Okay honestly I’m bored and just like plan bored so why not ya know


Heyyoooooo welcome to another one of my threads!!!

Okay I’m like looking for a husband or wife. Yes I am straight but like :woman_shrugging:t5: It’s the forums one of my kids is also my spirit animal anything can happen. So yeahhhhh here I am. This can be somewhere where you just say how crazy I am to have this, or yeah we get married I’m all for it :smirk:.

But for real I’m just playing over here this isn’t a real real relationship so for real don’t think this is the start of love. So yeah thanks.

Also you can ask me any question here as well I mean I really do have time.

Would you marry me?

  • No way!
  • Girl you really did this?!
  • What’s this about?
  • Girl really :joy:
  • I think we’re related?
  • Mom???
  • You’re my ex wife

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no. I’m your daughter


True I should have that on there


Would I marry you?


Scratches chin


It won’t let me vote on the poll. :thinking:


:joy: you’re my niece


You have to choose 7 options to be able to vote Choco! :joy:


Oh yeah I forgot

Yeah I don’t think I can sorry bud


Ughhhh that’s why let me fix it


Okay now it won’t work imma burn this all down


#failure :joy:


@Jeremy can you close this please?