Okay queens, ya girl needs help


Y’all, im running into a Bit of An Issue,

aight so im writing this story about witches and magic and witch hunters and stuff yadda yadda yadda (if yall want the full summary please say so im dying to dish) and i just found out episode has a really limited selection of magic-related props and overlays

that’s An Issue.

so my question is, what do i do?? i hear talk about custom overlays/props? how can i do that? is there something im missing? how do i make little magic puffs of like, blue fire or white beams or magic vines??

im sorry y’all im hella new and i heard forums were helpful so please reply if u know what im talkin bout


I just posted a bunch of witchy stuff to my overlay sharing thread and you can always request what you need if what’s there isn’t enough.


You Just Saved My Whole Life


If you need more PM me, I gotchu.


Thank you so much!!!


I did that post about costume props