Okay i need help with a story title


6 people (3 girls and 3 boys if that’s even necessary) are best friends bla bla theyre secretly dating eachother (not all 6 of them but like a just 3 couples you feel me) so they go to the beach and play truth or dare and then one girl spills a huge secret and their relationships and friendships fall apart and hhh i need help

right now it’s called dare to play and i might keep it as that unless someone comes up with a better one

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6 to make it fall
6 ruined it all

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6 were all it took
We all fell

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oo i like we all fell

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What about “Bottom of the bottle”
Like they used a bottle to play, and they need to get to the bottom of this secret.

Or “shattered Truth” / “The shattering truth”

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aa i like those as well

Break Apart
Keep together
The Truth
Messed up truth

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OOOO YEAH, i like those

“Domino Effect”

Cuz like If one domino falls (in this case the girl spilling the secret) the rest of them fall (so relationships and friendships).