Okay so...... helpppp😭

So this really isn’t an episode related thing, but in my debate class we need to write an outline and it’s due tmrw​:sob::pleading_face:so i need some oratory topics because i can’t think of anything so if anyone could give me some that would be greattt


I can try to help! Are you looking for a controversial topic or something more lighthearted?

umm like more oratory is more of a persuasive speech so for example: normalize being average or we shouldn’t give so many chances as a society (those are just some i got from watching nationals)

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if that makes any sense

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Okay that makes sense! I did some speech stuff in high school so I think I can give you some ideas :blush:

Do you have any topics you are passionate about? That may help to decide :heart:

maybe how bad our school systems are?

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Sure! That can definitely work!
One tip I was given is maybe narrow down your topic even more depending on how long your speech needs to be.
For example, you could talk on why “schools give kids too much homework” or “school lunches are not good” and give really good reasons for those.
I hope that makes sense! :sweat_smile:

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Here are some…tell me if you need some other ones and maybe I can help!

  • Health
  • Religion
  • Science/Environment
  • Sports
  • Technology
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