Ok so I noticed a few new unreleased outfits from rule breaker

here’s one

and this

and the last one , let me know if you have seen any of these around


Hey, I know the first is free. Idk about the rest but gem free outfits can be posted in the limelight wishlist thread.

But of course there is going to be unreleased items as they need to keep some for themselves. There are plenty of them in that story and their other stories and we have to wait to see if they release them on the Thursday update. :woman_shrugging:


the second one is also free


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can someone tell me the names lol. I cant find them in portal

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Hello there, these outfits are only in featured stories and not in the portal.

They aren’t in the portal that is why I am directing you to the wishlist if they don’t cost gems.


the last one is a gem choice so we can’t get it sorry