Oh Dear (Quotes)



(My top Oh Dear quotes…, based on romantic-heart breaking scenes)

Oh Dear, my crumbled heart has been overflowing with darkness for you, my beloved one, how could you let go of me so easily.

Oh Dear, no matter what I shall look for love, with my high heels torturing my ankles, and preparing for my inner diva to come out.

Oh Dear, how could you just leave a pretty woman like me crying with her lips swollen, and her mascara getting ruined…

Oh Dear, I can see the shadows waiting upon the heavens to take me, while you just stand there cheating with girls you just kidnapped off the streets…

Oh Dear, someday just someday you might know how to treat me right, and that’s when I will break your cold heart with ease, to get rotten revenge on you, my wounds shall never be healed.

Oh Dear, again how could you leave such a pretty woman like me…