Old memories filter overlay

Does anyone have a link or some overlay for old memories? A filter a bit faded, idk! I neither want a plain colour nor one that looks like it’s from 1900’s xD just one that can be used for memories like 10 years ago or something :smiley:

They have a black and white filter

I still wanted some colour :\ and some faded effect or burnt page

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You can create your own filter by changing the hues and saturations in the Web Previewer or in the app.

I know :slight_smile: that’s not it, I don’t want it to be just a solid colour filter, I want it to have some effects like it’s and old burnt pictures or a picture thas was torn, or a camara that has too much light so it has some spots of differents colours here and there! XD I think I didn’t express myself well

Maybe use an overlay?

Yeah, I’m asking if anyone has one or knows an editor that has them in their dropboxes or something because I can’t seem to create a png just with filters :o