OKAYYY! I Need a cover for my story <3 Any takers?

Okay, so I know! No one will probably get this, due to all the requests people are asking for.

But I need a good editor/ artist/ whatever! Beautiful, amazing, perfect, person to create me a cover and a couple of splashes. For my story.

If you do see this, let me known, I’ll give you the deets and all that other stuff. I love you, I feel you, and yeah! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I appreciate it!

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:relaxed: :relaxed:


Why thank you, you beautiful creature. <3

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Haha you are more beautiful! :laughing:


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My commisions are open! I’d love to make you a cover if your interested :heart:

Art commisions open :art::heart_eyes:

So- I did it e3e

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