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This guide is removed. Won’t be up again.

TT's help and suggestion thread!

lol i can see my cursor danny daddy is there


Another amazing one! Your ideas are so awesome! :heart_eyes:


wow whatta legend you are ;))))))


cries :sob:

Stopppppppppppppppppp :sob: :sob:


Creativity at it’s finest :exploding_head:


Have you seen Uwe? You’ll be very surprised in Halloween contest :grin:


Oh I’ve seen her works, and my mind has exploded countless times! I didn’t know she was entering and now I have something to look forward to. Aren’t you entering too? :grinning:


I’m entering as well, with a survival story just like Until Dawn :eyes:


Oooo I’ll definitely be reading.


Thank you!


Oooh, let me just say those wendigos gave me nightmares for a couple of days after watching a let’s play on a YouTube. I’ll be reading your story when it’s out. :+1:


Hehehehe, there’ll be more than wendigos, beware! :joy:


Oh wow, I never even thought to do something like this! I’ll definitely be trying this in the future, so thank you :smile:


There’s a lot more that I haven’t shared yet :joy::joy: