Ok for real- how do these sound?

Ok I am writing a couple stories at once, because I just feel more comfortable with it :woman_shrugging:t3: but I want some advice on how these stories sound so far… here are the blurbs for the stories.

(Also PLEASE. DONT. STEAL!!!… not saying you would but, you know… haha…)

Story 1

After a mystery attack by her aunt, a boy and a girl rescue Sunny from her aunts unusual attempt to kill her. But when the boy and girl claim to be Sunny’s triplet siblings, Sunny is welcomed to the unravealling truth behind her birth.

Story 2

Gaining trust issues from her past, Ilena makes a vow to herself to never let her guard down. But when Ilena’s ex childhood friend returns to town, her plans turn into a war zone.

Story 3

3 girls, 1 city, 6 masks in total. When its either family or love as the final decision, what would you choose?

(6 masks, like 3 for the three girls and the other three is like a plot twist I’ll introduce later in the story-)

Story 4

When Auria is hit by the Nightwave. The truth about the Auras is finally known. But when an enemy threatens everyone and everything Auria loves, loved allies turn into dark enemies.

Sooo… which do you like most? Should I add, change or anything to the blurbs? Honest opinions please, I won’t be hurt :rofl: I for real just want some opinions.

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I think 4. Cause there can be a lot of plot twist but still make sense.

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Idea 4


Idea 4

  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 3
  • Idea 4

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Story 1 or 4. But I think the 4th story is better.

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