Old Roleplayer (?)


oops hello dere! i’m not sure if the people from the forum still remember me but i’ve been here since 2016 i believe. i took a break for a year tho. (oops hehe) i came back to the forums a few days ago but forgot my password for this acc so i created a new acc, @Krokoro. when looking thru the new forums, i rarely recognized anyone. there were of course, more RPs and more people. but i really missed the old members who were once active. but of course i recognized a friend, @Mashia. you could say we’re reunited now :joy: . i rly missed everyone even though they’re not active now. hopefully, they are planning to return in the future? :joy: anywho, I did still see some old role players still active. (tho they may not know me oOf) i rarely know anyone here now so feel free to message me because i’m lonely and have no friends. :joy: i think i’ll continue using my new acc? maybe. i’m so happy to see that Episode has improved a lot! anyone who were here since 2016? :joy: :heart:

is this suppose to be in the Story Games & Role Playing section? if not, sorry! hehe


you probably don’t recognise me, i think i started just before you came inactive, but i do remember seeing some of your posts and stuff from before - although i don’t think we roleplayed together or spoke. but hey! welcome back. i’m ella (obviously), you could possibly recognise me as ellaaaxp, if not that’s okay, glad your back though and hope we can roleplay together in the future :smiley:


ohh i think i remembered you actually. :joy:


uhmm I have been sense 2016, but I’m pulling a blank. Either way, welcome back!


ooh I remember you- you were in The Homecoming Masquerade SG (pls excuse me if my memory is trashy and this wasn’t you but I’m fairly sure)! welcome back :slight_smile:


Welcome back, Nicolette! I hope I get to see you around more often :3