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How any people here are making a story?
Hi were new to the episode forums
My Best Friend is in love with me
Mobile App Help?
Which one is better? YOU pick!
Mobile Creation Story
How to unlock things in the app
Can you still buy the 30 days unlimited passes?
Why do you only earn 1 fem per chapter?
Need a cover artist partner
Overlay Required
Anyone need anything?
INK to LL thoughts
Outfit Ideas [LIMELIGHT]
Please help me with a cover
Family is great?
I need a partner to help me develop new ideas
Need help with romance!
Hi guys new member in the community!
New authors post your story
HELP ME Please!
Need help with my character being on water floating!
I need names ideas for my MC
Episode meet up in london : any french people who are going?
Help with planning my story?
Want me to make you splashes or covers?!?
My life With boy
Review backgrounds
"anyone wants a read to their story"
Visit my story! (Power Club)
What is important in a story?
Bath Overlay needed
I need help planning out my story
What happens next?
Starting out - helpful tips?
Is there any way to stop the "error message" emails?
My Own Background?
New hairstyles for limelight
Mobile Create: Updating!
How do I find stories on the app?
Petition : For Anything, last thread got closed
How to make a flash of lightning appear in a story?
In need of a partner
Walk while talk
Why does the reader always get the low rank?
How do you fade in circle?
Script Error! (I'm a beginner)
Character story
Need a editor for my story
Error in script
Art scene needed for new story!
Help! I am having a problem with my story
iPhone X full screen option
PETITION : For anything
Please make a portal on how the mouth, nose, hair, and etc: looks like. Just like Animation Portal in the Art Catalog
How can I make it look like my character is cooking?
A writing section in the episode app
The New Sections?
Currently working on a guide to write on Episode
Post what they should add and let this keep going
New author! READ MY STORY
I'm writing Strictly alive. Check it out:
Please read my story!?
Beta tester needed!
Splash request thread
Anyone familiar on how to fix this?
Changing a hairstyle for ink?
Review for Review or Reads for Reads
On line ### error? help me asap
Car interior backgrounds and overlays
Will you read this kind of a story?
Help please! I'm desperate!
Publishing+creating stories on mobile
Characters needed
Where can I find legs and arms overlays?
Pride Contest Question
Would you read it just looking at the cover?
Why isn’t my bonus passes Saving?
Can someone please help me with this error?
I dont know how to make a character walk out onto the screen help?
Phones animation with messages?
Please help with animations & zooming
Help, I can't think of a UNIQUE story idea
Can anyone make me some cover art?
My new episode!
How to get more recognition/More reads?
Front view of bullet overlay
Background or side characters, anybody?
The New Girl by Saige Mercer *REVIEW* (part 1)
How to be in a driving car
Adding Choices?
How to add real pictures as a background
I’m in need of background characters!
Any tips or feedback? much needed
I don't know why there is an error
Read for Reads (New Stories)
Need ideas for the title of my new story
Abby's Help Thread
Looking for an artist to make the covers for my stories!
Kami no Hime - Art Needed - LIMELIGHT
Need help with coding?
In need of a cover asap!
LGBT+ love interests in my story, or not? :rainbow:
Help For The New Episodians!
The "Work it!" Contest
Can someone please help when it comes to facing characters?
Background size!
Christians out there?
How should I call this story?
I need help can someone help me pls as fast as possible
My revamped story out now!
ASAP! Need a title! AW contest (solved)
Cover Art For My Story
Different Body Types For Characters
New author seeking reads & edits :)
Blue Hair for Maincharacter
What's your favourite episode genre?
Artist Required
*Silver Skulls* Writing Group (LL) [CLOSED]
What kind of covers do you like?
I'm here to help with grammar or proof reading (CLOSED)
When your new and you wanna get featured lol im making a story called Collage Life
Write with meh plzzzzzzzzzz
Need a Coder/Scripter
New clothes for inkkkk?
Hi can you guys please help me with my first story can give feedback as well
Coveland a new heir
Limelight & Ink
Background/extra characters
Warning problems! HELP ME PLEASE!
In need of constructive feedback!
Trying to figure out these Animations
Does anybody here care about fame in the community?
Ok. So I have a idea for my story
New speech bubble won’t show in my preview
I love you Harry Styles
Help! I can't find user stories
Hi everyone! I need someone who make my first story's cover picture! :)
What do people think about outline contests?
Directing help (Which I'm sure has already been addressed, I'm sorry in advance)
Facing while walking
What's this error? It is called "20097" What is it?
Bedroom scene help?
If there was one thing you could add to Episodes, what would it be?
How do you make Video Edits?
How long does it take for the Episode team to review your story cover?
Character wouldn't walk :(
First Story... Please Check Out
My Second Script Problem
Customized Name
I need some covers for my story please
Making a phone overlay move or beep
What do you use for to make covers?
Anyone get what im trying to do
Just a question
Overlay anchor point not working?
Grenade explosion intro
Author Appreciation!
I love u landon landon 😘
Different stories?
Please help, I'm new
Does it while command
It starts with a bra differences
Need help getting character to stand up out of bed
Will someone read my script off episode 3 to correct the grammar errors
Can someone please do a cover
Looking for some overlays
Sleeping in bed, waking and getting up
How do you become a admin
My charecter doesn't kiss on the right side
I am looking for someone who can do a cover art for some of my stories
Upgrade Episode to Continue Playing on this device
Will someone read my script off episode 3 to correct the grammar errors
Need help finding background
Medavial Writing Group!
Background help please (:
So, this is hard work
Anybody a Composer?
This is solved nvm
What are your feelings/thoughts/habits while writing?
My new story feedback and read for read
Click here please
I'm sorry! I hope y'all can be patient with me!
Leave your episode username below
Official Thread for Episode Nirvana
I need help starting a story please help me!
How to Hold Baby Swaddle
Episodes with more than one pov
This is solved so nvm
How do you create a social media look alike background on episode?
Zooming issues!
Phone parallel help!
Read 4 Read with shout out and a little review
Help! having trouble remembering choices
Making a Story Cover
Can anyone help me with making a background
Story recommendations pleaaase :)
Cronic Writer's Block, Pleaseeeeee help
I am having trouble letting my reader name their 2nd character
Cover art please?
Looking for an overlay
Need small and large cover for my werewolf story called Running Wolves
I need help with one of my characters that is entering a scene
Help me with characters. Please
Anyone down for read4read OR review4review?
Need help with a name
Art scene requesting
Help wanted! Need co-writer
My first splash
Do things like this in outfits bother you?
Can someone test out my story and give me a true opinion
Here, if you are bored here is something that will give you a brain fart
How do you create a social media look alike background on episode?
Directing Helps & Tips
Zoom Help Please!
Letting the audience choose their name
What do u prefer
Hello guys, I need some help!
Writing Partners
What is the thing that draws you into a story
What's your opinion about my cover art?
Needing a open and closed door background!
Help w/coding, intro, art, overlays
How do you add more then one overlay? And I also need overlays :/
Characters needed for story! (INK)
Help with overlays please
Acceptable amount of blood in an episode story?
What do you think of this drawing?
Need moderator for problem
Help! Changing Outfits
CC love interest
Secondary Choice?
My first cover please tell me what you think
Help me and suggest outfits (INK)
Need help on the Plot!
Tied up overlays?
Any group I can join
I need help with overlays
About backgrounds & copyright
I don't know how to make a narration bubble with a character with out the character popping up
Best Stories in adventure genre
Need help writing a script
Losing motivation to write
Spotting error when trying to preview?
If Episode was a genie . . .?
Overlay and Background In Review
Confidence is missing!
Edits are Open now
How long does it typically take you to write one chapter?
Review my story?
Help me with my Cover Design
Lets promote eachother!
New stories to play
Surprise for the by bestie
Make own picture on Pc --> which app/webside ect?
How to put your character in a different Zone without the camera being on the character in that zone
Why is this happening?
HELP! I can't make characters say the player's name
Help i dont know whats going on?!
What is the animation called
Loking for ideas to use in my story
Please come back my 4 free passes every 4 hours
REVIEW MY STORY,tell me what you think
Episode Studio wants YOUR opinion
FREE COVERS in 5 likes time
Help! Choices must follow a dialog not a branch
Hello how is everyone
I have a character that is Emo, can you help me?
Instagram Follow Me 😊
Read my story! Down below in description
Help me with my stupid question!
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Our first High school Year
Fainting Template
Rant: Artist struggles
Would u like to join my art group
Read my stories all in here
Hello I would like to make a realistic looking cover for, can someone explain what apps I should use and how to use them?
Please answer if you know
Episode Support Center Question
Vote Here Now! 🙂
Art scenes: Intros, Covers
I need help please please help
Read my story and I will read yours
Spotlight Opinions
Please help me with this erroe
Brand new author needing reader and artwork
I need help/advice with a story?
Need Someone to help me by making some covers for my story When In Paris and some edits too
Zoom & Walk Help
What should my story be about?
Please help me with a bed background!
Reviewing Stories
Need a feedback? I'm here to help
Co-Writer Needed! :)
Can someone give me a review
Cover for story needed
Can someone make me a cover? (CLOSED)
I need intro for my story
Unfunny “Comedy” stories
Received any discouraging reviews? CLICK HERE!
Upcoming Storys
I need an artist to make an art scene for me
Hidden Animation in Preview
Information in Stories
Some of my animations won't work, run time error
How do I change an account email on studio on the pc
Any story ideas to help me with my story?
Help i need a writing partner for the upcoming episodes CLOSED
Anyone else noticing that guys are a different size than girls in Limelight?
I need some help BADLY
Can everyone go and read my story ? It's Called "Read My Mind"
Help wanted! in need of coding partner
Issue with the timer
First Impressions and Turn Offs 💙
Unexpected character (NEEDED HELP!)
What do you guys think
Inspiration is running low
Characters Needed 💖
In need of characters 🌝
Challenges and passes
Non-looping background keeps looping
Discribe your dream guy on Episode
Does anyone know how to make a character look like a ghost?
Top 3 Favorite Stories?
New Story Alert 🚨
Need help with the new speechbubble format
Problem character bug
Fill out form for splash!
Episode Stories
Please Help My Story Won’t Work!
I have an error, please help!
Epy. Sister Hood Joining Application
Anyone Willing To Help Me Come Up With A Steady Posting Schedule For My Stories?
I need background characters for my story (INK)
Disrespect in the Art Community
New Author in Need of Writing Tips
Quick Survey ~ What kind of stories do the public want?
Post your script templates here!
How to turn off the filter in the story?
New overlay now in my drive
Does anyone need an outfit maker?
Uploading own Backgrounds
New authors click here! (Read for read, read for review, promoting,sharing)
Brows won't work in Limelight
In need of an artist for my story Bougie on a Budget
Does anyone know any good stories?
Who wants to be Episode friends?
Book Cover Pending
Looking for a directing partner
Advice for my story?
Looking for the review of my story
Review for review 👏
FEATURE: Forum Group Business Accounts
Read for read! Share here!
Recommended Stories
Share your stories
I'm doing read 4 reads and honest reviews!
Review for review 😊
F4F R4R share here!
Honest Story Reviews
Request gOOD stories to read!
Backgrounds and overlays for my story?
Description writer?
Need 2 person help me with grammar and a art cover
I can help with outfits
Seeing stories on the episode app
Which one should I use? 1,2, or 3?
What do you hate about writing a story?
Need great new stories to read?
Need story name pls
On Screen Changing Commands
NEED HELP COME HERE! I read stories create splashes, and covers and (art scenes coming soon!)
Thoughts About Premium/Gem Choices
Gym and punching bag?
Im drawing YOUR episode characters!
Overlay of ropes please
Hidden Animations
Cover and splash artist needed!
Overlays not showing
Ideas for my chapter/want to appear in my story?
Choice Problems
Speech Bubble Help - Cycling Tail
Story Title Idea!
Cover Art Needed ASAP
Can't delete iPhone photos completely?
Can someone edit backgrounds?
MORE FOR INK - who agrees?
Layer help for background characters - I'm so confused!
I need a cover someone plz help me!
Should I make a contest?
Making free covers
Instagram group Epy Puppies
I Need a cover for a story, can anyone help?
Mobile app art -trying to change it
Can someone make me a airplane template
Do you agree with LGBT in stories?
Characters not showing up
As A New Member I Need Some Info Desperately!
Can anyone review my story pleaseeeee?
Help me find a story back!
My Char won't stand behind the overlay
I’m new here on the forums
Desprate for an art scene that i can actually use
Bed Overlay, Help me please!
Feed back on this please
Please help me with a gun overlay
It's not working with label choosing_outfits
I miss Classic, who else wants more stories in classic?
Looking for someone to review my first story. 3episodes
I need a group!
Does anyone know how I can make two characters behind an overlay and two in front?
Under the sea poll
DISCUSSION: Cultures & Knowledge
Could someone make me a cover for my story?
Customer Support is Invisible
College stories
Help me get more followers on instagram and I'll follow back
Hard times :disappointed_relieved:
What name should I use?
How many of y'all use a kindle fire to write your stories?
Which one is best?
Story Cover Creation
I need someone to make a cover and/or backgrounds :^)
Help with title's idea for my new story
Help with the writer's block?
Reviewing/Reading Stories!
Music Won't Play
Should I Do Mini Stories
Learning to make art covers
Hello every one!
Overlay layers help
How does this look and should I open a profile pic shop
Dirty Dancing Entries? Promote + Support other authors!
How to add baseball
Is this a good title?
Hello Want to have a chance of being in my story?
Leg Overlays Needed!
Classic clothing help?
In need of a pregnancy test overlay
Any advice for writer's block?
I need help in coding!
Customise the both characters names and look
I will review your story if you review mine
Your Opinion On Gang Stories?
Anyone who can help me with an overlay
ANIMATION: Knocking animation for INK
Could we have a Chicago meet-up?
Disagreeing with Homophobia
I Need A Background Urgent!
Searching for beautiful art's
Issue with spotting
Hi! I’m new to forums!
Need Help with Understanding My Story Rank
Has anyone got this with the door closed or know how I can do this?
Some peeps getting married y’all
What is your favorite episode story?
Need motorcycle overlay with girl on it
True and real horror stories of friends coming out soon
Can someone help me make backgrounds please?
Isaiah best background maker
I need a cover creator! I need help!
Favourtie epiosde style
Art scene -with examples please
Feedback on this story idea?
Recommend any backgrounds?
What am i doing wrong
In need of sports cars overlays
Need help with some of my stories!
How do I drag a character?
Story Title Suggestions Please?
Did Jermy quit 😱
Error: Unexpected DIALOG: "Go try to cheer her up."{
Help needed, any ideas acceptable
Private Backgrounds and Overlays!
Looking to make a writing group!
Spam issue! Ugh
In need of a large cover! Anyone interested?!
Transferring data over
The Ember Moon Pack Updates Thread
Best way to start a new story!
In need of a story cover
Hello everyone , Help me to improve my ranking!
Comedy recommendations?
Limelight : Over-Shoulder SCRIPT TEMPLATE
Help Im trying to make my characters run away like exiting but they need to be running
Introduction- Iove
Can someone make this background into a night version?
If any one has a story they want me to read or read theres I would love to im very bored P.S. the genre is romance
Mobile or Desktop Creating
How do you zoom in and out
Looking for art scene creator
Try my story so far! Haven't finished 3rd chapter
Few Backgrounds and Overlays and a Cover Needed
How do I put bruises on my characters? Mobile device
Hugging For Limelight Help
*Limelight* Characters Needed For My Story
Can I please get some help
Spot directing Background characters
How do you sit down in the bakery
New Customization
Png transparent overlays
Who wants to try out my character customization? woohoo
Overlays, need help
New story I Will Find you!
Seeking Digital Artist
I have problem with finding a story
Needed writing partner!
How can I have my characters already in the spot position when going on to a new scene?
Help for my new story: I need "advices"/ answers from Muslim/ Jewish women wearing hijabs and any other women daily wearing headscarves or turbans!
Why does it keep doing this?
Just published my first story. Read mine, I’ll read yours
Read for Read/Feedbacks
The animation is not working?
I need background characters for my story! (Limelight)
In a Starry Night (Limelight)
Instagram, Follow for Follow
Opinion on bad characters staying bad?
Episode 2 isn't acknowledging the choices I made in Episode 1
Being told that choices matter?
Baseball and hidden assets meme
Courtroom overlay tables
Help to create the choice of clothes
Need a little help with choices
Feedback on my story idea?
Anyone wanna be in my story?
Have you checked your phones? (Change outfit glitch in classic)
Maid For You Episode Story -Small Cover-
The Contestants For Truth Or Dare!
Alleyway on episodes
What type of stories do you you prefer?
I have a question please help
Overlays needed?
How can I get my character to walk infront of background characters?
I need help with art for my story
Words Turn Red In Script? ;~;
How can I make my story more unique so that it stands out like most stories?
Story Line Helper
I need help finding the name of this animation
*Request Open* Looking for Characters for Series
How do I go back to the choices?
Can They Add News Emotions? On T
I need help with making my story more interesting
Need help with Title Name
Would you read this? A mystery thriller
I need help publishing
Hi, Hello. I've very lonely
Missing people is there any chance to get them !?
Please help me,
I'm trying to figure out which person should die in my story :/
Birthday matches
“The Not So Royal Wedding” (Feedback Needed)
Preview story check & r4r
WHAT? Please help! Choice confusion. :(
Mafia Lovers by Mia
Help me find this dress
JPG to PNG help
Albino Alibi - Check out my story!
I will review the first chapter of your story!
Episode office hours?
TV troubles need overlay/background/script will give credit
Cafe Backgrounds?
I need advice for my story
This is just my question?
Is there anyone who knows how to get in contact with the creators behind episode life?
Guys for my story wanted
Question about Limelight animations!
Fading Issue in Script
Anyone with mental health struggles past or present that can help please..?
Why do you write for Episode?
Need help with layers coding help needed
Can you relate to this?
I'm looking for someone to make me a background!
Episode passes HELP
Writing Problems
I need help finding a art scene artist
Do any of you agree/disagree with Episode's guidelines?
Rhyme with the previous reply thread
Outfit Change Help!
Hehe I'm bored soo
Could someone please draw me a cover? (contest)
Help Me Choose A Description For My Story
I needfast help to find a title
Can anyone read my story and give me corrections?
Need of a specific background
Some concerns with the way male characters are treated on episode
Can anyone please recommend a good story to read?
Does this happen to you?
What are some good stories that the mc is a male and the story has romance?
Does anybody miss classic or ink?
I need names for a male gang leader
Searching a story
Story Contest Genera: *Horror*
Co Arthur Request
Episode Hood Awards - Hiring!
NEW STORY (#JINX-ED) I have published my FIRST STORY!
Need feedback on this edit
Can I get 2 cover photos?
Feedback on my art
Teaser question
Help With Ink Animation? :( (Nevermind, thank you Mary-P, Mystery.Author and GeoWrites!)
I Need a Letter Overlays
Phone editors deserve better!
"Thriller: Demons" :japanese_ogre:
What's up with forum weddings and families? What is the purpose and other stuff?
Character Edits! (OPEN)
Coder help: zoom setup
I need help for my story!
Laptop background overlay!
Where can I go so I can make my own overlays?
I would rwally be gratful if someone can make an intro and an outtro pic
Need Help With Story Ideas :P
How do I give the shooting effect to my story
Anyone who can make me a cover art?
Age twinssssss!
Customization Template errors
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Secret Pack
We need eye-shadows
Best Planning Resource EVER!
Can anyone give me some male and female love intreset?
Need help with placing characters when it pans to zone 3 the character don't show then they come up i don't want it like that i want it like when it pans to zone 3 the character's will be there
Looking for Top Favourite episode story’s Help
Iovie: Channel/Social Media Account Opened!
I need a backseat background!
Review/advise for my story
Liv’s Profile Pic Corner
Should I delete the A Bullying Story
How do i get reads on my first story?
I need help changing my email to a different one
Story Review/Help?
Sia’s story reviews
Read over my story?
Wanna be in my story? (a few leading roles availeble now)+also contest anouncement day :)
How to collect diamonds or tickets for Episode
Let's hear some of your ideas!
New Story Brand
New story suggestions
Used to be able to read user stories without passes
Opinion for cover
Overlay Not Appearing
A new YouTube channel dedicated to help anyone with problems they face while writing...leave some requests
Searching for good movies
Anyone who can make me a peice of art?
How to upload a gif
Remembering Past Choices Error
Hello! i'm Fernii :)
Can someone make me a boy riding on a motorcycle?
I am in need of an artist!
Cover story backgrounf *help me*
Give me some feedback on this spalsh
Тαĸιɴɢ α вreαĸ... 𝙵𝙾𝚁 𝙽𝙾𝚆
Background & Overlay Creators
Promoting my story and promote yours too!
Tattoo shop background
Does anyone still read classic?
Need help about "teaser"
When will they review?
Recommend me some futuristic stories pretty plz!
What's the problem?
Help! This overlay NEEDS to be accepted! What do I do?!
How do i make my story famous? or get many reads?
BACKGROUND Help needed please
Question about INK
Thinking of making a forums therapy group!
How will I know when my cover is reviewed?
How do you change the title of an episode that you’ve created?
Does anybody know where I can find this car int. background
How to get the narrator box but with a characters name on it (ie Hestia)
Read for read? Just started writing!
Can I have help?
Need a background that is a house and inside a house it has stairs
Adam's story reviewing thread!
Water Overlays?
Is there anyone who can make a cover of art?
Choice flagging error?
Episode app glitching and not working
Cover Contest For New Story
I need limelight characters for my story! :star2:
I'm reviewing stories!
Deleting or Unlimited Replays
I am new to the forums, Need friends :grimacing:
What makes your cringe when you read or see it?
New writer, New story - feedback welcome!
Would you read?
I need some thoughts
Support me please
Still Need more characters(INK)
Does any one know how to get those special outfits?
Episode story contests
Who wants to be a character in my new comedy story? *INK*
Camera help please!
How to continue a story with the players custom character name
I need help for my story cover!
Episode edit request
In Need of Background Characters [INK]
Background Charcters/ Main Characters needed!
More Limlight character clothing!
Need Backround characters
Feedback On My Story (Holding Back)?
Forum friends 🤷‍♀️🙂
What’s your deepest darkest fear?
Anybody Have Any Suggestions About Story Promotion?
Summer forum awards update
This story is right for YOU! R4Rs
Characters Needed (limelight)
I want to read a story with BAD BOY or gang leaders
I would like to read storys with Bad girls and spys
When publishing
How can I get reads?
Tips to enjoy writing episode stories BY: MeanGirl
“The Business” needs characters! (INK)
Hi again! I need more characters
<Writing Partner?>
Need A Cover For My Newww Story
Help please! 🙏🏻
Just curious about reads
Story ideas here
Outfit and character creator!
Need background characters or friend characters in my story!
Thoughts and Overlays
Want to be a character in my story?
Can someone please read my story? I'll do a R4R
I’m out of ideas!
Episode needs to put an end to these bad boy stories
My story has been published!
Hello guys (tbd)
I’m publishing my story soon
I'm Looking For Some New Friends
Character accounts insta
Help i need some art scenes for my new story
Need a story cover and general art
Stupid question about starting a story
Any stories as the main character's behavior just like Bella Ellington in Dirty Sexy Teenagers?
Faith's Review Shop!
My Choices Aren't Working
I need Piano overlay
My first drawing:)
I want to hear about your arts and stories ;)
Who would you rather date 2.0 ? ;)
Splashes or covers
What Should I Name A Story About Verbal, Emotional & Mental Abuse?
I have terrible taste in outfits... anyone wanna help? owo
Hey guys and girls I would really like your feed back on my new story
Does anyone wants to help me with male cloths
iDeA's FoR aN ePisOdE? please!
What should i post on youtube?
Can anyone make an Art cover for my book, His Girl?
Caught In Love Out Now!
In need of a pink car overlay!
Hi want to be friends
I need a juicy story to read
I need help with this
After finishing a story, do you ever feel depressed or is it just me?
Is there any Albanian?
Hello! Just promoting my new story
How do you make choosing games?
Cannot read episode its not working
Kalizzza don't leave we all love you
I'm desperate for help now please help me now
Epy Heroes Application Thread
Do you want a review of your story?
Shifting an overlay
I need someone talented to draw a special scene
Background characters needed! **INK**
Need outfits and characters! (INK)
Need character's for my story!
Good vampire or werewolf stories
Auditorium background
I need some tips! (Oil Hair?)
How can I edit this back ground without the chairs
Last name polllllllll
Can i get some help fast
If anyone wants to collaborate
I need help with a problem
Does anyone knows the font of instagram
Outlines needed 👌
Give a feedback on my story, guys!
Wanna do me a favor?
Free edits for 420x580?
Suggestions for a good heartbreak/drama stories!
Unlimited tickets, doing read for reads!
New instergram x
Need help with dressing game
Story recommendations. Preferably ink stories
Need help on story title
Does anyone know who owns this overlay?
I need ink Chachacters
Payment's section blocked by extension (I need help)
Italian translations
Give me feedback on my new story :)
Comment bar help
What are your thoughts on a good story review?
Date Ideas please
I don’t know what i’m doing
Fake love true love
Link to my first story plz give feedback
Male Outfits Creator Needed
Are we allowed to make a episode based of a TV Show or Movie?
Opinions on my story!
So I will help everyone to resize an image
Can I please have a carseat overlay
Why does this not work?
Beginner - Having trouble with writing portal
More interracial couple stories
Help for directing characteres
~ Review for Review ~
Anybody interested in helping create a storyline?
To The People Who Follow Me On The App
Customization problem pls help
Need characters and A cover for new limelight story! Please help lol
In Need of Limelight Customization Templates
Name Game Come Play 😎
Hey, could anyone get her facing a gun forward?
Any Ideas for my story? Help?
How does she look like this?
Ergent! characters needed ink
New on episode,, what genre should I use?
Want an appearance in my story? (LL)
LL character needed again
Why on my sister's phone the app looks different
What do you think about: Hero stories?
Do you use classic?
Could anyone help?
Story title help, lol
More ink! anyone agree
What gender do you prefer for a 3 chapters story
What's your social media for Episode?
Story Reviews! (Advice, Tips)
Helllooo! I need art
Can you create a background for me?
I need beta-readers to give me advice!
Character is not showing in the dressing game
Completed Realistic Art Cover
There is a { on line 1469 that does not have a matching }
Looking for a cover creator
Searching for a story
The girl with sprit
Time For Some Fun!
Where you can create like two girl mcs
Im I The Only Person On Forms Who Loves Anime?
I Need overlays ASAP!
Cliche and unrealistic stories
Coding help for people struggling
Having Spot Problems
Do y’all have any good stories?
Flowers of Despair
If You Use Photoshop, I Need Help
Writer's portal Bug
Should I could I continue my story A Bullying Story until book 5
Table conversation
Multiple ending stories?
I need these nighttime!
The INK story style!
I need INK background characters
Help with switching accounts
Need help previewing story (URGENT)
I'm in need of a Cover
How do you make a character walk while talking?
Stories recommend reading
Need help on title for my story!
New Story out Now! Sunny!
Story Review Needed ASAP
Ok could I get away with this
What do you think of my outline?
Looking for cover maker...!
Whats the worst possible crimes?
Filed a help ticket
Background Characters Needed. (Ink)
Anyone want an episode profile pic?
Show me your best moms and cutest love interests
I need some characters... (All For You)
Episode Instagram acc
Need an Art Scene Creator For My Story
I was wondering if someone can tell me how to text
How do I choose which part of the background I use?
Car interior background and overlay
Do you need Story ideas
Super New and Super Lost oof!
Need some background characters/extra's for my upcoming story!
Who wants to play as the cousin in my story?
Hi there...hi everyone
Writers block :((
Guys, I have BIG news!
How do you publish your stories on an android?
Emerald Falls Season 1
NEED BACKGROUND -Limelight Characters!
I really need some help
I need art sence for my story
What counts as an actual read?
New awesome cool things coming up!+ (Back at art if you need lol not that I have stopped but yeahhh)😂
Google drive help
Remake a Broadway musical and movie for episode
New Bee buzzing in or so
Promote my story INK
Rae's Art Shop (Open)
Tragic Accidents that College Students Go Through
How do you do this with your characters?
Can Anybody make me some Cover art. PLZZZZ?
Why are the first 6 trending stories episode all limelight
Help, i need a mythical fantasy town name (closed)
Need help with backgrounds
Story's that have male mc characters
Need co writer thriller
Episode ads HELP!
Can someone give me a duo customisation template
Script error, help
Custom overlay needed pleaseee!
Story Starter help!
How do you come up with ideas for your story?
Question? About removing of stories
Anybody want to be in my new story!?
Help me please for epsode
Does anyone have a fake blood overlay, bruise overlays, shadow overlay (LL), and a forensics table blanket?
Recommend some limelight romance stories please!
New beards for ll!
Some school overlays? <3
Profile clothing
Music/Volume problem
Need help with finding a story name?
Episode Rap Battles
What do u think?
Would you give this a try?
Saasha's fast food centre! 🍔
I need an artist for my cover!
Any art request?
Dose anyone know who made these backgrounds?
New author....Need help
Sensitive topics and how to write about them
Splashes for free i guess
Exiting help please
Does anyone want to explain something to me
Need a background and overlays
Need Help With A Code
INK characters needed ASAP!
Confusing script error?
Tear overlay help
A Good Default Limelight Outfit?
Help. I need help lmao
Needing help with my story
How would you prefer your MC?
I am new in episode
Need Title Help!
Want a feature in my new story?
Anyone wanna be a character in my story? (LL)
Car interior and overlays needed - HELP PLEASE!
Need feedback for story
Improving stories!
How do you do transparent speech bubbles?
Change episode interactive username and password
Please Read This!
Looking for ideas for a new story
Overlay help? please!
Need Characters for LL
Help please who has written an epoisode before
Different choice ideas?
I need outfits and background characters!
I need an overlay please
I need a splash
Need an Artist for a special art scene
I need this background night!
Looking for stories with long chapters
Anyway wanna do Read for Read?
wHo wAnTs to be in my story?
Can someone give me an small review?
Quick question (won't let me edit my post)
Is this a glitch or Its getting me frustruated
Anybody have an electronic guitar overlay?
Read 4 read the ugly truth
What makes for the best reading experience?
I need story name ideas :heart:
Can somemone tell me the schoolbell sound on episode?
Helppp far with this background
Cliffhangers that'll leave you hanging?
No creativity from Episode
Anyone can help me out?
Story Prompts Question
New authors needing any help?
Would Anyone Make Me A Cover (Free Of Charge)?
How do you make three characters talk at the same time?
Which name sounds better?
Kissing Couple in Background
Story Character request
Need characters send ur deedts
I need help. With the screen following the character?!?!?
The Outsiders My new book!
My first episode n i'm dead!
Fill Out My Bg Character Form?٩◔‿◔۶
Need a Beta Reader!
Cover Artist and Art Scenes
I'm Not Sure What's Wrong Here// Help Lol
Outfit Ideas for LL
What are you looking for in a story?
Access been revoked
HELP! I just lost my progress for no reason for my FAVORITED STORIES! WTF
Constructive criticism on my first art work please!
Read my short draft
DISCUSSION: Episode TOS - Section 7
Winter Backgrounds
Twilight Stars| Group Sign ups| OPEN|
I need help with one of my scenes in my story
Overlay help for a car?
Need help with error on my story
Phone Background
Instagram Feed Ideas
What do you want in a story?
Limelight Male Homeless Outfit Ideas
Promotion and update thread of new story: The P*ck List
How do you make characters run really fast?
Picking/Carrying someone - who can help me?
How to do intros
Customization isn't always necessary?
I need characters for outlines
Can someone help me with overlays
Uploaded a new story
Let me bask in glory for a minute 🤣
I can translate your stories!
Cover story episode
Script help! Urgent
I'll review your story (MIKII'S HONEST REVIEWS)
Help needed! Readers for my story b4 it's published!
Join my new writing group!
Clear Overlay Images
What is this, episode? Lmao
Make a background an overlay
I'm new here. Can somebody guide me?
Need extra characters (Ink)
What makes a good story in your opinion?
Baby swaddle error
Help! I'm using spot directing to make it look like a character's on a bed, but her size won't change!
Changing hair mid script causes the characters hair to change everywhere!
Story writer help
I have a weird glitch
Help......the bubbles thing collide with each other
Reccomend some stories to me!
Account related help
ZADDY’S Name Generator 🎉*UPDATED!*
In need of help :( (story problem) SOS ALL CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN PLS HELP HELPPPP!
HELP can't change my profile avatar?!
Storyline advice
Does any one do story reviews?
Battle of the Styles
Trouble with my story
Landing Rotation Plane
I need a writting partner(s)😪
Something Budding Creaters Should Know (And Recievers should stop)
Need Choice Help for changing character Body shade, hair color, eye color
Help me please i need help so bad
I'm Stuck with mY story
I need tips on how to finish a story
Somebody help :(
Somebody help :/
A Message to Episode
Guys I need help for choosing the name for my new story!
What makes you want to read a story?
Story Reviews on instagram?
Title Name Help
Any good Mermaid stories?
Mermaid Outfit Suggestions?!
APP: small cover sizes in the app
Do you wanna be in my story?
How can I do this effect?
Help me add a gun to my player
Proofreader and editor
bAcKgRoUnD aNd OvErLaY hElP
I really don't understand labels,
Overlay help needed, pleaseee!
Shifting overlays NEED HELP!
Moving Camera for episode
Beta readers? for "A magical kind of love"
Haven’t found an answer on this one
Help People With Story Ideas (HASN'T BEENPUBLISHED)
Read For Read Shop!
Hottest Male Ink Character
Art partnership! (CLOSED)
Promoting my story, promote your story here too!
My episode stories are restarting by itself
Heart Of Gold [Choose A Role In My Story] [LIMELIGHT] [OPEN!]
Does anyone know when the next contest will be announced?
Bad boys... loosing their fame?!
Reviewing your story 100% safe! ❤️
Fave character style and thing about it?
Read-for-read and review-for-review
Somone help me please
My first art/outline what do you all think
Need a realistic artist for my art scenes!
Need Help for a cover for my story
Outlines for Ink?
SeriousR4R New stories on Episode
Looking for assistance with a script error
Need name for my character (Help Me PLZ)
Help! I need some background characters
Opinions on stories about millionaires?
Language Translation Resources
How to show a accident between a car and truck?
Background made please
FEATURED: Delete our own topics
What do you think of recaps?
Overlay wont clear even when i put the correct code in
I need a clothing hair and makeup template (ll)
Name for a story
Art scene needed fast
FEATURE: Clicking on people's profile and being able to look at your guys' PMs together
Anyone what to help me with this
College Days Contest Freaking Out
Genre help Please!
Offering read for read!
Is anyone able to do a review of my story?
Who's background is this
Overlay Help..?
Looking for background characters (Ink)
Random Question
New animated pfp needed please!
Characters talking and animations in ink
Art cover needed for my story please
Change emailadres
Editor's pick: How does that work?
Suggest some good stories
Episode editor requests
How and when in Limelight?
I need help with my zoom
I really want to know something. (Need your through's on this.) Please
How to do mine Games in your episode
How do I get motivated to finish a story?
Help me please really please
Epy.teamcow New Instagram Read for Review show. Share your stories with us!
Hi I'm New here
A coder, writer, and artist
What apps shold i use to make art scene?
Help with an error?
Add Your Characters (INK)
Looking for a coach :)
Need story ideas? Check This Out! (Updated!)
Closet Option: Ex: Demi Stories
Stealing from the community
I need limelight male outfits
Does anyone need a clothing person thingy?
Character customization template
Help with Art Cover?
Needing some help with introducing characters!
Coding mistakes you always make?
Need an art scene for my story (Limelight)
Ink stories with CC
Idk what’s going wrong
Interior School Background
Need help pls. overlays!
Common Words in Russian!
The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018
INK or LL? Poll time!
Anyone want to be in my story?
*In Need Of An Artist* Covers*Splashes*Art Scenes*
I don't know why this isn't working!
Looking to cowrite
Does Anyone Have A Far West Themed Background?
How do I create backgrounds?
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone wanted to be a character in my story?
How do I add the little arrows on a customization template?
My characters don't move where I want them to
FEATURE: Style filter on clothing
Help with error please
New story guys I hope that you will like
Suggestions for my title?
Be in the story?
How to make a character leave the scene (walking away)
Prop error INK help
Pan and walk w two characters
Episode Bubbles
I can't do Scene Change
I need some splashes!
Are the new hairstyles from Envy, My First Everything etc. Going to be released?
Hey do I use a gain to lock and unlock speicals scenes
Funny & Cute usernames!
Cover Art for Story Needed
Looking for a background for my story
Conversation: What do you think about episodes new customization items?
How can i lock an episode so no one can read the next chapter?
In need of story recommendations
Name coding for reader
Need free backgrounds?
How to make characters walk in front of podium
Just a simple solution
Some story ideas would be great right now 🤦🏾
Love to See My Character In Your Story
Should my new crime drama story be in INK or Limelight?
Dressing game?
Anyone got the coding for a choice to send a message
Just published first 3 chapters of my first story. Please read it I need suggestions
My group need art scene makersss(CLOSED)
Character Descriptions Right Here!
FEATURE: Using filters only on characters or overlays
Finding People With Same Names
Adorable stories!
Overlay help with scratches
Suggestion: Uploud Music to our story
Episode Character (**LIMELIGHT**)
-Reviewing Stories-
Underatted authors
Need help! Keep getting error when adding the customization template!
Help me with this pleaseee
Completed story suggestions -or about to be completed-
Plz help .. choose a fantasy character name
Could you visit my IG?
Hey guys! I need help finding a new story on episode to read
If you need Overlays I'll do some!
Directing Help for Beginners Or For In Need Of Help
Need A Helping Hand for my story!
What genre would you Put a Sci-Fi Story?
Members, which keep ghosting
Suggest stories with multiple love interests in INK
Can someone make a car crash scene for me?
I need help with filters
Hey guys, I need help
How to make characters hug with LimeLight
Ask my opinion on something! Must...socialize
Do you guys get emotionally attached to characters in the stories?
Two overlay help
Help I'm stuck!
Entering and exiting advanced
Looking for a new story to read
Does anyone know where to get a INT. JUVIE ROW HOME - DAY stair case overlay?
Need reviews for my first story - Which one is the real you?
Need help coding this
Unexpected Sequence (Director Command)
Title Suggestions
Could someone make me a cover for my story? <3
How long do you write per day?
REQUEST Background
Discussion: new flannals!
Proofreader needed for one chapter
Help with coding. Looking for a writing partner
Kit Kat Helping Thread and Make New Friends
Make Characters For My Story!
Need your opinion - Hair or No Hair? 👀 (body hair)
Need help with making a cover
I am reading all the stories for the "college entries" but I think that the rules are not clear!
Splash Art Needed!
Starting A New Account
What Character Style would you rather see?
How would you portray a mute character?
INK guy animation
Android to iPhone?
What do you wear in China?
Can any of you find out what's wrong?
Need help choosing a title!
Do you enjoy dramatic stories?
Tell me your story
I need a writing partner for the MC contest!
Lexxie ameliajade's read for reads
My episode book
Looking for new stories to read for free! (CLOSED)
Asking for credit when it is not yours
Anyone who wants me to read there story? ONLY LIMELIGHT!
Anyone want a outfit person to talk to/get ideas or cover
Outfit feedback! (Story: I'll fight through fire!)
What are some great titles?
I need honest reviews about my story (LL)
Please Help with story life unexpected
Don’t know what couple to edit
Error wont go away help
It says i did something wrong but idk what the error is
Falling for Him
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Falling For The Gangster (Chp#12 OUT NOW)
R4R! Only for people who actually does the R4R
Help needed with an error!
I need help with overlay coding
I need outfit help!
Should I also create a limelight vershion of my story once it's finished?
Background charactoers
Help with spot directing!
Promote your Missed Connection stories here
Busy Street Script Template
Story Trailers-what apps do you use?
Weirdest Characters Possible (INK)
Characters needed like lots of em( INK)
I need a proof reader on "my secret admirer "
How Do We Gain Passes?
Splash requests [open!]
Hey! Can anyone fill in this outline for my cover!
Remember choice error SOS
Episode Forums Levels
Character Contest (INK OR LIMELIGHT) {OPEN}
Thoughts on this cover
Boss Stories - Need New Stories To Read
Need an Outfit? I can help!
Character Ideas Needed
Can someone help me with this?!
Dissusion: How do you promote stories on Episode
Episode glitches!?
🔒 I NEED a story title for my story!
I need a mirror overlay pls help!
My portal story-previewer won't load
Episode Authors Chat!
I need an art scene soon
Customization template isn't working, help please!
Overlay issue (need help)
Detailed Story Reviews?
I need some characters for my new Story Its called Imara Stone: A risen soldier
Spot directing error/problem
Asking for art but provides no content
Need names for my story !? boys & girls!
Script help please!
My overlay isn't moving, but its code is changing
Which eyebrow shape?
Episode Story Idea (Survival of the Fittest)
How do u be a episode community member?
Warning help me please!
Co-writer kindly needed please
Script help please with if and elif when remembering choices
Wanna read my story and give me feedback?
Warehouse background
I NEED HELP! How do I make the Main Characters family look like her, with-out actually customizing the family?
Annie Recommends Story Recommendations
Can someone lend me some characters so I can practice my edits and outlines? (Ink and limelight)
Pending Previews
Female or male choice script
Hallway Class Overlay
Reads updates time
Help with 'Timed choices'!
Overlays for my new story
The Cover Rating Game
When to include a warning splash?
Limelight artist needed, please! 🖤
Does anyone have a script template for a prison courtyard?
3-5 Limelight Main Characters needed
How to request new jewellery (RINGS) from Episode?
Re-open ink edting!
Need splashes (this story uses sound, this story contains mature themes and strong language)
Hi need help with my episode story/tricks 911!
Feedback on Characters
Writing story help
Opinions on writers not letting readers change skin colours
Can someone make this into an overlay please!
Requests for edited LL Characters!
My magazine cover
Magazine cover poll 2
New Creators Contest - FOR ANY EPISODE WRITER! - For Fun
Any stories that are good involving-
Recommendations anyone?
I need help with Backgrounds!
Ink artist needed
A fun bug (dont know if it is a bug)
Episode stories for me to read
Approved Backgrounds not visible in Preview
Help Character name changing
Help with choosing name for my character?
Digital Art Poll
Stories i can choose my gender + my love interest gender? LL stories
Why the label is wrong ? Please help
Can you pls send overlays to me..I don't know how to find good overlays!
I cant pick which skin color my character should have
New Story Coming Soon:
:herb: OUTCAST (First Story)
How to get story onto a shelf?
Complete limelight story recommendations?
Title poll of story
Sitting problems
I need help with a personality quiz
Real and Honest Reviews (FULL)
A gay limelight stories
Limelight Coming To Mobile Creation?!
Deleting the episode app
What are the Episode forums to YOU?
Looking for limelight extras! need asap
PLEASE HELP URGENT! Layering isn't working
What makes a good first episode?
Any funny Episode stories to recommend?
Need characters for my story Limelight
HELP PLEASE! Names, outfits or character pic For A Witch (INK)
Story recommendations Action
Animations dosent show up when you filter
I need background
Doing R4R - serious & genuine inquiries only
Overlay and stage view?
Overlay layer glitch
Need a bit of an outfit help
Characters 4 Your Story?
I need a scenario for a choice!
Free art scenes?
Where is the unity in this community?
Once again overlay just doesnt work
Change my email?
Episode Thinks We Are Stupid!
Friendship advice thread
CC + Limb Overlays: Placement
Name suggestions?
Moving camera up and down? Help!
Question About Shelved Stories
Halp Meh Please
Things you appreciate that makes a story better when it comes to coding
Art backgrounds and overlays
Creating love interest. What do you think?
Check it out! My life as Sofia lancaster
A limelight gay stories
Hey. Any fantasy story you like?
What do you all think of this MC?
Why isn’t my character running?
Name Ideas For My Story <3
Idk anymore tbh... advice?
I dont understand
Who wanna be a character in my story? (INK)
Help with codeing
A new cover of mine! Opinions?
I want to make a trailer-,-
Cover for mafia story
Nickname Please
Recreating Outfits that YOU Made!
Announcing College Days! Our Next Creator's Contest!
Background Help Needed Please!
Which is prettier
I'm new here! Can't wait to meet you!
How to remember a choice?
In need of a coder for my new story!
:bow_and_arrow: Episode Guardians Applications & Information
Confused with Story Plot
I NEED BACKGROUND PEOPLE (and extra outfits)
Anyone wanna collab
"Long Feathered Bangs Blunt" - Hair style in Choices selection giving problems. Help!
Need Characters for Story! :)))
Hello, new to this. Would like some suggestions/recommendations :)
Car interior background/overlay
Any good story contests?
How do i get reads?
Need an Awesome Promo Cover for my story!
In Need of a Split screen! PLZ! <3
Keke reads CLOSED
Needing ink characters for Story( CLOSED)
Ultimate Instagram Follow for Follow!
Bg characters still needed! (INK)
Newspaper Overlay request!
Next Contest Suggestions!
Customization or Not
Characters needed for my story. [LL]
Need advice and possible talented people
Attention! anything/anyone could help!
Who else is tired of episodes that are done but still say be countiued
Thank you help with my story
Promote your story with MC in their twinties and/or your mature story!
How Do I Get More Reads ? Help
Error keeps on coming up
The Food Game! c:
Helppp me with my story
I need name suggestions!
Poll: Do you guys like cliffhangers?
Discussion: Fetishizing and Romanticizing Serious Topics
Looking for writing partner**
Faith's Background Request Thread **close**
Help with backgrounds and overlays needed!
MESSED UP,disregard
Follow me on Instagram because
Help me find story
Honest opinion on my work please!
Need extras for my new story!
Can anyone help me find the creator list for backgrounds and overlays? Or some reason I can't find it
Art scene for my story please help
Can anyone help me (overlay needed)
Anyone interested for R4R?
Remove white shades
!Need title ideas!
Can anyone tell me how to do this?
I need someone to to help me with English in my story
There is a { on line 216 that does not have a matching }
Rude girl name ideas (drop some down please)
PLEASE help me it's important
Stories without Romance/Love interest
Background Characters and Extras Needed
Anyone else struggling with their story?
Story idea for Creator’s Contest?
I'm in need of characters (limelight)
Mythical Story help!
In need of unique names for my unreleased story's main character and love interest
Jail bar overlay needed
I’m new to forums and need a quick pfp
I just published my first story
Who needs help on a story cover
Can help proof read my story - Love Lies
Join the art group (all)
Why won't my overlays work like I want them to?
I will make covers for yours stories
Story title help?
A Suggestion To Add Our Own Things!
Overused LL features
I can’t remember a certain episode story
What story should I read? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
I need help with naming my story
Whose Hotter? (I realize how juvenile that sounds, lol)
Making polls help
Come let's play some games
Outfit for episode
Feedback for my first edit
LL background characters wanted x
Need some LL Characters please
Need male characters for Ink and Limelight (open)
Correct me please
Give me your LL characters!
DO you guys like it when choices matter?
Which story would you read?
Background characters for my story ! (INK)
I'd love to follow YOUR Instagram
Need an Eagle overlay!
Any covers needed? *Not drawings as I cannot draw for the life of me*
Wont allow me to edit my story!
Lecture Backgrounds
Backgrounds for story
In Need of Bg Characters! (LIMELIGHT)
Help, can someone edit this for me please
INK characters needed for my unreleased story
INK DETAILS (For story)
Rants about stories I love
How do you quote posts?
Need two covers, three art scenes urgently 😣
A Guide To Using Cultural & Religious Assets
*Create Characters for my Story!* 😛
*In Need of a Cover* 🥳
Creating My First Story
Writing a new story and I need help
Cover help! Please
Help me find an old story
Can someone teach me real art?
Recommend me good MC: stories
My Edited Outfit
Need some new stories
Why I can’t see my posts in featured page no more and I can’t follow people?
Looking for new stories to read! (Preferably comedy)
Sexuality and religion
Hey! I need help with my story plot! I’ll take any help!
[POLL] Can't decide on hair colour
Rewriting Birth of the moon
If only episode looked like this
POLL: What's the best-worst cliche on Episode?
I’m willing to give help with story plots
Knocking animation in Limelight
Anybody have an Updated customization template?
"There's a { on line 3678 that does not have a matching"
Name Polls For My Story
How do you have a crush on some one without them knowing
New Story, same characters
My friend can't create a topic?
Record the story using Android
Discrimination in episode stories
Free speech on Episode Forum... I mean lack of it
How to change your email on your Episode Writer Portal profile?
Help me name him
New episode indomitable vampire!
I will READ your Story (not R4R)
Im not sure if i can do thiss
Is this to much?
I need help with this overlay
I'm reviewing your stories! (closed)
Directing bracket help!
Epi.Inspirers Story Reviews! [OPEN]
Animations that work well with the Knife Prop (Ink)
Need characters for my upcoming INK story! (TEMP CLOSED)
Do you want to be in my story INK
Read For Read Authors
Character name and personality help?
What is this dudes name
Story help. Help or get help on a story script
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𝕀𝕟 𝕟𝕖𝕖𝕕 𝕠𝕗 𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕜𝕘𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕕 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕤 (ink)
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Idk how to do this
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CLOTHING: Masquerade Clothing
Story has been updated because of errors
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