Okay well, I know this might be dumb but I need help

So, my script is saying my label for my dressing game is never used but I put label and then its name? Here is my script.
label outfit1
JANE (think)
(What should I wear?)

“Very Classy” {
@JANE is dustoff_loop
@JANE changes into JANE_bluewhiteroyalgown
} “Classy” {
@JANE is dustoff_loop
} “cute” {
@JANE is dustoff_loop
@JANE changes into JANE_clearancegown
JANE (talk_think)
Should I wear this?
“yes” {
JANE (talk_happy_agree)
Yep this is it.
} “no” {
JANE (barf)
Who put this in my closet?!
goto outift1
@JANE is dustoff_loop

@Apes @Dara.Amarie @JemU776

Looks like a typo here ^^ Should be outfit1

Thank you so much! I cant believe I didn’t catch that lol, thank you again!

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Haha, no worries! Happens to us all! :blush: Happy writing!

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