Okay i need serious help x


hELLO people so basically, how do you make the zoom follow the character while they walk to one zone to another?

i need it for this background.


What you can do is
&CHAR walks to spot (scale, coordinates) in zone (1,2,3) in (time)
@pan to zone (1,2,3)


thank youu but how do you make zoom in on the character while they are walking to the zone? so it follows them? bc i want to be zoomed in on the character. x


&zoom on (add here) to (add here) in 0
&CHAR walks to spot (scale, coordinates) in zone (1,2,3) in (time)
@pan to zone (1,2,3) in (same time you used in the walk to)


it’s working, but the zooms moving too slow


Make the zoom 0, but for the pan…You’ll have to make it like this for example

& CHAR walks to spot (numbers) in 2
@pan to zone (1,2,3) in 2

So they are in sync with each other!


If that doesn’t work let me know.


i need to character to walks slow, so i did that, but instead of 2 i put 15 and the same for the pan, but the zooms too slow, idk if i can fix that x


Hm, let’s try to reverse it maybe
&pan to zone (number) in 15
@CHAR walks to spot in 15


But, if you aren’t using any sort of spotting. You could use the classic way!

@follow CHAR to (screen position) in zone (number) in 15


I find that when I used
&pan to zone 3 in 5
It went in sync with my character walking to the spot in 15 seconds.


I DID IT <3 Thank you so much!!! XXX


Which worked, the pan in 5?



&zoom on 177 291 to 240% in 0
&pan to zone 3 in 15
@ LAYLA walks to spot 0.805 -199 169 in zone 3 in 15

I used this format for my character, and it went perfectly in sync!


ill try that :slight_smile:


@follow CHAR to screen X in zone #

If you ever need any help, go here and I will do so!