Oh no! How could this happen

My 3rd grade bully. My teacher made breakout rooms for our class and she’s there. She’s just staring at me and laughing. I hate this.


Oof! I’m sure it will get better for you!

LMAO! R u in third grade? But why u on episode in class…

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Ohhhh sh*t that sucks.

I had a similar issue… me n this girl used to rlly click, we were so close but when we entered high school 2 years ago we never talked n just looked at each other occasionally. AND WE GOT PUT IN A ROOM TOGETHER W JUST US! We both just kept on unmute, so freakin awkward.

oof, that’s why I hated class group projects! Some of the people (including boys) really sucked!

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How many years has it been since she bullied you…? And I’m so sorry to hear that, but you shouldn’t let her get to you! :blush:

Give her the finger that will probably give her something to laugh about lol im jk. I don’t want you to get in trouble. Just ignore her. If it helps get a sticky note and put it on ur screen to cover her screen :joy:

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If she bothers you just tell her to quit projecting her insecurities on you. The more she realizes her comments no longer bothers you she’ll stop. Don’t be afraid you got this.

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