Okay what the actual hell?


Did you mispell your character? Is the character supposed to be named “FEMALEAVATAR2”?
Are you using a male character in a female template (and vise versa)?
Are you using an INK template in a Limelight story (and vise versa)?

No haha i changed it and its fixed now, lol x

Oh glad it got fixed! Do you want to close this thread?

I just want to say that the name of this thread has me dead :joy:

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And btw you might want to close this thread because you have already fixed your problem!

idk how lmao

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Oh ok all you have to do is ask the mods to close your thread!

You just tag them and ask them to close it! Does that make sense?

ah okay xx whats their @ lol

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@Jeremy and @Sydney_H

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Thank you <3

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