Ok I'm really annoyed right now

Alright, so this is a bit long so brace yourself.

So I’ve been working on this story right, it’s the only one ive made that im ACTUALLY proud of. But I have this friend who is new to episode. I told her my idea because I wanted her opinion on it. And she said she really loved it. So I was happy she liked it. But then I had to go help with the dog because she was barking at a poor kitty. After that I didnt talk to my friend for like a week because I had so much due with christmas coming up, my final week of school, my story and my art shop.

But she then messaged me right and said she had a story idea. So she told me it and it was exactly mine, Except she had changed the characters and the story name. I asked her wtf she was doing as she accused ME of stealing HER story and threatened to report me.

Now you’re probably thinking ‘you report her! she has no proof that she thought of it first’ well. She had a cover done and everything, and I have recently gotten one done just today by @miss.keisha (because she an amazing friend :pleading_face:) but hers was already approved and she was ready to publish (idk what her episodes were like, she only showed me the cover thing and the publish button) she threatened to publish if I report her. I know I should but im just scared to lose this story idea and it has taken me a lot to get back into the writing business, thanks to @TheParisLover ahd @miss.keisha I grew the strength to :heart: But now I just feel stupid that I told her my entire idea…

Do I just report her? I dont want anymore drama, its almost christmas


I tried talking to her but she wont respond.


That’s mess up tbh and I think you should report her. But like what kind of friend does that? :roll_eyes:


it’ll be hard to report her. We were msging on snapchat

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That’s mean omg.
You’re strong coz I can imagine the frustration I’d feel.
Just report her after you’ve gotten your cover. Try stalling her for now until your cover gets approved.


I think you should report her.

she doesn’t seem like a friend at all.


she wont respond to me, I dont know if she blocked me or not


Shes meant to be your friend yet she treats you with such a low level of respect?!

I AM BEYOND ANGRY ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:You spent time and dedication on this plot i know because your always doubting your amazing ideas when you explain them to me :pleading_face: , then you start to feel confident and persue (i cant spell welp) this story idea which is amazing :blush: !!!

I Think you should report her, and if she does publish i wont be reading!! :triumph:

AND if she does publish i believe you can persue another amazing story idea and show her who’s boss :heart::heart::pleading_face:

LOVE YOU ALWAYS QUEEN! you’ll come out on top i believe in you! :blush:


:sob: my heart just melted. Thank you, you dk how much all this support means to me <3 I dont know if I’ll be able to think of another idea now


ILL HELP YOUUUUUU!!! :blush::pleading_face:

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thanks… I just feel so hopeless right now

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Whats ur story? We’ll read it and promote and acknoledge the idea is yours.


Thanks but its no where even done yet. I have to wait for so much stuff to be approved- it’ll be ages before I can publish it. It could be ages after SHE publishes her version

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That really sucks! :sweat: What a backstabbing … friend.

I think you should try to report her, but if episode can’t do anything about it just publish your story as you planned to. We’ll support you :relaxed::blob_hearts: You will not loose this story.


She isn’t your friend. Also, work on your story until you have 3-5 episodes done, then report her and quickly publish your story before she does.


If you don’t have any proof, I’m not sure if reporting her will do much? It will probably just sound like childish drama unless you can back up your claims.

To be honest though, if you’re still working on your story and she’s already ready to publish, it sounds like she finished it pretty quickly? So I’d question the quality and plot development.


true but she did have a week

That really sucks and whoever did that is clearly not your friend I would do what @/EliseC said because I doubt there is anything Episode can do

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For 3 episodes?
Well… I guess some people can finish 3 decent episodes in a week. Still, I’d be questioning the quality, particularly around the directing.
Also, I don’t know how much detail you went in to, but I’d imagine her version is an extremely watered down version of your plot that’s probably missing a lot of the twists and turns you were planning.


She honestly doesn’t even sound like a friend at all, but future reference please never tell someone your story idea unless u have full on trust and have talked with them for a very long time