Old Author Returning With An Intense Story!

Hey guys! I wrote 2 stories (both uncompleted due to circumstances) 2 years ago and had a pretty decent amount of readers. Now that things in my life have calmed down a bit I decided it would be the perfect time to get back to writing. My new story, Once Bitten, Twice As Stupid, had the first 3 episodes published yesterday and I would love to do some reads for reads!

Welcome back. I will give your story a read. Here is mine. I published six chapters, but you only need to read 3 of them.

Title: Agents Of SPECTRUM
Genre: Adventure
Author: Andrew (Drew) Jones
Chapters: 6 published with more on the way.
Description: A young lady is recruited by a government agency, and her life is changed forever.
Instagram: andrewjones.episodes
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5075535578005504