Okay I just want to share this

Okay, I had this really crazy experience with @Pansexual_Frying_pan it lowkey sounds unbelievable but I just feel like sharing it because no one else knows about it :joy:

My story

So @Pansexual_Frying_pan and I were invited to a slumber party in October of 2019, with most of the girls that go to our school, so our parents let us go and when we got there, it seemed normal that is until it go later, so we were all playing a board game when a noise started to come out of the girls backpack and everyone was looking at her and she got really angry and told everyone that there was nothing in her bag and we all looked at her like “Mhm yeah okay” and then @Pansexual_Frying_pan said “UhM yEaH wE aLl dOn’T bElIvE yOu” and apparently this girl has anger issues :grimacing: and she kicked her bag and threw it and a lizard came out (Imma call the girl Lizard girl fyi sharing her real name would be violation of her privacy) And Lizard girl started pulling her hair and screaming then had a tantrum and ran outside and we all went after her and she started screaming we were trying to kidnap her, then she ran home and the cops got called, they picked up her lizard then found Marijuana in another kids beg and her parents go called, (but wait that’s not all) So after that a few hours later at around 8:00 PM three girls said they were gonna cook all of us something to eat which was fine, but one girl thought it would be fun to try and snort lemon pepper and started crying because it burned her nose, then the other girl that was cooking eggs added in random stuff such as milk, spices etc. and one girl had an allergic reaction to one of the spices and we had to call an ambulance for her and in the back some girl was laughing and was eating the eggs in front of her, (Imma skip a little) Well at around 11:00 PM we were all watching T.V when a girl started talking about trump and @Pansexual_Frying_pan disagreed with her and so she went around the neighborhood asking people what they thought of trump and tried to steal someones dog :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and she was forced to go home, well then at around bed time. @Pansexual_Frying_pan some other girl and me had to share a bedroom and in the middle of the night the girl started to whisper to her self and talk to us about murder :grimacing: and started trying to hit her head on everything while singing send in the clowns, and asked @Pansexual_Frying_pan and me what we thought about being murdered which was obviously really creepy, well then the girl got committed to a mental hospital and she tried to stab one of the workers with a plastic spork and also broke several mirrors and yeah i cut some things out cause this is long (also the girl was Lizard girls’ twin)



Why did we even go to that sleepover? :joy:

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I honestly have no idea :joy: :sob:

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Ok, what dare did you lose? :grin:

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