Old and deleted classic props that I found that can maybe be used as overlays (They're images)

I had some old stories, and I had found out that I had some of the older props in my characters outfits.

Here they are:

And a Classic Cigar (Pun intended, I have no shame):

There IS smoke coming from the end of the cigar; it is just WHITE SMOKE, so it blends in with the white background, click on the cigar to see the smoke. :confused: If you have any more, pls comment the pics down below. (You can RIGHT-CLICK on the prop and click on “save image” or “save image as” and just click “save,” or “save as” and there.) :slight_smile: So that if others are interested in using them as overlays anyway, they can.:slight_smile: I know I am. (I’m just different like thAT.)


This is great! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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