Ok, about LL and it's slow actions


Ok, so there’s this thing about LL that really annoys the freak out of me: the speed of it’s animations. Is it just me or it’s slower and more unrealistic then in ink? I mean, take the punch and be punched animation for example, it’s just so unnatural, it makes me uneasy, especially because I write a story with a rather big quantity of action and I need it to be fast, and that’s exactly why I don’t write in LL and dislike the style. Does this bothers you as much as it bothers me, or is it all in my head?:joy:


It’s super slow!! That’s one of the things I hate about LL


Yeah, LL animations are very slow to me, which is why it’s weird for me to write in it.


Yes, they’re animations are super slow! I wrote a scene with some action and the speed of the punch is so slow I had to slow down the reaction time of the person being punched so it actually looked like they were being hit straight on. It was ridiculous!

They need to add a faster version of some animations like they’ve done with the running animation.

They also punch like sissies.


Yesss that’s why I hate LL! It makes them look like a robot or something!


Now that you mention it, yeah, they are rather slow. Ah well, just another entry in “LL hits the Uncanny Valley” book.


You could speed it up by using the “in” command.

@CHAR is punch_fight_give_angry in 3


For punching, I did my code like this:
&CHARACTER is punch_fight_give_angry
@pause for .7
&CHARACTER is punch_fight_give_angry
@pause for .7

0.7 seconds is enough time for the character to complete the main part of the punch.
But yes I agree, the slowness of some of the LL animations is annoying.