Oh also huge question here for today!?

Can anyone make a nice edit for the cover of my story please?? If you can please let me know, I’d be really really GRATEFUL!!

My storys name is
Me Then Me Now And Who I Will Become

And I would send the pic I want the nice edit with and looking special and looking really cool and beauiful and topic related pleaz!! Like how I see alot of people have it on there story cover and I really want my story cover and my own pleaz help okay?? Anyone??

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You can request at my art group of would like

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I would but would it be free and if I ask would it happen then??

Yes, it’s free almost all art groups on here are free and all art takes time. A day or two depending on what you need and because it’s almost 3am here in my state.

Its 3:05 here I will give credit to you if you can do it for me and send me it so I can put it as my story photo!!

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