Official Zepeto Sharing Thread

Hi! Welcome to the Zepeto Thread

So I noticed that the old thread was closed due to inactivity… so here is a new one!!

Share your codes below and I will add you :heart:

My code is IV64TF


Your Zepeto is so cute!! Every time I make a Zepeto, it looks so weird :joy:


haha thank you!! I figured out that when it scans your face it can get a little offensive :joy: so I decided to make myself from scratch lol


I recently just made one lol. Here’s mine


Here’s mine :sunglasses:

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is that app as scary as people say it is? i kinda wanna get the app but i’m scared

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My Zepeto: AQVGHQ

Here’s minee

what do you mean scary ? I don’t see a problem with it :joy:

people have told me it tracks you

oop you forgot the code :joy:

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