Old Background vs. New Background

This is my old background for my story Something About Him vs. My new background I made this morning.

What do you think?

Feel free to post your background improvements!!


I think the first one looks slightly better because with her eyes closed it looks more romantic and the lighter tone fits the cover nicely.

I honestly like the first one. It’s more subtle and gives off a more romantic vibe. With the second one something about her head proportion looks off. Everything is much clearer in the second one, though.

The eyes were definitely something I was unsure about! I prefer the clean cut on the second one as its a lot neater but I think I agree with liking the first one better! Just need to sharpen it up a bit and soften the edges!

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Remade the first one!

I thought If I shortened the necks it would look more like she is snuggling into him and he is sort of looking down at her but I’m not sure if I like it! haha!

I honestly prefer the original one, the second one has the woman’s eyes creeping me out immensely.

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Haha! love it :’)

I love both very much-honestly, it’s hard to decide : (
And I love how big her eyes are in the second one-very beautiful and stunning :wink::purple_heart:

Really, they creep you out? :sweat_smile:
I think her eyes stand out and are very pretty :sunglasses:

Aw thank you so much! I didn’t even start editing cover art before last week so I’m still very much playing around with it trying to find what works!