Okay I just have to come here and say this

So I, as a memory and for an Episode story, paid for an art scene. The scene consists of two kittens I actually own. In the story, the main character has the kittens as their own. In real life, it’s a memory for myself. One of the kittens recently passed away and I’m left with her sister. The art scene would be a great memory of when she was still alive. They are both my world, nonetheless.

The artist, as amazing as she is, was able to perfectly match the actual details of each kitten,

Here’s a picture of the kitten that passed away:

And here’s a picture of the kitten I still have:

So, I gave her an example of the pose I wanted them to be doing, and she aced it.

Here’s the art scene :sob: (artist’s Instagram: @ made.by.jenna)

I literally couldn’t be happier- and only for 25$\

I’m sorry I’m just really happy about this


Sorry to hear about your kitten I’m glad that you have something to remember her by.


its beautiful i’m sorry about your loss :frowning:


The art looks awesome and so does your kittens, and I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you are coping well


Aww I’m so sorry about your kitten… As a cat owner myself that struck my heart… I’ve had several pets that died in the past… Glad you’re happy with the art scene now. Rest in peace little kitten! :frowning: :heartpulse: