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How do you actually create a story?


Go onto the writer’s portal, click ‘Create a new story’, come up with a name (you can always change this later), then the bubbles will guide you from there. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


if i wanna ask for something like how to add backgrounds and where to find them what category is it ??


Creator’s Corner
Directing Helps & Tips




just as t to know how do I save an outfit for my character


Hi @brooke-lyn! This topic is dedicated to how to use the forums. Please create a topic in the Directing Help & Tips section of the forums for your questions and I’m sure the community would be happy to help. Thanks!

How to change the opacity of the screen? Or how to make the screen darker?

thank you


Thank you so much for this! Because I’m still a bit oldish - new to this (just that I haven’t been on Episode Forum over a few years or months) and yet still learning here which this topic really did brought to my attention and it helped a lot.


Hi, @Jeremy.
I want to know. How can I earn the badge “Certified”?


You can view all the badges and what needs to be done to earn them here. :smiley:


Ah. Thanks, @Jeremy.


Please PM our moderator @Sydney_H with any inquiries you might have. Thanks!


thanks for the help


I just joined the Episode Forum and I an loving it…I have started writing my own stories and its really interesting …I also take time to read other episodes on my free days…:kissing_heart::smile:


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay on Episode Forum.


@Jeremy is there a way to report a specific user?


There sure is.

^^^ Flagging is how to report a user for violating the forum rules. For more info check out the “When to flag” and “How to flag” sections of the tutorial above. Thanks :smiley:


Hey, I have a question. How do you close a topic you’ve made?


By asking our Moderator @Sydney_H to do it :slight_smile: