Okay... Why?! 🤨

So… I’ve tried to draw for several times now… (On my windows laptop).
And everything I did/tried/etc. was horrible!? Is it, because I’m working on my laptop with a mouse, am I just untalented, or do I use the wrong programs?
Can someone help me to answer these question? :sweat_smile:

Art with GIMP

Art with FireAlpaca64

Art with ScetchBook

It looked so horrible, that I’ve deleted it immediately… :slightly_frowning_face:


Whatttt nooooo they look great :pleading_face:

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These might be okay, but only because I delete every other one immediately :no_mouth:
But thanks anyway :sweat_smile:

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I could never do anything beside episode style :clown_face: soo these are good in my opinion!

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what are you talking about?! those look great! I have GIMP and absolutely cannot stand using it, but props to you!

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hey omg, just saying your artwork so far is great, everyone has to start somewhere and somehow :heart: the programs rly don’t matter (personally i would avoid gimp because it’s more focused on simple photo editing). just keep on going and you’ll get there :))

(when i did digital art with a mouse, i sketched on paper first, scanned it and did my line work with a vector tool, maybe that’ll work for you! if you need any other help my dms are open <3)

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