Ok little advice about some annoying things


FIRST OF ALL, if you see any rude, drama starting, or hate comments, please flag them as OFF TOPIC I will PM them, and just leave the person be!

SECOND OF ALL, ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA, Please flag as either OFF TOPIC or INAPPROPRIATE. And Either Leave Them Be, or PM them separately!

LAST OF ALL, Please do not swear! Do not say freaking or anything like that, just blur it out or don’t say it, many of you are 11- and shouldn’t be saying these things

Ok anyways what I was saying is spamming and face reveal pranks. Please do not do the thing like Figure 1. If :clap: you :clap: are :clap: not :clap: going :clap: to​:clap: reveal :clap: your :clap: face :clap: do :clap: not :clap: comment :clap: on :clap: those :clap: threads! Now if your friend tags you saying “Hey your name reveal your face” and you don’t want to do it, don’t do Figure 1 just say “Sorry their name I’m not comfortable and will not do it”.

Also! Quit making those topics about your going to reveal your face! There is already a thread! And guess what? I will include the link! But think to yourself these things (Who Actually Would Give A damn about seeing my face?) (Is This Safe?) (What if someone posts pictures of me on a dating website?) (Should I really be doing this?) To Be Extremely Safe don’t post a picture of your face at all, to be Safer post a pic in a PM of close friends. Just think *The people on here… don’t live anywhere around me, I don’t know these people and this isn’t safe, I shouldn’t and wont do this.


Figure 1

Click to see ma face
Keep Clicking
You still there?
Few More Times




Please dont Split this into another topic! I would like this to remain as it’s own topic, much love! :heart: :heart:



Duplicate topic closed. Refer to original to continue this discussion. :slight_smile: