Okay so i wanna create a art scene but i have cc but if i delete all of that i have to re write stuff so idk what to do and yeah can u reply and give me help!

. help

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Some readers are bothered by art scenes when the character is customizable and some don’t mind at all. I don’t really think having art scenes is that big of deal when you have CC so in my opinion, it’s fine for you to continue with having both. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What I would suggest though is perhaps giving readers the option to skip the art scenes or give them a choice to view the scene (as best to your ability) using their CCed character and the animations available.

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I would just put a choice after customization that asks “Did you customize?” and if they answer no, then show them the art scene, if they say yes then ask if they want to see the art scene when their character won’t match the art scene

I agree with @Jess_epi But instead before customization I would let them know first that the person has a choice to change the cc but there would be art scenes, so if they do decided to cc that they should make as small little detail as possible. But also make sure the reader has seen the characters first before asking if they want to cc or not if you decide to do that. Then I would put a choice if they want to customize or not. If they don’t then you can just go straight to the art scene but if they want too. Then, the person could go to the art scene after customization.

That’s what I think.

When the time for CC comes, you can put a warning saying ‘Art scenes only match the default avatar. If it’s changed, then your character won’t match with the art scene.’ or something like that.

Most people do this for limb overlays and such.

I’m not really bothered if my character doesn’t match the art scenes actually. You can add both

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