene from a series or sitcom
URGENT Coffee Shop Script Template Needed
Backgrounds pleaseeee
Music - galactic game
[GAME] Give it a Title
Help me with this pleaseee
Completed story suggestions -or about to be completed-
Plz help .. choose a fantasy character name
Could you visit my IG?
Limelight Cafeteria Background
INK Characters Wanted For my Story
~Opinions I have~
Members, which keep ghosting
Suggest stories with multiple love interests in INK
Can someone make a car crash scene for me?
Story description help?
Backgrounds and overlays Helper
How to make characters hug with LimeLight
Changing characters look
Ask my opinion on something! Must...socialize
Do you guys get emotionally attached to characters in the stories?
Help with spelling error!
Two overlay help
My avatar is invisible. I tried everything but nothing works
Entering and exiting advanced
Is it possible to delete a episode
Layer and vamp speed help
Need help coding this
Not showing my story on mobile!
Cover needed for the MC contest!
Characters? LL Only
Overlay HELP Layering
E͓̽n͓̽i͓̽s͓̽ o͓̽v͓̽e͓̽r͓̽l͓̽a͓̽y͓̽ t͓̽h͓̽r͓̽e͓̽a͓̽d͓̽ (o͓̽p͓̽e͓̽n͓̽) ❤
Getting your story noticed
Would you like to read a story like this?
Would someone read this story before I publish it?
Seeking advice!
How long do you write per day?
REQUEST Background
Discussion: new flannals!
Reading stories Give suggestion
Creating labels
I need opinions... SHARE FEEDBACK!
Does any have a few flash overlays?
Need help with making a cover
I am reading all the stories for the "college entries" but I think that the rules are not clear!
Splash Art Needed!
Starting A New Account
How can i delete a reply from a story that i read
What Character Style would you rather see?
How would you portray a mute character?
INK guy animation
Android to iPhone?
What do you wear in China?
Can any of you find out what's wrong?
Need help choosing a title!
Do you enjoy dramatic stories?
Tell me your story
HELP NEEDED (dressing game)
Who’s Up for this?
R4R my daughters story
My episode book
Asking for credit when it is not yours
Anyone who wants me to read there story? ONLY LIMELIGHT!
Can somebody change this door to closed please?
What are some great titles?
I need honest reviews about my story (LL)
Don’t know what couple to edit
Error wont go away help
It says i did something wrong but idk what the error is
Falling for Him
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Falling For The Gangster (Chp#12 OUT NOW)
R4R! Only for people who actually does the R4R
Help needed with an error!
I need outfit help!
Should I also create a limelight vershion of my story once it's finished?
Background charactoers
Can Someone Read My Story And Give Me Some Feedback On The First Few Episodes And Tell Me If I Need To Rename The Episodes?
Need a template!
"Calculating"... glitch?!
Overlay Opacity Problem
Do you like a lot of opportunities to change outfits?
Busy Street Script Template
Story Trailers-what apps do you use?
Weirdest Characters Possible (INK)
Any background/cover art makers?
Help with coding Overlays
The Do's and Dont's of Writing Romantic Fiction
Hey! Can anyone fill in this outline for my cover!
Help me set my profile
Creating story advice
Character Contest (INK OR LIMELIGHT) {OPEN}
Thoughts on this cover
Boss Stories - Need New Stories To Read
Need help with a title please x
Customization template isn't working, help please!
Writer's Portal has shrunk!
Episode Authors Chat!
I need an art scene soon
Customization template isn't working, help please!
Overlay issue (need help)
Detailed Story Reviews?
I need some characters for my new Story Its called Imara Stone: A risen soldier
Suggestions to make episode better
Problem with my coding
Need names for my story !? boys & girls!
Looking for Cover Artists,Art Scene & Splash Artists
Script help please!
My overlay isn't moving, but its code is changing
Which eyebrow shape?
Episode Story Idea (Survival of the Fittest)
How do u be a episode community member?
Warning help me please!
Can someone help me with wallpapers
Co-writer kindly needed please
Script help please with if and elif when remembering choices
Wanna read my story and give me feedback?
If/elif/else HELP!
I NEED HELP! How do I make the Main Characters family look like her, with-out actually customizing the family?
Outside Jail Background?
Make someone push someone else
Pending Previews
Anyone else feel like giving up?
Is it possible to let readers skip chapters? (Go from 2-14)
How to put 2 characters in the same scene?
Feedback on my art :)
Overlays for my new story
The Cover Rating Game
Posting my reviews here!
When to include a warning splash?
Can someone hook me up with a script template?
Limelight BG characters needed!
Can anybody tell me what this means
Ll and ink characters
Use forum for Good
Please stop rushing the episode team
Thoughts on my covers/splashes? (BE HONEST)
Need splashes (this story uses sound, this story contains mature themes and strong language)
Story Cover for my new stories
Story Recommendations/R4R
Tips On Getting Fast Reads?
My magazine cover
Magazine cover poll 2
Intro Designing! (Coding)
A fun bug (dont know if it is a bug)
Post your YouTube channel here
Classroom script template pleaseeee help
Approved Backgrounds not visible in Preview
Discussion: Narrators
Digital Art Poll
Stories i can choose my gender + my love interest gender? LL stories
Character poll 2
I cant pick which skin color my character should have
New Story Coming Soon:
:herb: OUTCAST (First Story) (R4R closed atm)
Any New Zealanders out there!
Complete limelight story recommendations?
Title poll of story
Sitting problems
Unique Social Media Platforms for my story, made up ones
Doubt about this look LL
What are the Episode forums to YOU?
Decades Ladies (Episode Style)
Some thoughts on Plot Points
What To Do When You Feel Like You're Failing As An Author
Any funny Episode stories to recommend?
Limelight characters needed for six stories
Background edits
I don’t know how to create art but I want it
What do you think about my first art?
Overlay and stage view?
Truthful Reviews **Closed to catch up**
Would anyone be interested in this description
Beta Readers Needed!
Characters 4 Your Story?
I need a scenario for a choice!
Free art scenes?
Limelight Random Characters
I need someone to grade my story and give me feedback
Change my email?
Episode Thinks We Are Stupid!
Romance stories ink
Random Background LL characters please!
My first story is out
What Type of Contest?
Where my Asexuals? <3
Who wants a cameo in my new story coming out soon (CLOSED FOR NOW)
Update: On a little of everything? :heartpulse:
Check it out! My life as Sofia lancaster
Hey. Any fantasy story you like?
What do you all think of this MC?
Why isn’t my character running?
Discussion when does INK become like classic?
Who is ready for tonight’s lunar eclipse? 🌕
I dont understand
Who wanna be a character in my story? (INK)
A bunch of random questions I have, feel free to answer them lol
I want to make a trailer-,-
Cover for mafia story
Nickname Please
Recreating Outfits that YOU Made!
Timed choice help
Which is prettier
I'm new here! Can't wait to meet you!
Need recommendations!
Picnic Outfit Male?
:bow_and_arrow: Episode Guardians Applications & Information
I cant put a character behind this thingY!
I need a crap ton of characters
Car interior background/overlay
Any good story contests?
How do i get reads?
Need an Awesome Promo Cover for my story!
Just published my story *INK* *DRAMA*
Keke reads CLOSED
Do anybody know where to get Halloween backgrounds and overlays?
POLL: What's a better flashback filter?
What do you use for the LA sushi background
Customization or Not
Characters needed for my story. [LL]
Magazine Background and Sunflower with grass background
Need advice and possible talented people
Promote your story with MC in their twinties and/or your mature story!
How Do I Get More Reads ? Help
Error keeps on coming up
The Food Game! c:
200 Reads?!?! Thank Y'all so Much!
Coder Needed for Story 💻
Episode Story Ideas Please!
I need backgrounddd help with my story!
I need name suggestions!
Discussion: Fetishizing and Romanticizing Serious Topics
Borrow Some Backgrounds!
Faith's Background Request Thread **close**
I need an Overlay for an Limelight Story!
Why do you like LL or Ink?
Do you want a song written for your story?
What am I doing wrong?!
Does anyone know who made these backgrounds?
Help me find story
Honest opinion on my work please!
Need extras for my new story!
Moving box overlay isn't showing
Limelight characters needed for my story
Looking for some new stories- suggestions highly appreciated!
How long do I need to wait until I get 4 pass at a turn
Help find this background
There is a { on line 216 that does not have a matching }
Need some LL Characters!
Do you wanna be in my story called Strong
Help Me Choose Names For Characters
PLEASE help me it's important
Who wants to start another art thread with me
Anyone want a story review?
Mythical Story help!
In need of unique names for my unreleased story's main character and love interest
How would I code this?
Ang's elimination style outline contest (three rounds, three different outlines) DEADLINE changed - March 15
Join the art group (all)
Second Chances :heart_eyes:
The hoodie seen in Pretty Little Liars
My second edit?
Need a male characters name!
DISCUSSION: Celebrity Culture
Getting Weird Error for Choices
Need of mom names
Invisible people
Whose Hotter? (I realize how juvenile that sounds, lol)
Making polls help
Give me your character!
Need male characters for Ink and Limelight (open)
Correct me please
Give me your LL characters!
DO you guys like it when choices matter?
Which story would you read?
How to place a character behind an something that is in your background picture
What is the best BAD BOY name?
Help Me Write My Story
No limit on saved stories!
Wont allow me to edit my story!
Lecture Backgrounds
Backgrounds for story
The Hunters: Blood Runs Deep
Wanting to write a story but don't know if this is good?
Help, can someone edit this for me please
Limelight Character Designing at your service!
Name Idea's for my story (INK) (CLOSED)
INK DETAILS (For story)
HELP! Whats the name of this animation (LL)?
*Create Characters for my Story!* 😛
*In Need of a Cover* 🥳
Plz help me with my new story!
Writing a new story and I need help
Cover help! Please
Help me find an old story
Bathtub background with overlay
Can someone teach me real art?
Next creators contest?
Overlays for Limelight?
Need help with my script error
How do I place my overlays in certin places?
Music won't play in preview
Why I can’t see my posts in featured page no more and I can’t follow people?
Looking for new stories to read! (Preferably comedy)
Sexuality and religion
Girl name suggestions!
Rewriting Birth of the moon
If only episode looked like this
POLL: What's the best-worst cliche on Episode?
I don't understand why we cant do this
Knocking animation in Limelight
Anybody have an Updated customization template?
"There's a { on line 3678 that does not have a matching"
New story out, Wanting new one's too read x
Help with stories in spanish (people speak spanish)
Help with my story?
What do you read stories on? Tablet or Phone?
My friend can't create a topic?
Record the story using Android
Discrimination in episode stories
How to change your email on your Episode Writer Portal profile?
So like when episode releasing this animation?
New episode indomitable vampie!
Opinion on my story✏️
Do you want to be in my story? Limelight
Is this to much?
I need help with this overlay
Directing bracket help!
Which is better?!
Be a character in my story! (Limelight)
[request has now expired]
I need a cover, but I have no idea what I want
Background Characters INK
Anyone want to be featured in my new story?
Need characters for my upcoming INK story! (TEMP CLOSED)
Read For Read Authors
Character name and personality help?
What is this dudes name
Follow me on instagram background
Character Names For Fantasy Story
Discussion: Writing a Story
Does this look good cuz I don't know
Episode related memes!
* Visual Inspiration Thread :camera_flash: *
Library spot templante anyone?
Story recommendations Limelight
[RANT] Don't ask me for something you can make yourself
Need help with error
In need of a scripter
I am in need of some characters (INK)
What makes a MC "relatable" for you?
Missed Connections Story!
Need someone to rate my art
Need help with certain sound
Art Request {Open}
POLL: Style Confusion
Quick question about zooming!
Transgender Characters- Need advice
Upgraded backgrounds & overlays
Characters Needed for a Story(Open until Jan 15th)
Desk overlays needed <33
Stories without romance as main focus or very very little romance?
I will rewiew your storyyyyy 😊
Help me fix this pl3ase
Can you turn a jpeg into a png?
Read the first chapter
Needed plot topic- limelight, romance
Can someone help me or tell me if it's possible
Need your opinion on my character
What should I do? Need your opinions!
Story Help and ideas!
Customization For Characters Including Names *Opinions Needed*
Story recommandations!
How-To Guide: Making and Adding Muslim Characters
Check out my wiki (for my episode story
Chay ~N~ Jess's Forum Wedding! 💒
Splash and overlay shop! (episode approved overlays)
Which title (for my story) sounds better?
Live love dance
Emily Reviews (FREE and genuine) (CLOSED)
Should I change my profile? *Closed*
Unlimited Ticket , Ad Free
How do I get more reads on Episode?
How do I see my notifications?
Mirror overlay and background needed
Which do you do more? Write or read stories?
In need of covers/splashes/overlays? (open) free
Does anybody know whose backgrounds these are?
Limelight CC Template Error
Unpopular opinion : Popular author behaviour on social media
Polaroid overlay with hand
How should i do this? Need of help pleaseeee
CNR_Rai’s Cover Art! (CLOSED TEMP)
First story Life goes on (Ink)
Do you want to be in my story through the eyes of the storm?
Ann's Read for Read
{CLOSED} Need 7 girls for my latest story Impact's character contest
Check out my wiki (for my episode story
Share your underrated stories here
Promote your Instagram account here!
Need help finding a specific overlay! (SOLVED)
Help can someone make me a cover?’
NEW STORY coming out soon
Ummm... Girl 😂😂
In need of limelight characters! for my story
How do I nevermind
Help! I'm getting errors on my character entering!
ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕕 𝕚𝕟 𝕒𝕟𝕪 𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕤?
Need help with changing the choices color
Cameo's needed!
Honest Story Reviews part 2 - DISCONTINUED - as i am very busy with school :)
My First! (Based on a true story)
Read: Under the spell of love
ZEPETO Thread! 🔅
I'm looking for characters for my story which is not out yet! CLOSED!
Help Me With Something
Honest Reviews on Art! Brutally Honest and Detailed! [CLOSED]
How do i add overlays?
Join a fun group! (Making friends)
Original Story Ideas
I Need a Writting parther Pleaseeeeee
When are contests?
Promotion for my new story adventurous
Please help me fix this
My NEW Story - Promote Your Story Here!
FEATURE: More sounds/music for HORROR Stories
Limelight Characters needed for story
Question about contest rules!
Share your Edits, Art & Drawings
Own backgrounds and overlays
If Elsa and Rapunzel were Black, which one would look different?
I need opinions on this issue?
Need overlays + need of help
Question about published stories
What Should I Do Now?
Read my story draft and help me code?
I need some background characters (INK) for my story
Advanced coder?
I'm Back People
Help with your story
Party dresses needed! *INK*
INK: edits, special scenes, covers, intros and outros (NOT ATM)
Names for a band/singing competition
Good episode stories?
Running Across Screen
In need of anyone to help me out
What did I do wrong in the script?
How to slap another character
Invisible overlays? (Help this is for my adventurous entry)
Publish first story
How to make characters show on tv screen?
Party templates
Can y'all give me ideas
Need characters for my story please OPEN
Hallway background needed! FOUND ONE!
I Need Help With My Cover! (Thx I got it taken care of <3)
I need you're opnion
I need help with spot directing for my story
Leave good limelight stories!
LimeLight for Mobile
How u stop the character from kissing
Extra overlays needed
Drop your story here (only ink) Closed
How should I start my story?
Need help on making it seem like he is grabbing her
Does anyone know a good english grammatic site?
Character Info for Story
NEED MALE CHARACTERS (Still need male characters)
Large and Small Cover Needed Please! (Closed)
Artists needed!
POLL: How do you get passes?
People ask for too much
Names for my story
Let me read your story (CLOSED, sorry!)
Prison Jumpsuit for Limelight Characters
Making Friends With Authors
Moving characters to different layers
In need of some characters!
Looking for some characters
Hey I make covers and splashes
Backgrounds Episode Please read
Read for read !💞
Help! My character won't show up!
I need help with Background characters! (Ink)
Escape The Maze RP Sign ups
Plot Twists - Your Thoughts?
Need help, if anyone of you have experience this thing!
Can Someone make a cover for me that is like art scenes in stories?
Do you spend a lot time on the forums? :thinking:
In need of characters INK (closed)
*+Any creative story ideas? +*
Can anyone please give me some outfits for ink characters?
I could use a Little help loggin out
I need help with muslim characters?
Can anyone review my profile pic for me?
Need Characters For My Story! LimeLight (Some Important Roles Still OPEN!)
How did you find your way in Episode/episode stories the first time you downloaded it?
Promote amazing stories!
Any good gay stories?
Episode Harmony Is Hiring Again!
How to make a cover?
Let's all get to know one another and build friendships
Episode group anyone can join!
What is the coolest intro you've seen in a story?
Background Not Working ~ help
Using the point system
How To Put Characters In Tub
New Youtube Channel Reads
Tell me which ones better
Doing read for reads, feel free to promote your story!
What kind of stories do you like?
Can someone tell what background this is?
Looking for a writing partner <3 <3
I need help, please respond
IbisPaint x outline help!
Splash Needed for Story!
Mirror overlay with glass effect and background needed
My new story I'll see you soon
Lyn's Honest Story Reviews *ON HIATUS*
Follow me and I’ll give you a shout out!
Share Funny Screenshots!
Let me address something!
HELP ME! New to this writing story, can anyone help me?
Are there any art background?
List your character to be in my story
Guitar Overlay?
Script Choice Error
Do you expect longer approval times for backgrounds/overlays with the holidays?
What is something you thought when starting episode?
Lip & Hair Templates
Beginning Art Question
Epitube (R.C.O.S.) epiyoutuber sign up in my story!
Why is my overlay not uploading?
Shane Dawson Fans?/Discussion
Please help me (overlays)
Story Question of the day
Anyone want their story to be on YouTube?
NEED Art Resources need cover photo
I'm such a bad writer :(
Should I have my story be customizable or not?
Experienced Test Reader Needed + Looking for Advice
My Story - First Story Ink Style
Basic but good stories to read?
Need your opinion please
How do I add sounds
Story cover anyone?
Error with background characters!
Story Reviews [CLOSED]
REJECTED but an episode interactive background?
My opinion on the last new features
Do you like timed choices?
I need help with a animation for LL
Can someone help me? :))
Can anybody made a video edit for me?
GOOD stories please?
Cover help please help
Need Tattoos For Females For Classic Ink
R4R Abusive story
New stories! Could you please read? I will do r4r if u want!
Feed backs please (part2)
How do you like The Only Boss For Me so far?
Brooke's Help Thread
Need a expert description writer!
***Do You Need Characters?***
What do **YOU** think makes a good episode story and why do you write?
Miya's Edited Backgrounds (IG: Miya.episode)
Gives people overlays for free
Rotating Overlays Suggestion
FEATURE: Rotating Overleys
Help with dressing game!
Character contest time
Characters needed! Heehee
Need Characters for my Story! URGENT! [INK] :sparkles:
Covers and Overlays made like, REALLY FAST here! (OFFLINE)
Points & branches
*Deleted Post**
Why is there no think animation in limelight (never mind, there is but I can't see it?)
I need covers for my new stories is anyone interested? {CLOSED FOR NOW}
Competition for may time
Doing a thing in your story because something another said
Background character needed
Help Coding My Story (CLOSED)
Background,overlay help?
Does anyone know any good thriller/ horror stories?
Looking for a animator/artist for my new upcoming story c:
Write story please help i need writing partner. goods idea
Clothing: Wear wolf ears for Ink female character
Someone please help me with this! The layers aren't working
Please guys.come.check this out
Please recommend story that my enemy is my love interest;)
How do you add overlays?
Looking for some backgrounds for my story :)
How to continue a story about a girl who was abused
Hey Guys check this
Any story set not in UK or USA?
How to walk without stops
Pls suggest GOOD Mafia/Romance stories
Help needed with customization ERROR
Okay guys! Who wants their own personalized character to be in my story?!?
Art Covers? Where can I find?
Error with the zones
Display Error (I think)
I need a girl character for an INK style story
The touch of the devil's darkness
This might be my last question
ChayChay's Outline Contest!
Need opinions on choosing gender of love interests! + POLL
Art scenes needed for upcoming story- Limelight Only
Does this sound boring
How to make multiple overlays move at the same time?
What do you think of my covers?
I need someone to make this desk into an overlay!
So has anyone read kiss list
Any Plot Ideas for story
Need error help with choice game
Please read this and let me knoww
Story/Plot Ideas
I need a fantasy castle background!
Please help me with the title for my story
Need help background art
Recommended brushes for procreate
The new updates... Yes? No?
Can anyone tell what i'm doing wrong?
Needing Help With Advanced Coding
Should I keep an option for gay people?
Need a artist *needed*
Wanting to add the point system
Can someone help fix this for me
Help Needed: Most Popular Hairstyles- Male and Female * Limelight
My new story about college!
List of Badges to Earn
Episode Ads Criticism
Shifting/Animated/multiple overlays/choices/help
I need someone to do a cross over with my story
Read for Reads on Forums and Instagram
Episode confessions
Brag about your characters!
Need High School characters for my story
Instagram names
Tired of seeing romance in drama
Help me pick look for boy MC <3
Looking for Kids bedroom background & more
Aaliyah's Official Art Thread
New never before seen features!
Correct this for me
Group requests are opennnn!
Feedback: About CC for certain characters
Comedy story recs
I need a new story
Does anybody have a phone overlay I can use?
Need help with a title ):
How do you plan your stories / develop characters?
Ethnicities Help
What are the best romance stories?
I need Motivation to edit
This won't work on my previewer
Openion on stories without choices
Vampire Animations/clothing
Whats a sniper tool/help ticket
Description workshop
Makes You Keep Reading?
Episode app is not opening. (Can anyone help?)
Need stylish bedrooms!
Subscriptions help?
Question for the writers
Is ink just not a thing now?
INK Characters Needed NOW! (please)
Opening Scene Error
What do u prefer? More choices or less? (Poll)
Pole about the names of the characters
Interresting! Share A personal Opinion ..what do you want for your Episode story that is not Available!
Any good musician/rockstar stories? ♥
Really honest story reviews! :)
Zelda's Story Reviews 💫
Does anybody think episode should update the episode terms of service?
HAIR: From Positively Princess
Who down to be friends?
I need a guidance ://
Please check out my first ever Episode :))
Beta Readers needed! (First Two Chapters!)
Plz help me I’m really stuck on this error!
Hair Styles For When You're Giving Up
Can anyone explain this?
Can some help me to do a cover
UPDATED 2/26 Forum General Rules
Background i made
Who can resize these backgrounds?
I just made some random art
Remembering Choices Not Working
I need an overly for this background!
DISCUSSION: Writing On Your Phone
Help with making an overlay
Read For Read Bomb Story Alert
Looking for someone who will make me art!
Private school name
How to crrate stories or character?
Complete LimeLight stories?
Taking Character requests for LimeLight story "Battlefield"
Should I open an art shop?
Why cant we preview anymore iff the background is not approved yet?
I need critical, opinionated readers please! Reviewers please look!
Need opinions on story plot
Poll about sound 💁🏼‍♀️
New here please help!
Forget this please
Story genres - favorite and difficult ones
I need HONEST opinions on my edits!
Claiming Work (And Demanding Credit..)
Looking for character ideas!
Story Recommendations w/ Point System or Choice Matter!
Check out my new story - The Reapers Daughter
Middle finger overlays
Favorite Episode Genre [POLL]
Can someone review and give feedback on my unpublished story
Problems with the story plot?
Help making this a GEM choice
Hi! I need help coming up with a story name
Which one? | LL Cover
Help! I can't preview my story
CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLZ ( lol have to do it like this since episode keeps on saying that this title has already been used)
Opinion on Characters
I need characters for my story! 💞 (LL) ~ FULL
Stories about Fame? *Recommendations*
Pl3ase help me with overlay
Some of my new covers
Point system clothing game help
Can someone please help me? I need someone to make me a decent cover
Background overlays!
Do you also have "TAT" characters?
Can you guys help me with a error
Read 4 Reads- first 3 eps only
Asking for feedback
Lady's Cinnamon Art shop! (2-3 spots available for each category)
If I made a story called "My Murder Of A Husband" would you choose to read it?
Help With Outfits Please!
Unexpected gain in normal choice
Fashion Designer! 👗👛👠
Do you think christians are portaited badly?
Discussion: Diverse Characters Portrayed Negatively
Help me find this animation!
(Edited) What do you guys think about this story?
DISCUSSION: What’s your opinion on Gem choices?
How do I get the characters to say the Mc's name
I’m a beginner! Please help!
Making an overlay
Can someone cut these out for me? (OVERLAY, WILL CREDIT)
S. St. Sto. Story. R. Re. Rec. Reco. Recom. Recomm. Recomme. Recommen. Recommend. Recommenda. Recommendat. Recommendati. Recommendation. Recommendations
Friendly thread discussing CuStOmIzAtIoN and anything else! <3
Diversity & minorities in stories, without offending...?
I feel all long no friend I need good friend in my life
Story group I help on it
Can i get help to scene. writer block
Help, I put scripts into my story and now errors have invaded
Help with making text overlays
Do you want to be a character in my ink story?
Is anyone good at backgrounds?!
I need a overlay pleaseee
What is the Creators Contest?
In need of a Writing Partner needed!
Would You Read This Episode?
I NEED HELP! If/Elif/Else
Please help me with this overlay question!
Changing usernames
Branching / choices
Need help on my love story good idea on it share feedback
Poll: What do you come on the Forum for?
I NEED HELP pleaseeee
Why doesn't this work?
R4R update for those I am doing a R4R with already
Zooms during dialogue?
Who did those overlays? helppp
Title, description, and cover help needed
Honest opinion on this cover
Could someone make the art for my front cover please
Its my birthday!
How to make a Good Romance story (:face_with_monocle:)
How to make camera focus on one character?
Help please? i want to be really good
Episode is life!
I'm trying to write a script for a personality quiz, How would I do that?
Overlay shop request thread (does not include limb overlays or face animation overlays)
Episode Meet-up Amsterdam!
Reveiwers Needed!
Question: error? ~FIXED~
Need a co-writer/coder
How do you make characters go upside down? In LIMELIGHT
You Guys' Art Is Amazing!
Need Help! Big Episode Fan!
Looking for an edit of a friend and i
Help me with my story description
Overlay urgently plzz
Wanna be in my story?
Need help with romance!
New authors post your story
HELP ME Please!
Episode meet up in london : any french people who are going?
Help with planning my story?
Want me to make you splashes or covers?!?
My life With boy
Review backgrounds
Visit my story! (Power Club)
What is important in a story?
Bath Overlay needed
What happens next?
Starting out - helpful tips?
Is there any way to stop the "error message" emails?
My Own Background?
New hairstyles for limelight
Would u like to join my art group
Speech bubble dilemma
Why do I get flagged as spam
Reading Unpublished Stories?
Guys share love to my page
Please help me with this erroe
How To Make Trailer
Need Someone to help me by making some covers for my story When In Paris and some edits too
Zoom & Walk Help
My story has removed what do i do know
What should we host
Co-Writer Needed! :)
Can someone give me a review
Cover for story needed
I need intro for my story
Unfunny “Comedy” stories
Cafe/restaurant table overlays
I only get to read 3 or 5 episode not the entire story!
What’s the stories called?
Cover edits etc
Does this look good or need more improvement
Just for fun, family role play
Average Lines You Write In A Story
I need some help BADLY
Help wanted! in need of coding partner
Issue with the timer
First Impressions and Turn Offs 💙
Unexpected character (NEEDED HELP!)
How to erase a forum account
I really want kid characters in episode! Who's with me?
Need Background Characters! (CLASSIC)
(Click here!) Help... Unexpected character?
Read 4 read pleaseee
How to rotate ov back and forth
Title Help!?!?!
Editing stories?
Please Help My Story Won’t Work!
I have an error, please help!
Anyone Willing To Help Me Come Up With A Steady Posting Schedule For My Stories?
New Author in Need of Writing Tips
Quick Survey ~ What kind of stories do the public want?
Post your script templates here!
Help w labeling
What do you think about limelight?
Help subscription
I'm a cover and background artist 🎨
Entering rear body movement
Trust Levels & How They Work!
Advice for my story?
Looking for the review of my story
Review for review 👏
FEATURE: Forum Group Business Accounts
Read for read! Share here!
Recommended Stories
Need help to find these animations pls!
Where can I find some good backgrounds?
Characters for my new story
I need a nickname for a character named eijah
Limelight Availability
Script Errors...Please Help
Hey i need characters like rn
It wont let me save my story
NEED HELP COME HERE! I read stories create splashes, and covers and (art scenes coming soon!)
Gym and punching bag?
Im drawing YOUR episode characters!
Overlay of ropes please
Cover and splash artist needed!
Overlays not showing
Speech Bubble Help - Cycling Tail
Story Title Idea!
Cover Art Needed ASAP
Story draft for critiques
I need a cover someone plz help me!
Should I make a contest?
Making free covers
Instagram group Epy Puppies
Mobile app art -trying to change it
Do you agree with LGBT in stories?
Characters not showing up
As A New Member I Need Some Info Desperately!
My Char won't stand behind the overlay
I’m new here on the forums
Desprate for an art scene that i can actually use
Bed Overlay, Help me please!
Code Glitcv - It shouldn't repeat
Can someone read my story? and tell me if theres any errors x
How do you have a name that the readers choose talk bubbles
Help with an error in my story
Need characters for my story
Could someone make me a cover for my story?
Heavenlyhazza's Story Cover Contest!
Help me get more followers on instagram and I'll follow back
How many of y'all use a kindle fire to write your stories?
Which one is best?
Story Cover Creation
I need someone to make a cover and/or backgrounds :^)
Help with title's idea for my new story
Reviewing/Reading Stories!
Music Won't Play
Hello every one!
Overlay layers help
Dirty Dancing Entries? Promote + Support other authors!
I want to know your thoughts on my story :)
Background Suggestions
Emotianal Music on Writing Portal
Motorbike Overlay
I want to have a scene where a football practice is happening
Mara's New Drama/action story
Episode Character Awards 2018
Overlay Help? (campus crush)
Disagreeing with Homophobia
I Need A Background Urgent!
Searching for beautiful art's
Searching for a lecture background
Need Help with Understanding My Story Rank
Updated editing style?
Editing apps for overlays
Bigger font for readers
Only one story up In the app for preview!
Favourtie epiosde style
Art scene -with examples please
Where’d @Dara.Amarie go?
In need of sports cars overlays
Need help with some of my stories!
Story Title Suggestions Please?
Overlay keeps disappearing or characters end up in the wrong zone
Making custom animations
Looking to make a writing group!
Spam issue! Ugh
In need of a large cover! Anyone interested?!
Transferring data over
The Ember Moon Pack Updates Thread
What do people want in a story?
Stories from a guy's perspective
If any one has a story they want me to read or read theres I would love to im very bored P.S. the genre is romance
Mobile or Desktop Creating
How do you zoom in and out
Episode Bliss and its President Announcement
Special art scene makers - needed
I need a cover for my story Lost Boy
How do you get your character to sip a cup?
Whats The Area You Work In To Create Your Stories?*idea sharing*
Looking for team members
My upcoming story
What do you think? "Miss.Rebel"
My image was rejected
Need Charchters for my Limelight Story
Looking for proof reader
Anyone want me to make them a character in my story? (INK)
I need a title for my story
New writer needing help with choices
I need background characters for my story! (Limelight)
How works the coordinates by an overlay
I need help styling a pope
How to make an episode cover
How do I use this bubble 🤨
Courtroom overlay tables
Help to create the choice of clothes
I need ink characters for my story
Opinion on a male main character/love interest
Could someone make me a script template?
Maid For You Episode Story -Small Cover-
The Contestants For Truth Or Dare!
Instagram username
I need help with the dumbest thing ever
Overlays needed?
How can I get my character to walk infront of background characters?
I need help finding the name of this animation
*Request Open* Looking for Characters for Series
Add animals please.😊
Have your male characters star in another Episode story!
Would you read this? A mystery thriller
I Need 5 Girls For The Ultimate Friend Goals in my Episode
How to say someone will remember that
Find this story pls
I'm trying to figure out which person should die in my story :/
Character Ideas Needed [INK]
I am scaret to say to check out my story
I need help please with promoting my story!
I need opinions on my story idea please!
I will review the first chapter of your story!
Can we revive r/Episode
Do you prefer limelight or ink?
Script Issues - Can you please help?
I know this is an odd question but, what program/software does the episode team use to make their music tracks?
Question about Limelight animations!
Characters for my new story (LIMELIGHT)
Confession of an author
Need help with layers coding help needed
Can you relate to this?
Do any of you agree/disagree with Episode's guidelines?
This is unfair. Stories shouldn't only be based on reads!
Does your episode app work?
Somebody please help me with a cover
Interviews for Episode Bomb (weirdos only)
Who wants to be in my story? :D
Help Me Choose A Description For My Story
I needfast help to find a title
Can anyone read my story and give me corrections?
How to make a character bump into another one?
What do people like to read?
Who has a crush for Episode :kissing_smiling_eyes:?
Does anybody miss classic or ink?
I need names for a male gang leader
How do you add props to characters
Co Arthur Request
5 Annoying Things Forum-Users Do
Could you help me?
Ho do you place someone in bad?
GENRES: Five Genres
Helppp me pls I’m lost
I need to customize a background ? I think
I don't know what my story should be about?
I'm back! (yeah...)
Read my story episode users
Laptop background overlay!
Does anyone know a story like the new girl?
I need a arm overlay that's up to date, maybe? Limelight/LL
How long should a gem choice be?
Anyone who can make me a cover art?
Helppppppppppppppppp overlays needed
Cole or Jay from BadBoy’sGirl
A place to rant about things you don't like seeing in Episode stories
Thoughts on my story?
Is this just me?
Want to be in my new story?
Need car overlay asap, i’ll give credit
Forum finance help
How do i get reads on my first story?
Simple overlay in limelight - help! please!
Story Cover Requests~
Can we agree on a few things?
Limelight Screen Potions
Mobile Stories?
Let's hear some of your ideas!
New Story Brand
New story suggestions
Used to be able to read user stories without passes
Opinion for cover
Overlay Not Appearing
Remembering Past Choices Error
Says code for overlays is not valid
Cover story backgrounf *help me*
Give me some feedback on this spalsh
Тαĸιɴɢ α вreαĸ... 𝙵𝙾𝚁 𝙽𝙾𝚆
Background & Overlay Creators
Promoting my story and promote yours too!
Tattoo shop background
Does anyone still read classic?
Need help about "teaser"
When will they review?
Male love interest ideas
Looking for lgbt cheat story
Is this style still available?
Names needed for male and females
Is it possible to beta a published story?
Episode Discord?
Hotel BLANKET please
Read for read? Just started writing!
Can I have help?
Adam's story reviewing thread!
Conversation: Gem Choices
Plethora Contest | Cover Contest - Briar Rose - O N G O I N G!
Eyebrows? LL CC Script
I'm in need of story ideas
Art help- a second opinion 💞
I am new to the forums, Need friends :grimacing:
What makes your cringe when you read or see it?
Balker Academy RP Sign ups!
Story idea feedback?
Bored,Wanna talk about episode?
Anyone who knows how to put a overlay in a spesific zone?
I need victims and murderers!
Good stories to read
In Need of Background Characters [INK]
Game of family oO°°°°oO
Background Charcters/ Main Characters needed!
More Limlight character clothing!
Need Backround characters
Feedback On My Story (Holding Back)?
Summer forum awards update
“Persephone’s Fate” IS OUT! Feedback Needed!
I would like to read storys with Bad girls and spys
When publishing
How can I get reads?
Tips to enjoy writing episode stories BY: MeanGirl
“The Business” needs characters! (INK)
Semi-Writer Competition!
*Ideas for stories* Writer's block
Thoughts and Overlays
Want to be a character in my story?
My story has been published!
Can someone make me an arm overlay?
I'm Looking For Some New Friends
Character accounts insta
Art scenes needed/ ill see you soon
Stupid question about starting a story
Any stories as the main character's behavior just like Bella Ellington in Dirty Sexy Teenagers?
Login problems on IOS
Splashes or covers
Are the ideas of student-teacher relationships normalized, and why?
Social LL, Read My Story!
iDeA's FoR aN ePisOdE? please!
Can anyone make an Art cover for my book, His Girl?
Caught In Love Out Now!
Is there any Albanian?
Hello! Just promoting my new story
Kalizzza don't leave we all love you
I need someone talented to draw a special scene
In Need of background characters! LimeLight
Can someone please make me a cover?
My absolute new favourite episode story! ❤️
I need some tips! (Oil Hair?)
Read “Persephone’s Fate”
I’m bored so... ur opinion
How to earn gems without purchasing?
What's Wrong With This Line
Difference between update story and reset story progres
Fantasy Story Recommendations
LL or INK? Please help me. :D
Hey everyone could you do me a favor
Can Anybody Make Me a Desk Overlay?
Anyone got the coding foe changes in hair to either beach wave or a ponytail or straight hair with props and a golden 'this is perfect' for me
Story recommendations. Preferably ink stories
I need ink Chachacters
Payment's section blocked by extension (I need help)
Scripting questionnnn
I don’t know what i’m doing
Please take a look at my outline
What are your least favorite female limelight hairstyles?
So I will help everyone to resize an image
Outfit ideas please
Episode-Gold is closed sry
Problem writing my story
Main Male Character Name Voting
Need characters and A cover for new limelight story! Please help lol
NEW STORY! finally published my first one :D
Help Me Choose A Good Plot
I uploaded a background
Abi’s Art Shop - Free art scenes/covers (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)
Why on my sister's phone the app looks different
Do you use classic?
More ink! anyone agree
What gender do you prefer for a 3 chapters story
What's your social media for Episode?
Need Help With Cringy Story Title
In need for background characters! (ink)
Follow me here please
There is a { on line 1469 that does not have a matching }
Central American/Caribbean Curiousity
Need help inspiration
Searching for a story
Art request for my second story, please help
A New User's Guide To The Forums!
Is Anyone Willing To Teach Me How To Make Episode Art?
How do I change my episode gmail account on my laptop?
Do y’all have any good stories?
Flowers of Despair
Label help needed
Color blindness advice needed!
I need INK background characters
What does "bump" mean
How do you make a character walk while talking?
How to change profile picture yall
Help, I can't get music and sound to work... error
Need help coming up with characters for my ink story
INK v. LIMELIGHT: Dawn of Justice
Why isn't my story previewing on desktop?
I cannot find the cafeteria table overlay
Read for read on episode!
Who wants to play as the cousin in my story?
I need overlays
Need characters (ink) for A Criminal's Love
3 episodes revamped, 4 out now
What counts as an actual read?
Moving My Overlay
Story title name
I need a title for my story!
Promote my story INK
Can I copyright strike others for posting my story on a youtube channel?
Can Anybody make me some Cover art. PLZZZZ?
Why are the first 6 trending stories episode all limelight
Error, choices must follow dialog immediately, not a branch
Does anybody know a good app to change colors of things?
Script error, help
Hospital background
Making An Instagram Episode Account?
Help me please for epsode
New story? Need help!
Edits for me to post on my instagram
Outfits for Bad boys needed!
App crashing issues
What do u think?
Who agree's that the mobile app needs more customisation?
Spot directing error
Any art request?
Dose anyone know who made these backgrounds?
The game thing that gives u free passes is gone
Starting A Episode Writing Group!
Need a background and overlays
Need Help With A Code
Tear overlay help
General help please
Meaning of a "Small author"?
Searching a specific story
Want a feature in my new story?
Anyone wanna be a character in my story? (LL)
Looking for an cover / art scene Artist?
Anyone need help making characters and outfits?
Hey I am bored. And need some characters!
How do you make overlays?
Different choice ideas?
I need outfits and background characters!
How do you logout on the app to restore to Facebook?!?
Need new stories!
Prison Template
Can someone give me an small review?
Not really a directing problem, but I don't know how to fix this
If Episode Was To Shut Down Everything. How Would You Feel?
Need a few special at scenes for my story!
Can somemone tell me the schoolbell sound on episode?
Helppp far with this background
Remembering choices error if/elif/else
Profile picture needed :)
Name Something Werewolfs Do?
How do you make three characters talk at the same time?
Which name sounds better?
Need characters send ur deedts
Need a story name
My first episode n i'm dead!
Fill Out My Bg Character Form?٩◔‿◔۶
Need a Beta Reader!
Cover Artist and Art Scenes
I'm Not Sure What's Wrong Here// Help Lol
What are you looking for in a story?
Script error (hugs,1)
Zone Help (How to follow multiple people at once)
Just curious, When are reads added?
Text images got rejected, does anyone know what I can do?
What are some of your favorite ink features? (or limelight!)
Anyone have this.........Specific thing
Character's for my new story
How to do intros
I need characters for outlines
Uploaded a new story
Let me bask in glory for a minute 🤣
I can translate your stories!
Cover story episode
Can someone help me with the directing on my story?
Ink or Limelight? :thinking:
Need Help with script please!
Hiring for episode group
Shoutouts! (And maybe the occasional self promo)
Writers Block SMH
How do you customize outfits?
Water for shower head overlay needed?
In need of urgent help (Character designs, outfits and animations)
Mirror Overlay Layers?
In need of a mirror overlay
Can't find headscarves in limelight
How do I have my character already asleep when introducing a new scene?
Please text me back please
Tips for new writers to making a successful story
Battle of the Styles
Can anyone make a cover for my story?
Hello everyone i need help
Looking for background characters - ink
I need help creating a video chat scene!
Episode story based on
Overlay Zone Placement
How can I do this effect?
Help me add a gun to my player
Limelight Limb Overlays
Haven’t found an answer on this one
Help People With Story Ideas (HASN'T BEENPUBLISHED)
Hottest Male Ink Character
Art partnership! (CLOSED)
Check Out My Youtube Channel
🤔Lines per day?
Where can i find overlays?
I need help urgenttt!
Need help with entering while running and then exit while running!
Read my new revamped story and I'll read yours
Writer's Block :(
SeriousR4R New stories on Episode
Can someone make me an edit for my story cover?
Promoting my story R4R!
Hey guys, I'm new here
Who wants to be in my story
Directing Overlays Glitch
I don't know haw to save images from episode life site web
Name for a story
FEATURE: Clicking on people's profile and being able to look at your guys' PMs together
College Days Contest Freaking Out
Genre help Please!
Error? Is It Just Me?
Can anyone turn these texts into overlays for me?
Here is a preview
Art Scene Questions
Need a cover for ur story or a splash?(Will be done asap)
Need a cover please <3
Help with overlay problems
Cover Help/ Ideas and Advice
A question about my new story
I would love your help :)
I need characters in my story (both female and male) INK STYLE
I need smashed glass and Limb Overlays!
HELP: I can't preview anything on episode!
Epy.teamcow New Instagram Read for Review show. Share your stories with us!
Hi I'm New here
A coder, writer, and artist
Error please help
Way to delete stories?
Looking for a coach :)
Need story ideas? Check This Out! (Updated!)
Does anyone need a clothing person thingy?
How do you change a characters name temporarily mid scene?
Art scene artist (payment or credits)
Collaborating artist
The background isn’t moving. Please help
Any help by someone
The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018
INK or LL? Poll time!
Anyone want to be in my story?
Inside car scene
I need a new story cover ASAP
A treaty how to?
Looking for editors, artists, and more!
Making an overlay!
Young Or Older MC?
Does customizing the name of the MC matter? (POLL)
Prop error INK help
Pan and walk w two characters
Episode Bubbles
I can't do Scene Change
Story Advice Needed ಥ_ಥ
Most humiliating way to get fired?
Author's Worst Nightmares!
Conversation: What do you think about episodes new customization items?
How can i lock an episode so no one can read the next chapter?
Name coding for reader
Need free backgrounds?
How to make characters walk in front of podium
Some story ideas would be great right now 🤦🏾
Come & Get Read For Reads
Background creator!
Writers Block! Help Needed!
Long Hair Template and Lip Stick Template? INK!
A little rant 😒
Title help! Click here!
Finding People With Same Names
Suggestion: Uploud Music to our story
Episode Character (**LIMELIGHT**)
-Reviewing Stories-
Underatted authors
Read For Read Needed!
Hey guys! I need help finding a new story on episode to read
Where can I find animals overlay? Theme forest/woods
New shelf, if you read color my life and liked it please vote it
Help can someone help me with this error
Help! Need help with an error!(plz)
Mobile App issue
Spot Template I havn't found
Does anyone have a bedroom backround?
I need an Episode artist for my cover
"You can't have one character immediately following another" Error
What artist is willing to help me?
Promote your stories here! I WILL READ ALL
How to pan to a different background?
Ho many times can you replay a story?
Unexpected Sequence (Director Command)
Could someone make me a cover for my story? <3
Request background/overlay
What do you guys think of my large cover?
Anyone needs a writing buddy?
Covers on episode instagram community
Looking for character
I have a issue with my character. I made a copy ofmy other character because my char got hurt and I use the
Need Characters!
Episode verifying time
People aren't walking at the same time
Looking for new stories to read for free! (OPEN)
Anyone want a outfit person to talk to/get ideas or cover
Outfit feedback! (Story: I'll fight through fire!)
How can i edit text
I need your help with a name!
I need 8 important characters for my story Dangerous Romance! [Closed]
Brainstorm ideas for a new story with me!
Cliche's you hate!
Would anyone like to do a R4R?
I need help with overlay coding
Please review my unpublished story! (only episode 1)
Help with spot directing!
Promote your Missed Connection stories here
Characters needed like lots of em( INK)
How Do We Gain Passes?
I cant open Episode😭
Writing contest who will join
I NEED HELPPP! Name Customization!
Plz help keeps getting stuck at one bit
Episode glitches!?
My portal story-previewer won't load
Writing Buddies/Artist
Urgent help-code branching (male/female mc)
Spot directing error/problem
Asking for art but provides no content
Tell About Your Experiences!
How do I make characters wear different clothes (not like the clothes the actors wear)?
In need of some overlays!
New Background Characters NEEDED! {new form, INK, improved!}
Need Help with Directing?
Warehouse background
**Characters Needed** (INK) - (OPEN)
I cant login transfer my episode to my iphone from my android
Space for unrecognised authors on episode
Need help finding someone
Tell me what you think... cover
My story needs a name! Someone help me out here?
Anyone want to join my discord
Writing story help
Opinions on writers not letting readers change skin colours
Can someone make this into an overlay please!
I need help with Backgrounds!
Episode stories for me to read
Beginner help needed
Writing In Unity
I dont see the problem in my scripting
Can you pls send overlays to me..I don't know how to find good overlays!
How to get story onto a shelf?
I need some LL charaters! (Any)
Horror/Thriller stories
Does anyone have story ideas?
Do you guys have any ideas?
VIDEO clips help
Looking for limelight extras! need asap
PLEASE HELP URGENT! Layering isn't working
What makes a good first episode?
HELP PLEASE! Names, outfits or character pic For A Witch (INK)
Story recommendations Action
Most popular songs of 2018 or all time?
Who wants t be in my story *INK*
Opening Sarah's Art Shop
Lgbt+ stories with male mc option AND male love interest options?
Beginner Need Help
Anyone want to be in my story?!
How do you guys feel about Bad Boys stories and Gang stories?
Error log in (help me 😭 )
Transition techniques?
Any ideas for my girlxgirl story?
Name suggestions?
Moving camera up and down? Help!
Question About Shelved Stories
***Deleted post***
Drawing tutorials
Cannot go to the Episode Writer's Portal webpage on my Macbook
A limelight gay stories
How do you move the "camera"
Need background characters!
CO-Writing Partner Wanted
I'm sure there's already a topic on this..[small authors]
There are any gay limelight stories you know?
Background Help Needed Please!
Do you want to be in my new story?
How to remember a choice?
In need of a coder for my new story!
CHARACTERS NEEDED - A friend in need is a friend indeed - Please leave characters below. LIMELIGHT
"Long Feathered Bangs Blunt" - Hair style in Choices selection giving problems. Help!
Need Characters for Story! :)))
In Need of a Split screen! PLZ! <3
Bg characters still needed! (INK)
Newspaper Overlay request!
Next Contest Suggestions!
Follow a Character through different zones?
I have a question faQ
Helppp me with my story
Poll: Do you guys like cliffhangers?
Looking for writing partner**
Story Name Help!
How do you edit your profil
What are your favorite forum emojis?
Can y'all read my story
!Need title ideas!
Can anyone tell me how to do this?
I need someone to to help me with English in my story
New characters!
Leave some stories for me to read, I’ve got unlimited passes!
Hi everyone! Need an artist and a proofreader (LL) :)
Background Characters and Extras Needed
Anyone else struggling with their story?
Can help proof read my story - Love Lies
Why won't my overlays work like I want them to?
Overused LL features
What story should I read? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
LL background characters wanted x
Need some LL Characters please
Art scene need!
I created a CC template, and added tattoos to it and stuff >.>
Background characters for my story ! (INK)
Any covers needed? *Not drawings as I cannot draw for the life of me*
Snow Background Request
INK characters needed for my unreleased story
What do you think of authors who use gem choices?
LL character extras needed.... ALIENS lol
Cover+ Art scenes and skilled Artist needed
Creating My First Story
Im a newbie who can't code. Looking for a coder
No music on my phone
Episode Male Char Glitch
Artist needed! Please!
Hey! I need help with my story plot! I’ll take any help!
[POLL] Can't decide on hair colour
Dressing Game within a choice - HELP
I’m willing to give help with story plots
My friend can't create a topic?
Guide: Making Characters React in Real-Time
Story Recommendations [SMALL AUTHORS' STORIES ONLY]
Which hair color should my main character have? (PLEASE VOTE)
Ink story recommendations
Love Life Songs?!?
Help me name him
I will READ your Story (not R4R)
Im not sure if i can do thiss
Art request for story
Epi.Inspirers Story Reviews! [OPEN]
Animations that work well with the Knife Prop (Ink)
Do you want to be in my story INK
*Story description poll* Which is better?
POLL: Do you prefer CC or static?
What is the art style you like the best
Do you know what pilot episode mean?
Help me with run/pan/2 people combo
Need your help for promoting my story
Who remembers this?😂
How do I post images in a post on the forums?
Whose New to Instagram
Anyone know how to make custom overlays?
Background Query - Are we allowed to use real life places?
Can someone please explain this?
Men Hair PNG (3 colours)
I need some ideas for a Bullying Story
Episode exclusive hair?
How To Make A Q&A In Your Story
My Prop isn't showing up yet, there's no error
Art scene and cover for story
Transition / scene change issue
Is this a good muslim character
Recommend a Story to Read!
Read for read closed
Name custimation! SOLVED
How long is a long episode?
First story: simple choices
Slow Dancing/Layering
Which one sounds better? (Clue Contest)
Stories you are currently reading and recommend?
Call the story!
Honest story Review 💕 Ink only (close for now)
Anyone need cover art or character edits? (Closed to catch up)
LL Characters needed! **First come first serve**
Editing Characters (Outlines needed)
Story proofreader
Want to be in my new fantasy/dystopian story?! In need of background characters ASAP! :star:
I need a writing partner**
Are there any new clothing items coming out anytime soon for LL?
Rating Stories/Reading Them! **Requests Closed!**
Looking For People Who Can Help With My Story! [Closed]
The I.T Girl Cover Contest! (PRIZES AND GIFT CARDS)
I need help with something big
Overlay Not Going To It's Coordinates Please Help!
Script Error helpppp needed!
This or that game
How do you get these outfits?
Episode Welcoming Group Sign up
Recommend any Adventurous stories?
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Thanks for the tip!


Waking up animation :)
Stop a character holding a prop

how do u start a thread?


I want a writing buddy!
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Thank you so much for this! I have only recently signed up and had absolutely no idea.



Fantastic idea for the next revision! Thanks! :thinking:


How to create an outfit and add it in your story^_^
Layering problems...please help!

how to make the voting thing ?


  1. First you go to the “:gear:” icon.
  2. Go to “Build Poll.”
  3. Then, you go and choose whichever “type” of the voting system you want to do.
  4. Whatever you do, put your choices in the “Options” box.
    Hope this helps!


Thank you so much. This definately helped a lot… :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Help wanted! Need co-writer




i helped alot






I’m pretty sure the forums games have their own subforum and that their not in The Story Games & Role Playing subforum anymore…




Correct. The tutorial is not up to date and will be worked on over time, as I indicated above :smiley:. Thanks for the assist.



Thank you Jeremy! :blush::blush:



How do i make text blurry?:two_hearts:

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Go to the little gear in the top right of the text window when you start to write a reply and select the option “blur spoiler”

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Thanks :slight_smile: