Okay episode this to much and wrong

one of my friends have just gotten the episode app. and we are both not happy.

first, she opens it and there she can pick between two stories. okay fine, I had to do the same when I started many years ago. but after reading a chapter she has to read three more of stories she does not care about.

we tried to see if she could get out of this

this is where my problems are
17 diamonds. you want seventeen diamonds to skip this reading stuff. no wonder the episode stories are so popular when newcomers are forced to read them.

so, my friend, she has been tapping through the app to get read the 3 chapters so that she can get to read the one i want to show her

she has already told me three times this stories is annoying because of the payment and she rather wanna read the stories I read

also she asked if am sure it is the right app

now she has read those chapters. she is still not allowed to read other stories. one ONE! new episode story has been unlocked. and i think she needs to read etleast 12 more chapters before she can get full access

this is not a healthy way to run a business. and she has now deleted the app cause she does not wanna be a part of this.

and I dont blame her. had that been me I would have deleted the app too. she left a not happy rewiew. and i could see others had done that too. this you are doing here dont bring in new readers it scare them away

edit: my friend has actually read all the chapters. and actually waited to read the last when i was with cause she wanted me to see what happen, nothing really the app just told her. she had unlocked all stories. and the app just looked just looked like it normaly does. it did not tell anything about how to search , or about user stories, profils or even that you can make your own



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That’s all well and good, but like…10 chapters may be too much? Perhaps when you first get on, maybe read one of the chapters of the stories it gives you and then give newcomers the option to explore around themselves or not. This seems like a lie to me. Tutorials show you everything gradually, but not FORCING their users to only be able to access certain things first, I mean, there isn’t a level system. >.>

After reading one of the chapters on ONE of the featured stories, they should be like, “Hey, wanna see what else we got, this and this…” Really, Episode isn’t that complicated ^^’


It doesn’t help that Episode official stories are trash imo and they’re supposed to represent Episode to new readers?.. huh?


yeah the once she could pick between i had look at like two and they both did suck.


If they’re going to do this, then they should at least ask the reader what genre(s) are of interest to them so Episode can generate stories for them based on that :thinking:


That’s how I remember it being back when I joined, it asked if we liked something like Romance, Mystery, or Comedy or something because there were fewer genres back then and then it just was like “Okay bye! Have fun! Here are some stories to check out!” and that was it.

asdfghjkl i swear to gerald episode is just a mess now and i don’t even keep up with it all that much and i just hear people complaining left and right for reasons that should’ve been solved months or even years ago :roll_eyes:


It is what it is : /
It would have been very kind of Episode to give a list of stories based on what the person likes :smile:
If people don’t like the stories they’re reading, they will have a bad first impression of the app and first impressions are really important.

To you

Totally off topic but I love your profile pic of Zuko! Avatar the Last Airbender is such an amazing show, it’s simply one the best! I hope I don’t get flagged for commenting this. I was flagged once for telling someone their profile pic is cool and ironically, it was a picture that had to do with Avatar the last Airbender :joy:


This was very counter productive, when I first got the app I wanted to try as many stories as possible (seeing as the first episodes are free) So a consumer that was like me wouldn’t find this convenient or helpful in the slightest. Thank goodness I’m not a new reader because I would have uninstalled this crap in a heartbeat.
Didn’t hear about this until now…and from what I see this is stupid! And the fact that they offered diamonds to unlock everything means that they know that there are a significant amount of readers who would like to skip this process, so much that they are willing to pay 17 diamonds…thats a lot!

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We don’t have a lot of genres in the featured stories :woman_shrugging:t2:, and I don’t think they would promote any INK or Classic featured story now :expressionless: (which makes me sad)

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now I know why my friend couldn’t read my story! (she has no interest in Episode, she just wanted to read my work) but well she can’t and I’m not asking her to pay for it.


Never thought about that, that really sucks… writers had the potential to bring a lot of new readers to the platform, by promoting their stories to their friends…we cant even do that any more


Agree! Until we see a horror or action packed featured story on the shelf (or any other genre that isn’t common in featured stories), it’s gonna mostly be romance (as well as bad boys/bra stealing) and not all readers love reading about that. We all have different tastes and luckily, in the world of reading, you can read whatever you want. Having options is amazing! That’s actually what made the User section so precious. It gave people an opportunity to read other genres that interest them. Also, some people just don’t like reading featured stories. This will leave a lot of people having a bad view on Episode. It’s not a good move :roll_eyes:


New Users are forced to read LL stories, featured by them. When I downloaded Episode I wasn’t confused at all, I saw ads and it was just interesting so I checked out. My first story I read wasn’t a featured one. We all like and want to have options. I hope they won’t keep this for long.


I was just thinking that! Like, what if Episode had a recommended section like Youtube does when you open the tab/app?


I’ve had that happen to me before, oof. aND THANK YOU :sob: i’ve recently been obsessed so like now i gotta surround myself with the show :joy:


Yep :sunglasses:


That show is super addicting, I get an urge to watch sometimes even though I’ve seen it so many times already, it’s just too freaking good :joy: Whoever comes across it for the first time needs to check it out because better late to view that masterpiece than never :wink:

OK, to stay on topic, I agree to the max, YouTube does a great job of that-it collects info on us to see what are our interests are and then generates videos we may love. Totally amazing :smile:


That’s completely messed up…I now understand why those stories are so popular…I miss the old stories they used to feature like “What Happens in Vegas.” The ones they feature now…well most of them suck. I don’t even bother reading most of them anymore. Some of the fan made stories are a million times better. THOSE should be featured!! Plus gems…Ugh.

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I once suggested that on the old forums. I believe someone (Liz?) replied to it. I think it was something along the lines of they’ll suggest it or work on it or something… It was quite a while ago, so I don’t remember- sorry.

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