Okay I need help

I have been trying for an hour and I give up for tonight it’s 1:35 am.
But I have tried t use a CC Template and take things I need out of it and use it that way and I keep having to delete and start over because I mess it up. So I wanted to know if I gave someone all the details for the 3 I need could you make them for me, please?

I am about to go to bed so I would send you the details in the morning if your willing to take the time to help and you will get credit for doing these.

I can help!

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Okay thank you once I’m up for the day ill message you of that’s okay.

Yeah sure!

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I could definitely help if you still need it.

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I have 3 I need done so as soon as I’m able illet you both help me :blush:
Thank you

No problem :smiley:

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