Old art shop- moving back to old shop


Old shop now, if I did not finish your request, please pm me if you want me to finish it, I have had some stuff happen irl im sorry :heart:

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Skin: Neutral 04
Brow: Arched Natrual - Dark Brown
Hair: Messy Sock Bun - Medium Brown
Eyes: Female Generic - Blue Green
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Full Round Pouty - Pink Warm Gloss
OUTFIT: OffShoulderBohoMidSleeveShirtCottonGreyWhite, RuffledTieredSkirtCottonBlueOxford, FlatCanvasSneakersCottonBlackWhite, CollaredHeartNecklaceMetalSilver
TATTOOS: FrecklesHeavy(08-10), DragonSleeveTattooSolid


Skin: Neutral 05
Brow: Arched Medium - Dark Brown
Hair: Short Curly Fade - Medium Brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded - Brown Black
Face: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Lips: Full Heart Large - Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
OUTFIT: ButtonUpRolledUpSleevesTuckedCottonGreyBlack, SkinnySlacksCottonGreyBlack, SpikedSlipOnFlatsCottonGreyBlack, StuddedMetalRimmedEarringMetalGreyBlack
TATTOO: ScarEyeLeft(08-10)


Female: idle_armcrossed_angry_loop
Male: idle_stemware_angry_loop



With You




Ummm I really don`t care lol suprise me, Probably white in color tho.

FullBody, Btw I want the female to be below his shoulders, and him to be like holding her by her shoulder with the hand that sticks out in the pose, he`s standing behind her holding her ya know lol?


I’m requesting an art scene in ink-style

Character Details + Outfits:
I only want the upper-body but with blue hair
body-color: olive
face: diamond
nose: elven
brow: thick flat
lip-style: blossom lips, color: terracotta
hair-style: beach wave hair, color: mint
eyes: upturned feline, color: blue
outfit: blue rebel chain bracelet, Emerald Sequin Crop Top, key necklace, Plain Swimsuit Bottom (Sonoma Blue), Short Summer Wrap Blue over the tail.
I want only the over-body on the mermaid in the background.in a similar pose

Pose and Background

I want Waist up please

when? whenever it is ready


@EmmyElizabeth @tilda90 I will get to your requests this afternoon!


thank you

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no prob! It should be finished very soon

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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no problem! Thanks for requesting :wink:

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I can’t seem to find the outfits? Could you maybe send pictures so I can identify clearer?

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I’m confused by the last thing in the outfit and could you maybe explain the pose a bit clearer?

the pose is like crossing her arms, something like this.

if it is possible I want her to have this over her tail, starting at her hip where her human-body and her fish-body met, and if not that’s okay.

ok and how much of the tail do you want in the scene?

from her knees if you use the short summer wrap blue and if you don’t then as much as it is in the background photo.


I’ll try my best!

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thank you

ok ty

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Is this still a thing? I need a big cover, 1 girl and 1 dude, do them whatever you like just send me the details so i can match them. I don’t really now, I just need insperation for a story, you don’t need to have the title in the cover, just your name so I don’t forget to give you credits. And also, how much does it cost? Becuause idk if this is free but ig not (bOb)

It is absolutely free! Are there any character details or just any Im allowed to choose??? And is it ink, ll or classic

Oh, I just got an idea with just 1 girl, heres the info for the girl, if you want to use them: (In limelight)
SKINTONE: Neutral 03
BROW: Arched Natural (Medium Warm Brown)
HAIR: Long double dutch braids (Medium Warm Brown)
EYES: Female Generic (Violet)
FACE: Diamond Long
NOSE: Defind Natural
LIPS: Full heart pouty (Fair neutral Matte)
The outfit doesn’t really matter becuase she’s like in the age 7-10, so get creative! Just send me those piceces you used!
I have no idea what I’m doing lmao ok good luck sweetheart <3
Hope I didn’t get to compliceted.